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Our Company

About Us

FiberGourmet is a food technology company. We’re dedicated to creating reduced-calorie, high-fiber products that taste good and are good for you.

Our unique FiberGourmet technology allows us to manufacture pasta, crackers and cakes which taste the same as conventional versions but have 10 times more fiber. We even have more fiber than whole wheat! (See comparison chart to the right for details). And because we use insoluble fiber, which has no calories, we are able to literally cut the calories in half.

Cheese Thinables®
Cheese Nips®
Special K
Cracker Chips
Serving Size 1 oz 1 oz 1 oz
Calories 60 140 110
Fiber 11g Less than 1g 3g

We've also had our products nutritionally tested by a respected independent laboratory, and are proud to show you the lab results.

Our products are available for purchase online, and in various retailers around the country. You can also find out more about our industrial / high-volume offerings here.


Food Industry Technology (FIT) produces specialty ingredients to serve the ever-changing needs of the food industry. In 1987, it developed and patented the first high-bloom kosher fish gelatin as a replacement for standard gelatin. Today it is the largest supplier of kosher gelatin in North America, as well as a major supplier of non-kosher specialty gelatins. The principals of FIT also hold patents in the health-care area, including the only non-toxic lice treatment which has been clinically proven 97% effective (marketed as LiceMD).

After years of research and thousands of experiments, FiberGourmet was spun off by FIT to offer a line of great-tasting, high-fiber, reduced-calorie foods. The patented technology behind FiberGourmet is also available for licensing to food manufacturers and the private label industry. For more information, please contact us:

Contact Info

Tel 786 348 0081
(M - F, 9AM - 5 PM)
Fax 786 472 5786
FiberGourmet, Inc.
545 W 37th St
Miami Beach, FL 33140


Currently our pastas and crackers are available for sale, with more coming soon. To stay informed about future product launches, just enter your e-mail address:
(And no spam, we promise.)