Ratings for Italian 4-Cheese Thinables

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/3/2017 Ann-Marie Duane Love them
5/2/2017 Robert Anolik MD
5/2/2017 Electra Govoni Great snack for eating while watching a good movie without all the calories and let's not forget all the benefits from having a high fiber treat.
5/2/2017 Sherese Mowry Great
5/2/2017 Paula Winner The package I bought from a store in NYC was quite different from what you sent me;l larger, thinner, crisper and with more flavor. The crackers I bought on your website were still good but not as good as I had hoped.
5/2/2017 James Russell
5/2/2017 SuMo My husband would give these 5 stars, me, not so much
4/7/2017 Amber Stout I love most your crackers but something is off with the flavoring of this cracker. Way too salty and cheesy. Almost artificial tasting.
4/4/2017 maureen cook These were my favorite, will reorder
3/28/2017 Pamela Badger yummy!
3/28/2017 Kelly Wang Amazing love these
3/13/2017 Donna Bacchiocchi Delicious! But definitely not 6 servings per bag.
3/12/2017 Kimberley Hoffman
3/7/2017 Diane Stubeda Kingman
3/7/2017 michele gilmore The thinables that have the added flavor I found to be too fake tasting and oily. I am not a fan of palm oil and thinks it is too heavy of a feel on the tongue. The crackers taste was okay and the calories versus the portion was great but it didn't do the trick with satisfying the salt/cracker snack craving.
3/7/2017 Rebecca Linquist
3/7/2017 Michelle Sisk
3/7/2017 karen ayles my jusbands favorite
3/7/2017 Leisa Kinnin
3/7/2017 Pat G
3/7/2017 James Dwyer very good. again, wish they came in 70-calorie packs for portion control.
2/21/2017 Brian Bergman These are unusual compared to the cheddar flavors but stand on their own in a unique way.
2/15/2017 Cherryl Hotze Love this product. I will be ordering soon.
2/14/2017 david smalheiser
2/14/2017 Alyson Stilwell
2/7/2017 Brenda F Serpa Love it!
2/7/2017 Mary Greening These are my favorites. Wish they were just a bit less salty.
2/7/2017 Agnes Rankin First time, I had these and they are one of my favorites
2/7/2017 sandy mawdsley Not as good as cheez it's but good!
2/3/2017 Katrina Breen
2/2/2017 Michael Bronsky
2/1/2017 Andy Cohen
1/31/2017 Anna Liang
1/31/2017 Diane Jones
1/31/2017 Tara Juliano yummy
1/31/2017 Victoria Holdwick
1/19/2017 TOOSPYC4U
12/31/2016 Judy Fortmiller Excellent cheese cracker. A bit of snap.
12/29/2016 Karen Rader Actually zero stars. There were horrible - I sent an email once they arrived asking if I can return the unopened packs and exchange it or the English Toffee Thinables. Never received a response. I'd love to order more of your products, but want this resolved first.
12/18/2016 Janet pritza These at least give you the number of crackers per serving. Thank you.
12/14/2016 Francine S Forman
12/13/2016 Marietta Johnson
12/13/2016 Alise Keil
12/7/2016 Deborah Notkin Pretty disappointing, especially since I really like the pizza Thinables. I should have ordered those instead.
12/6/2016 Joan Mather I brought these to work for others to try. Everyone really liked them!
12/6/2016 Gene Goldenfeld Lack of serving size packets is as real minus. Recommend with that qualification.
12/1/2016 Lawrence Rome
12/1/2016 Bruce Arnold
12/1/2016 Linda Hunter
11/30/2016 Debra Hanson I love these crackers! they are the perfect guilt free snack. they taste good too. the Italian Cheese are my favorite.
11/29/2016 diane dupont
11/29/2016 Melissa Miller Low calorie, high fiber, taste great...a perfect snack! Thanks!
11/29/2016 william cunnius very mild
11/29/2016 Sari Rosenberg Love the new flavor but a little too salty.
11/29/2016 j deghuee excellent cracker
11/29/2016 joan smith I love these crackers. They could be thinner I could have more if they were thinner.
11/29/2016 Janice Kay Couldn't eat because I am allergic to SOY. I checked the ingredients on each flavor and there was no SOY listed on the ones I ordered. Then when they arrived the had an extra sticker on the bag which indicated the flavoring (?) had soy. These extra stickers were not included in the pictures on the Internet. I think you need to include ALL information on the product in your product review. :(
11/29/2016 Christopher Harris
11/29/2016 Janet Smith These are my husband's favorite!
11/29/2016 Norman Schlosser Pretty good but I like cheese thinables and cinnamon the best.
11/22/2016 Msrsha Dicus
11/11/2016 Marianne Wheldon These R one of my favorites!!
11/11/2016 Denise A
11/10/2016 Stephen Roesner
11/8/2016 Jacqueline K Vines
11/8/2016 Lisa Diamandis I think they are delicious. I ordered the cheese blend and like them better than cheese its. Also i can eat more for the calories. Will be buying more of different types. Hope the popularity grows!
11/8/2016 Sheryl Boardman
11/8/2016 Janice Weekes
11/1/2016 Rene Caine
11/1/2016 James Nordstrom
11/1/2016 Kimberli Santa Maria These are also thicker and not like a cheeit but had goat flavor.
11/1/2016 Kimberli Santa Maria These are also thicker and not like a cheeit but had goat flavor.
11/1/2016 Susan D
11/1/2016 Healthy Eater Not a fan-the cheese flavor is not great and it has a funny aftertaste. I don't like regular Cheez Nibs either though.
10/25/2016 Jeff Helget Very good.
10/25/2016 Jyl King Love
10/25/2016 Rena Connors
10/25/2016 Paula Franzi Moeckli Very addictive! Too bad they don't come in a larger bag!
10/25/2016 Evelyn Thomas
10/18/2016 Troy Mortorff Soooo good. Definitely have to count out a portion and walk away or I would eat the entire bag!
10/18/2016 Maureen Weisbeck
10/18/2016 Stuart Goldstein
10/18/2016 Robert Stern Very disappointed!! For a company that is health-conscious, with many great products, we were ASTONISHED at all the junky additives mentioned in the additional ingredients for the topping - including MSG!! The crackers not only tasted bad, but we are not permitted MSG for medical reasons - and I don't recall any notification of MSG in your add for the new product. We had to throw them all out!
10/11/2016 Sally R Love them!
10/5/2016 Natalie Ziegler
10/5/2016 michael burchett
10/4/2016 Kelly Jensen These were by far the worst of all the crackers.
10/4/2016 Aurelia Alamariu Horrible! Full of unhealthy components! Also very salty! I trashed it !
9/20/2016 Denise Carfora
9/20/2016 Laura Johnson
9/20/2016 Tish Noll Cannot get enough of these. I can eat them daily!
9/20/2016 River
9/20/2016 Julieta Alvarado These are good, very similar to the other cheese crackers, not sure if I taste the 4 cheese difference.
9/20/2016 Page S Poerschke
9/13/2016 Mary Watts very good
9/6/2016 Cheryl Millican
9/6/2016 Katherine Hadley Haven't tried. Bought for a friend.
8/31/2016 Victor Shirley
8/30/2016 Denise Thrash
8/30/2016 Erja Kajosalo
8/25/2016 Gerd Keuffel Very enjoyable as usual. Availability in 30 piece packaging (like the 1oz cheese thinables) would assist those of us who want to avoid overeating.
8/23/2016 Bryan These taste like the real thing - my spouse can't get enough of these!
8/9/2016 Anita Roberts The flavor is outstanding!
8/9/2016 Tracy Collins Nice flavor, strong cheese flavor.
8/9/2016 April Pitts
8/8/2016 Patricia Kennedy I like the barbeque flavor better. Will be ordering those next week!
8/2/2016 Mariella Lewis
8/2/2016 Donald Singer Could use more salt crystals
8/2/2016 Jennifer Pendleton Not my favorite but I wanted to try some different ones. I was really hoping to order the flatbread ones but those were out of stock. I had ordered those from Amazon and loved them. Please let me know when you have those.
8/2/2016 catherine burnett really good
8/2/2016 MISTY MOSS
8/2/2016 Kimberly Fritz Ok but not as crispy as cheddar ones. Almost too much flavoring.
8/1/2016 wendy cartier
7/26/2016 Deborah Gershen My new favorite!
7/26/2016 CC
7/26/2016 Dawn Reichard
7/26/2016 Judith Tompkins My new favorite flavor!!
7/22/2016 Ellen Eisen Wish they were avail n 1 oz pkg
7/20/2016 Daniel Deal Incredible -- they're satisfying and delicious!! I am disappointed about the 'thinables flatbread' being discontinued.
7/20/2016 Lisa Lundahl My Daughters Favorite...
7/20/2016 Sheldon Rowan
7/20/2016 Martina Jones Love these 4 cheese thinables. Just wish they came in 1 oz. proportioned sizes.
7/19/2016 Peggy Zant These have the 'puff' to them but I did not find the flavor that much different than the Cheese Thinables. Yes, I would try these again. I have not recommended them yet, but want to try them again.
7/19/2016 Kenneth Ramsey
7/19/2016 Cristina Aeberhard
7/19/2016 Joan Saller My favorite
7/19/2016 Ronni Cohen-Boyar
7/19/2016 Ryan Bradtke
7/19/2016 Dottie Gauze
7/19/2016 Cara Yergen
7/19/2016 Gisele Misieczko Very tasty.
7/19/2016 Kathleen Tessier
7/19/2016 Suellen Robinson They were ok. I much preferred and miss chili limon flavor.
7/19/2016 Kendra Deno Also a big fan of these. Flavor is good and they are nice and crispy.
7/19/2016 francine werdinger I tried these for the 1st time - they are FANTASTIC!!! I decided even to bring with my on my next trip so I can have a healthy snack that I love. Can you make them in small bags as well? Otherwise I'll still buy the regular cheese in the 1 oz. bags. Also, the new packaging is much improved.
7/19/2016 George Lucas A bit too salty.
7/19/2016 Amy W
7/7/2016 james bayliss Awesome flavor, ordered more. Only negative: Sodium higher than I would like
7/5/2016 Susan Stone Yum! Very rich and cheesy with a nice texture. Just ordered two more cases. Sharing them with friends. Still only 2 Weight Watchers Smart Points!
6/30/2016 Anita Hromish
6/28/2016 Roberta Dube These are amazing. Everyone who has tried them asks where to buy them.
6/28/2016 Margaret Smyth
6/26/2016 Frances L Cooper Awesome! I am so happy with this new flavor. Perfect Italian flavor. Crush them for a fantastic breading on Italian crusted chicken tenders.
6/23/2016 Kelly Starman
6/22/2016 Susan Rankin Excellent product. It was great having everything in one place. Shipping was speedy. Love your crackers and pasta. Thank you.
6/21/2016 Terry Luria These aren't nearly as good as the regular cheese Thinnables. They are the best! These are okay but not close to the original.
6/21/2016 Cheryl Stites-Hallett
6/21/2016 Kim LePage very good. would purchase again
6/21/2016 Sheila Pressman
6/21/2016 Ian Of all the different "add on" flavors, these are by far the best, love LOVE these, but be warned, the flavor is intense, too strong for many folks that have tried them at my house, but I love these.
6/18/2016 Paula
6/14/2016 mary sweeney
6/7/2016 Merrie Gomi my favorite!
6/7/2016 Dianne Hill
6/7/2016 Bobbie Flores Bags were too big. I bought these because a lady at our weight loss meeting brought in sample bags that were just one serving. I would buy again or recommend if the bags were individual serving, but not the large bags. The taste was good
6/7/2016 Brenda Smith Good
6/7/2016 Brenda Smith Good
6/7/2016 Allison Lamkay
6/7/2016 Lorrie Stricklin Love this flavor. Good job
6/1/2016 PAMELA GAMBRELL very good but prefer the original cheese.
5/31/2016 Laurence Heyndrickx
5/31/2016 Patricia Netti
5/31/2016 Ledora L
5/31/2016 Susan Pluss
5/31/2016 Stephen Kent
5/31/2016 Erin McDonald Really like this new flavor!
5/31/2016 John Minichiello These are our favorite!
5/26/2016 Carol Hoffstedt
5/24/2016 Jaime Maynard Great low calories snack that helps control cravings.
5/24/2016 Summum Menu
5/24/2016 harry stout
5/24/2016 Cathleen D Glover These are good and have a great cheese flavor. I would definitely recommend.
5/24/2016 Thomas Krieshok
5/24/2016 Jeannie Michelson Like Cheese-its? You will LOVE these! I love these cheesy bits of goodness. They go great with a sandwich instead of chips.
5/24/2016 Jay Steele
5/24/2016 Jean Zahariades
5/24/2016 Kimberly Eurley Yummy! Glad you bring out new flavors and keep the older ones as well!
5/21/2016 MICHAEL SMITH best flavor of all i sampled
5/21/2016 Jill Canzano
5/18/2016 Rick H north Texas These are my favorite salty crunchy snack.
5/17/2016 Charlene Sheffield great snack item. Low carb so they're healthy too.
5/17/2016 Carolyn Ponder I haven't tried these yet. I'm sure I'll like them as much as the other cheese flavors, though
5/17/2016 jane lastella great product but limited availability when I placed my order!
5/17/2016 Fatonia Rivera
5/17/2016 darlene hippele
5/17/2016 Deborah Moulton Cheesy but not overly so. Good flavor.
5/17/2016 Sarah Toland I wish the cheese Thinables had the thicker texture of the wheat-based crackers. Otherwise, the flavor profile is good.
5/17/2016 MJ Best flavor they make! These are so delicious I look forward to eating a serving every day. Highly recommend this 4 cheese flavor!