Ratings for 10-lb Bulk Penne

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/3/2017 Erika Phipps The product is great - to me it tastes like regular pasta, and it's just as filling (without the guilt). The price is daunting, but buying the 10-lb penne made it a little more economical, and I simply divided the pasta into 8- and 12-ounce quantities, which I've stored in zippered bags.
4/4/2017 Jedi
2/28/2017 Sandra Ottman Great product! My parents love it too
2/21/2017 Nicole Alper Great, but I had to put all the pasta into 4 large ziplocs. It would be great if they were packaged in a resealable bag, or many small bags.
2/17/2017 Kathy Johnson I like the product. I was just surprised that the entire 10lbs were in one bag, which is difficult to store after opening. I did not expect the bulk package to have individual boxes of pasta, but did expect some separation of the 10lbs, such as 2lb bags.
1/10/2017 Boris Zingerman will be good to put INSIDE the box invoice and nutrition information wich was partialy rip of from outside the box
12/6/2016 Steve Checkosky I have recommended your products to my daughter and my son. They have both placed orders and have thanked me for the recommendation. So, in my case, Fiber Gourmet has contributed to family togetherness during this holiday season!
11/29/2016 Marianne Wheldon Love this pasta. So happy w/ ur company & products......Thank You
10/26/2016 Larry Kennedy Great product.
10/25/2016 james walker make an orzo
10/11/2016 Lisa Duff The Penne is great, but speaking of "loving it to pieces," the lasagna I ordered two orders ago was useless - I had to throw it out. Every box arrived broken into tiny bits. I don't order it any more for that reason.
8/31/2016 William Robinson
8/30/2016 Lauren Bacigalupi Now I can have my past and eat it too! Great taste and texture without all the calories.
8/18/2016 Dawn Tomchick I live on this stuff. It's good, it's healthy, and it's nice to get it in a 10 pound bag so you don't have to keep going to the grocery store to buy a few boxes of less healthy pasta at a time. The only complaint I have is not with the product itself, but the availability of it. Unfortunately, the supply doesn't meet the demand, and they run out of it on a pretty regular basis, and the wait to get more in stock is pretty long. It's definitely worth the wait and price though!!!
7/19/2016 Jeffrey Hamer All the items which we order in bulk are good ones. Pricey but good. A better break on the bulks would be welcome. Product 5-stars. Value 3-stars.
7/19/2016 Cristina Aeberhard
6/28/2016 Richard Blocker
6/15/2016 Lorette Vetusi We love the taste of Fiber Gourmet penne pasta, and buy it in bulk because we eat it so often. However, we do have one complaint about this product - namely, that the penne pieces are not consistently sized, and in this batch, we received some flattened (not tubular) pieces as well. Unfortunately, the unevenly sized and shaped penne pieces make it difficult to evenly cook up a batch of pasta, i.e., the flattened pieces take longer to cook.
6/14/2016 Freida Owens Love the taste of the pasta. Can enjoy guilt free. Fiber Gourmet is the only pasta I use.
5/21/2016 Jill Canzano
5/17/2016 Benjamin Johnson
10/20/2015 mmk I LOVE all Fiber Gourmet pasta!!!
10/19/2015 Laura Levine My family's favorite pasta!! Make it at least once a week. Love being able to buy in bulk. So convenient.
10/19/2015 Maureen Leon So long as you have containers to hold this in it's a great option. Not so impressed this last shipment came in a gargage bag.
10/19/2015 Deborah Blicher
8/12/2015 Lisa Perfitt
8/11/2015 Gail Polidroro Hover
7/28/2015 susan Lamphier We love it! No bloating after eating and the taste is great! I will definitely be placing another order!
7/7/2015 Lauren Bacigalupi Love your pasta and have for years. I watch my weight and love that your pasta fits in with my diet plan unlike regular pasta. And it tastes great - close enough to regular pasta and far, far better than those god awful shitaki mushroom noodles. Yuck! I alternate between the light fettucine and the penne. I like to buy the bulk - it seems like a lot at first but it has a long shelf life and a great price.
7/7/2015 Hooked. Only pasta our family loves!!!
3/23/2015 Robert L Stewart Jr Honestly, I have loved your products but the last batch of the 10-lb Bulk Penne was not good. They were mostly small or broken pieces.
3/3/2015 Eytan Bernstein
1/16/2015 Kim Burgess
1/9/2015 Michael Colucci I love the Fiber Gourmet brand of pasta. I wish I had known about it sooner. It's as good as any popular brand of pasta…with half the calories!
1/9/2015 kay cordello The pasta was much smaller and irregularly cut. Disappointed.
1/9/2015 Tina K.