Ratings for Cajun Nested Fettuccine

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
1/10/2017 Cristina Aeberhard
12/13/2016 Frank Adams Perfect pasta. Being diabetic Fibre Gourmet pasta is one of the few I can eat.
11/30/2016 esther fiber
11/30/2016 Jaime Maynard
11/8/2016 Anna Lahti
9/6/2016 Anne Price Haven't tried yet!
8/31/2016 Victor Shirley Awesome I highly recommend
6/28/2016 Andrew Neft Haven't tried yet.
6/21/2016 Gerilynn Reilly Lovely light flavor- for me personally though, it could use more of a kick.
5/17/2016 Merrie Gomi haven't tried yet
10/19/2015 diane slocum My favorite but always out of stock
8/11/2015 Roberta Dube
7/7/2015 Matthew Neiger
6/9/2015 Suzanne Pullen
5/12/2015 diane slocum Loved this pasta
4/16/2015 Allison Lamkay
4/16/2015 Allison Lamkay
1/27/2015 Jane Kistner Anxiously waiting to try them but I have not had the opportunity yet. No doubt they will be delicious.
1/9/2015 Marian Longstreth
1/9/2015 John Lupulio
12/18/2014 Linda Roling
6/15/2013 Micaela VeraBlasco Same as above except for the flavor. I will have to give you a little more feedback when I cook them again because my husband cooked the first box without reading the cooking directions and it was nothing but mush.
6/10/2013 Jeffrey Hamer
6/10/2013 Lynn Ortiz