Ratings for 10-lb Bulk Spaghetti

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
4/4/2017 Jedi
3/14/2017 Anna Love the taste and nutritional aspects of this product! So glad to see that a bulk option is offered as it is more cost effective.
3/7/2017 JOY OROARK This is a great tasting pasta alternative for a prediabetic person. I would like to see it available in elbow form. Enjoy the ease of ordering, & fast delivery.
3/7/2017 Linda Blackburn
2/21/2017 Michele sayball
2/21/2017 Kaci Anderson I love the light spaghetti. Good texture and taste. I would love it if you sold it it Seattle Washington area.
2/14/2017 Shiriey Cooper
2/7/2017 Brenda F Serpa Love it!
1/31/2017 Joanne Jones So good I have already recommended it to a friend, she is also impressed.
1/31/2017 Joanne Jones So good I have already recommended it to a friend, she is also impressed.
12/14/2016 Vicky Cash
12/1/2016 Lawrence Rome
12/1/2016 Bruce Arnold
11/29/2016 Janet Smith Makes a great meal! My husband has Type 2 Diabetes, so this spaghetti helps him stay on hid diet plan.
11/8/2016 Carla Monares love this product. I am diabetic and this product allows me to still enjoy the pasta dishes I love. I not only would recommend this product but have on several occasions
10/4/2016 Laura Sheedy Annoyed that it's not boxed. I thought bulk meant a large quantity. Didn't realize it wasn't boxed.
9/27/2016 doris caspani Cant remember if I already wrote to you but yes, I am satisfied and happy to know that every so often I may sin with pasta thanks to the added fiber....
9/6/2016 Jana McBride This last batch of spaghetti is the BEST ever. No breakage, great color and taste. My husband says he can't tell it from regular spaghetti.
8/30/2016 Pinijones We use Fiber Gourmet regularly, so now it's time to get it in bulk! Excellent product!
8/30/2016 Julie Baumberger
8/30/2016 Shawn F I love these noodles. My only gripe is that I wished it came in 5lbs sealed inside a 10lbs container. Oh well. Also.. "Recommend to a Friend?" I do that all the time. But hard to convince someone to pay a little extra for noodles if they aren't diabetic like myself.
7/19/2016 Jeffrey Hamer Ditto.
7/19/2016 Sue Scheopner All of your products are wonderful, but most especially the pasta. We love pasta and it's great to be able to enjoy it more often without indulging in so many extra calories
7/19/2016 Ronni Cohen-Boyar
6/23/2016 Kelly Starman
6/23/2016 Peggy Lagrange
6/21/2016 Sue Tate I love fiber gourmet noodles! They are all I have bought for the last five years. Half the calories and better texture and flavor. You owe it to yourself to try them!
6/21/2016 Danielle Conaway great taste
6/21/2016 Ian Great pasta, suggest cooking longer than packaging says (the extra fiber makes it take a bit longer to cook), but it's awesome, low calorie, etc.
6/14/2016 Helen Smith Same comment as the fettucini. My only problem with the FG pastas, is that they do not absorb sauces the way normal pastas do, and I would think because of the lack of starch that is absorbable. A small price to pay for the flavor, fiber and low calories.
6/8/2016 David Hilton
6/7/2016 Carol James Great spaghetti - looks just like regular and taste great too. Will be ordiering again.
5/31/2016 Bonnie Beard
10/22/2015 Augustine Blount I've enjoyed your products for quite some time.
10/19/2015 Betsy Freeman I love your product but not the fettuccine - find those noodles to fall apart - not good. I have at least 2 out of the 3 cases I bought! I might donate them.. also - the reason I bought the bulk is you were out of the small boxes of spaghetti. I love that so NP.
8/11/2015 Jane Park
8/11/2015 Gail Polidroro Hover
7/21/2015 Cristina Aeberhard As usual, perfect service, fast delivery and such a terrific alternative to usual pasta - don't eat any other pasta anymore (hence the buld order ;-) ).
7/21/2015 Deborah Blicher
7/8/2015 Maxine Menshon
7/7/2015 Cheryl Paniccia See comment above.
5/20/2015 KFrye Glad to have been able to get bulk spaghetti.
1/10/2015 Stephani Jones The ONLY way to but this. I never run out & everybody loves spaghetti.
1/10/2015 Debbie Harris Soooooo good!
1/9/2015 james walker
1/9/2015 EDNA STEIDINGER Happy that this comes in bulk!
12/17/2014 jeff helton
12/17/2014 Sharon Salzberg Saw the offer for the bulk spaghetti and felt it was a good value. I repackaged the enormous amount into several plastic bags. I only eat this brand of pasta.