Ratings for BBQ Thinables

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
3/21/2017 Rebecca R Manthey The crackers are good. Not quite the same as a regular cracker. Will you ever come out with a thinner cracker more in the shape of a wheat thin?
3/7/2017 Samuel Young Dense and flavorful. Nice snack. Many are broken.
3/7/2017 Allison Lamkay
3/7/2017 Pat G
2/17/2017 Kathy Johnson I've enjoyed the cheese thinables since ordering with FiberGourmet. Because they were ion sale, I decided to try the BBQ flavor. I was very disappointed when I tried them. The flavor was off - which may be because they had already reached their expiration date when I received them.
2/14/2017 david smalheiser
2/14/2017 Elisa Bailis These crackers have a very solid texture. One cracker and you are chewing for a while. This was not a deal breaker for us as we all enjoyed these a lot. (They kind of grew on us.) If you are looking for a light, "snappy" cracker, these aren't the ones. I liked the BBQ flavor a lot but just wish it was a little more pronounced.
2/14/2017 Kate Love the flavor!
2/14/2017 Natalie Ziegler Good just not my fav
2/8/2017 Racz Livia
2/7/2017 Frances L Cooper Love all your products and recommend to others, who now are customers. too!
2/7/2017 Shannon Long
2/7/2017 Agnes Rankin Need a little more flavor but good will order again.
2/7/2017 sandy mawdsley TERRIBLE!!!!! Like eating cardboard!!!!
2/7/2017 Laura Ezell
2/5/2017 Maria Ruisi
2/3/2017 Katrina Breen Very strong artificial flavor:(
2/1/2017 Brenda Smith I enjoy all your products. I only purchase the products that are not in the individual servings and would like to see those packaged in the larger bags. I would buy more flavors if that was the case. Also, I miss the flatbreads - please bring them back.
1/31/2017 Laura Johnson
1/31/2017 j deghuee These crackers are so delicious and satisfying
1/31/2017 Sarah Anderson Good smoky flavor
1/31/2017 Tara Juliano There were only 4 serving of 30 crackers in the bag. I was sad.
1/31/2017 Victoria Holdwick
1/24/2017 Eleanor Baisden
1/19/2017 TOOSPYC4U Very powdery and hard to eat without getting bbq dust on everything.
1/17/2017 Ann-Marie Duane 2nd favorite
1/17/2017 Grace Simon
1/17/2017 Holly Koziol Generally I enjoy the Thinables, but they can be a bit too salty.
1/3/2017 Susan McBride These are our favorites
12/31/2016 Judy Fortmiller Good strong BBQ flavor.
12/13/2016 Cindy Ford
12/1/2016 Lawrence Rome
11/30/2016 Jaime Maynard
11/29/2016 william cunnius
11/29/2016 Sari Rosenberg The best of all your products. Amazing.
11/29/2016 Janice Kay Couldn't eat because I am allergic to SOY. I checked the ingredients on each flavor and there was no SOY listed on the ones I ordered. Then when they arrived the had an extra sticker on the bag which indicated the flavoring (?) had soy. These extra stickers were not included in the pictures on the Internet. I think you need to include ALL information on the product in your product review. :(
11/29/2016 Christopher Harris Please check the cracker per serving count claims on the label. The number of crackers per serving seems overstated, but still a very good product.
11/29/2016 Sheldon Rowan
11/11/2016 Marianne Wheldon Not a fan, Love Bar B Que but these are too smoky flavored!
11/8/2016 Jill Wilson
11/8/2016 DONA FRANCO I haven't tried these yet but I did email regarding the fact that They expire in TWO months??- I still have some other thinables I haven't finished so I won't get to these until after the best by date. The other items are best by 10 months away and 2018. If i knew they were Short-dated I wouldn't have purchased them.
11/3/2016 Dixie Callaham
11/1/2016 Healthy Eater Love these slightly sweet and a little tangy
10/28/2016 Tracy Miller
10/25/2016 Jeff Helget Very odd flavor, can't get anyone to eat them.
10/25/2016 Evelyn Thomas
10/18/2016 Troy Mortorff Ok. They are very BBQ-y. Maybe a little too much for me.
10/11/2016 Sally R Very flavorful with a good texture
10/4/2016 Kelly Jensen They were stale tasting and fake BBQ tasting. I don't k is what has happened to fiber gourmet. I used to live off of their products and now can't stand them.
9/20/2016 Denise Carfora
9/20/2016 Page S Poerschke
9/6/2016 Ann Rogers
9/6/2016 Cheryl Millican
9/6/2016 Alise Keil
8/31/2016 Victor Shirley
8/31/2016 suzanne byrnes Good snack option with yummy bbq flavor!
8/30/2016 Alyson Stilwell
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/9/2016 norsknitter Didn't so much like the taste. It was too artificial.
8/2/2016 carrie coffman did not care for these as much as some of your other products
8/2/2016 Kimberly Fritz Love BBQ anything but not really these. No crunch and flavor not as good as cheddar.
7/26/2016 Deborah Gershen Disappointed. Flavor isn't strong enough.
7/26/2016 Melody Unger Don't like these
7/20/2016 Lisa Lundahl My Sons Favorite!
7/20/2016 Martina Jones Very tasty.
7/19/2016 Peggy Zant BBQ flavor was not as I was expecting and the cracker itself is flat and no 'puff' like the Cheese Thinables have. Will not order again until made different.
7/19/2016 Kenneth Ramsey
7/19/2016 Cristina Aeberhard The best BBQ flavored snack I've ever had!
7/19/2016 Joan Saller
7/19/2016 Dottie Gauze
7/19/2016 Patricia Duncan Love to eat these as snack or pair with sandwiches or soup!! Great product!
7/19/2016 Kathleen Tessier
7/19/2016 Kendra Deno Not a huge fan. I like the crispier crackers better: these are a bit thicker. Didn't love the BBQ flavor either. I felt like it was more smokey - like chipotle.
7/19/2016 Amy W Great taste and the price is great! Wish you would sell them all in the 1 ounce packs!
6/28/2016 Roberta Dube This was disappointing. I was hoping for a BBQ potato chip favor, and it tasted more like charcoal grill. This is the only item I have tried that I would not repurchase
6/28/2016 Jeanne Hodurski not as crazy about the flavor of these compared to the cheese and cinnamon flavors
6/26/2016 Bob F Pretty good tasting but having the flavor as a coating gets all over your hands when you eat them, requiring you to wash your hands. Why not simply add the spice to the recipe?
6/23/2016 Kelly Starman
6/21/2016 Danielle Conaway great snack option
6/21/2016 Sheila Pressman
6/14/2016 MICHAEL SMITH flavoring off
6/14/2016 mary sweeney
6/7/2016 Merrie Gomi love these
6/7/2016 Dianne Hill
6/7/2016 Bobbie Flores Bags were too big. I bought these because a lady at our weight loss meeting brought in sample bags that were just one serving. I would buy again or recommend if the bags were individual serving, but not the large bags. The taste was good
6/1/2016 PAMELA GAMBRELL did not care for.
5/31/2016 Susan Pluss
5/31/2016 Stephen Kent
5/31/2016 Erin McDonald
5/24/2016 harry stout
5/24/2016 Cathleen D Glover These are a great snack cracker. These are just like Wheat Thins only WAY better. These have a very fun BBQ flavor.
5/24/2016 Jeannie Michelson Not really a fan of these. They aren't BBQ enough and the texture is just ick. If these came in the same texture as the cinnamon or everything crackers, they would be much better. I won't order these again.
5/24/2016 Jay Steele Great new flavor!
5/24/2016 Jean Zahariades
5/21/2016 Jill Canzano Great new flavor! A new favorite! Keep the great flavors coming and I'll keep buying.
5/17/2016 Carolyn Ponder These are really good. I can't eat as many of them, because they are strong.
5/17/2016 jane lastella
5/17/2016 Fatonia Rivera
5/17/2016 Patricia Kennedy I love the BBQ and Italian 4-cheese thinables!! Waiting for the Cinnamon thinables - those are my favorite!
5/17/2016 Sarah Toland These are amazing. Enough. Said.
5/17/2016 MJ Something went terribly wrong with these. Clearly they have used a smoking procedure for the flavoring instead of using seasonings. Unfortunately the result is the crackers taste like smoke, not BBQ. I hope they will try again to create a BBQ cracker using seasonings not smoking. I ended up throwing my crackers out.