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FiberFlour Technology

How do we do it?

Our patent-pending technology (patents pending in over 20 countries worldwide), lets us create truly “light” foods, with 40% fewer calories than the standard version. We do this by adding unprecedented amounts of fiber to our products. Since fiber has no calories, as the fiber goes up, the calories go down.

Most "reduced calorie" foods are really just "reduced fat" foods, which replace the fat with sugar, flour, or other full-calorie ingredients, so that the actual caloric reduction is small, if any. But our technology replaces ingredients like flour with 0-calorie fiber, resulting in significant caloric reductions - a whopping 40%!

see-saw fiber vs. calories

Normally that would make the food taste fibrous and awful, but we're able to add all that fiber without ruining the taste and texture. The centerpiece of our technology is a fascinating fiber called "resistant starch".

Resistant starch has a taste and texture similar to standard starch, except that the your enzymes aren’t able to break it down and digest it. This causes resistant starch to show up as a fiber under laboratory analysis, and is why the FDA classifies it as fiber. It’s the best of both worlds: it tastes like starch, but works like fiber.

Your body is also able to tolerate resistant starch much better than other fibers. While most cellulose-based fibers produce gas and bloating, resistant starch is much more benign. If whole-grain foods hurt your stomach, you'll be surprised how painless the fiber in FiberGourmet products is.

From a medical point of view, resistant starch is terrific, too. It has all the usual benefits of fiber against cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. And at the levels we use, it can even seriously promote satiety, which helps if you're trying to lose weight.

In summary, the resistant starch in our products:

  • Has a great taste and texture
  • Won't hurt your stomach
  • Has all the health benefits of fiber
  • Greatly promotes satiety
  • For more scientific studies done with the particular resistant starch used in our products, check this out.