Ratings for 10-lb Bulk Elbows

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
2/21/2017 Michele sayball
2/14/2017 Gregory Grimsby
1/31/2017 nadine galasso I love Fiber Gourmet pasta! It is the only pasta I will eat, and now that I share it with my friends (and boss), I will have to order more often.
1/31/2017 Joanne Jones Great, I love them.
1/25/2017 Benjamin Johnson You are awesome I rely so much on your product I am a customer for life I got a 6-month Supply my next goal is a two-year Supply!
1/24/2017 Darla Woolf Very good
1/17/2017 Cyndy Lee I love your pasta products! I use them in place of regular pasta anytime I can do it. The only drawback I have is not being able to get something like egg noodles, which is what my husband likes. So then I have to buy a good wheat pasta egg noodle product for him. Otherwise we use everything else you have to offer pretty much. Love that there is high fiber in them and you don't have to feel guilty eating pasta since the calories are so much less also.
1/17/2017 Grace Simon
12/6/2016 Steve Checkosky Tastes like traditional pasta. This, along with the reduced calories and very high fiber makes these products winners.
12/1/2016 Bruce Arnold
11/15/2016 Vicky Cash I havne't used any yet, but they good as usual.
9/20/2016 mary alexander
8/31/2016 CYNDY LEE I love your products. The reason I began buying them was because of the fiber content and if you didn't tell anyone, they would never know the difference.
7/22/2016 Jill Canzano Excellent product! Makes healthy Mac and cheese with the same texture as regular pasta. Love it!
7/21/2016 carol bartholomew The only elbows I ever buy except when I want to buy cheap ones for meals with relatives I don't like
7/19/2016 SusieL Problem free delivery of a product we've come to really enjoy. I've cooked with this product for several years and do highly recommend it to anyone who likes macaroni.
7/19/2016 Stacy Baime I bought these because the Rotini was out of stock. I wrote and asked if I could get a rain check and get the rotini. FG wrote back asking what I wanted for the rain check but never heard back & received the elbows. I would have preferred the rotini but like I said, I never got a reply after I was asked what I wanted.
6/28/2016 Jeanne Hodurski
6/28/2016 Richard Blocker
6/23/2016 Kelly Starman
5/28/2016 Julie Orr
5/24/2016 Jaime Maynard FiberGourmet is my favorite pasta and the only kind I buy. The elbows are very versatile - great in soups, for mac and cheese, pasta salad, with chili. The options are nearly endless.
10/20/2015 Heather Kimball Delicious, great texture (normal pasta texture).
10/20/2015 Debra Henson
10/19/2015 Bryan We use this all the time so buying in bulk worked well for us - the product is delicious!
10/19/2015 rhonda Landis I eat FG every day. I wdnt be without it. I love the pasta and have never gained weight eating this as I wd if I ate the same amount of regular pasta.
10/19/2015 Alan Dick
10/19/2015 diane slocum Great price
7/21/2015 Kathryn Hansen Love bulk elbows. Hope they stay in stock.
7/7/2015 Laura Roberts Love love love the bulk pasta option, as our household goes through a lot of it. Looking forward to seeing the rotini back in rotation as well!
7/7/2015 Deborah Agnor LOVE IT