Ratings for Cheese Thinables

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/20/2017 Lacey Steed Wasn't super impressed with the plain cheese ones but the Italian 4 chz ones are amazing!!!
5/16/2017 Natalie Berland I ordered the Italian 4 cheese thinables because I find the regular thinables too salty. I am very happy with my choice. I like these a lot.
5/11/2017 Julie Morris Great
5/5/2017 Bob Zubritsky
5/2/2017 Ryan Pearson
5/2/2017 Robert Anolik MD This applies to all cheese thinables. I would package them in ready to eat size packages like your everything thinables.
5/2/2017 Susan Renew The crackers we tried were great. We are not on a low carb program we are on a non Brian program. Somehow I missed your purpose. Thank you
5/2/2017 Ryanne Thun
4/15/2017 Nancy Rogers
4/7/2017 Amber Stout I really like these crackers. The are a great alternative to other crackers. However, sometimes there is a consistency problem with the cheese flavor and certain bags can be a little overpowering.
4/5/2017 Gordon Thomas The crackers are too salty. How about a "lite salt" version?
4/4/2017 maureen cook Very tasty, really like these
3/28/2017 AYESHA DENNY No guilt pleasure.
3/28/2017 Kelly Wang Love it so good
3/28/2017 Diane Otey Great taste. Terrific!
3/21/2017 Karen Rogers Love them!
3/14/2017 Rachel
3/14/2017 Stephanie Ford I love my Thinables, they're the best snack cracker that I have had, that I know is nutritionally so much better and healthier for me and feel good eating them knowing that! :-) I will continue buying this product and yes I have told several friends, and they also have tried , Love it, and are going to buy , thank you again,theymake me smile from the inside out. ??
3/8/2017 Francis Guenette
3/7/2017 michele gilmore The thinables that have the added flavor I found to be too fake tasting and oily. I am not a fan of palm oil and thinks it is too heavy of a feel on the tongue. The crackers taste was okay and the calories versus the portion was great but it didn't do the trick with satisfying the salt/cracker snack craving.
3/7/2017 Colleen Meakim
3/7/2017 Peggy Hill
3/7/2017 karen ayles love those
3/7/2017 Leisa Kinnin
2/27/2017 Shannon Brady
2/21/2017 Brian Bergman A wonderful alternative to the high calorie crap in the supermarkets.
2/21/2017 Tracy Cowan They taste just like cheez-its!! My husband is trying to eat healthier and he loves them.
2/21/2017 Brian Corcoran Fantastic!!!!
2/17/2017 Mary Oberdier
2/15/2017 Carolyn Bedics
2/14/2017 Nancy I love these cheese thinables. They are great to snack on by themselves or with a sandwich. And I love that they have lots of fiber and I am eating a cracker that is healthy. This company has great customer service and responds quickly to any inquiry. Shipment was unbelievably fast!
2/14/2017 Elisa Bailis Delicious crackers with a great crunch and just the right amount of salt. My whole family loves them!
2/14/2017 Alyson Stilwell
2/8/2017 Racz Livia
2/7/2017 Agnes Rankin Just wish these had a little more cheese taste to them
2/7/2017 Laura Ezell
2/2/2017 Michael Bronsky
2/2/2017 Gwenn Henley
1/31/2017 ellen marshall
1/31/2017 Ayanna Hawkins
1/31/2017 Anna Liang
1/31/2017 Diane Jones
1/27/2017 Kimberley Hoffman
1/25/2017 Karen Balde Not sure if this is my imagination, but the individual bags I just received are not as crunchy as the cheese thinables in the 6oz bag. While they are OK, I like the crunchier ones better. I would think they come off the same production line, just get packaged differently, but there definitely seems to be a difference.
1/25/2017 Melissa Miller
1/25/2017 James Kaczynski
1/24/2017 Susan Landreth The are delicious!
1/24/2017 Elisabeth Knose These are great!! A tiny bit salty for me but I still love them
1/24/2017 Bethel Hentz As a cheez it fan, these are a great alternative.
1/22/2017 Pamela Badger
1/20/2017 Erin Moore Great! Crispy and salty
1/17/2017 Ann-Marie Duane Love them
1/17/2017 Linda Walsh Really disappointed with the taste...actually with the lack of taste...and they are stale. I always order the jalapeño flavored thinnables but they were out of stock. Won't order these again.
1/17/2017 Grace Simon
1/17/2017 Allison Lamkay
1/12/2017 Jeanine Callan Really Good
1/3/2017 Donna Westbrook I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely order again.
1/3/2017 Susan McBride Don't like the taste needs improvement
12/31/2016 Caroline Clemons
12/20/2016 Missy These are great and a good alternative to chips or Cheez-Itz
12/16/2016 Noreen Minessale Although the expiration date was in 2017, tasted stale
12/15/2016 Marilyn Windle They are as good as the other cheese crackers.
12/14/2016 Francine S Forman
12/13/2016 Melissa Oprendek Yummy! So glad to have more!
12/13/2016 Andrea Ruth
12/13/2016 Frank Adams
12/13/2016 marta valdes I am addicted to these crackers. It is so great that they are guilt free!
11/30/2016 Kimberley Oconnor
11/30/2016 esther fiber
11/30/2016 Kathy Yong Been awhile since I ordered,, so the first time I have had the larger bags. Not as easy for portion control, but I just count the crackers. :)
11/29/2016 Cynthia Duerkop I did not know what to expect. I have bought so many "health food items" in the past and most are pretty bad. These, however, were really pretty good. Good flavor, filling, but maybe a little too salty.
11/29/2016 Janice Kay Good - very salty
11/29/2016 Christopher Harris
11/28/2016 Pam Hancock The ones I received were somewhat stale
11/8/2016 Jacqueline K Vines
11/8/2016 Christine Anderson
10/26/2016 Amy Loe A very decent snack for very few calories. Obviously they don't taste like "cheese it's" but they are good for what they are. I still want to try the other flavors.
10/11/2016 Deborah Catamero
10/11/2016 Gerry Rojy
10/5/2016 michael burchett These are great
9/21/2016 Rosalind Kiel Not as cheesy flavored as expected. But not bad. I do Weight Watchers and have a Chezit fetish.
9/21/2016 Shirley Mayhew some of the packages have been stale.
9/20/2016 mary alexander is nice packaging change, if reduces landfill footprint!
9/20/2016 Lisa Breazeale I love these crackers. The taste is great but they're also healthy!! How great is that?
9/20/2016 Julieta Alvarado A little chalky but the taste is pretty cheesy.
9/13/2016 Mary Watts great
9/6/2016 Stephanie Thomas Love them! They are a great snack for the afternoon. They taste great and I love the low calorie/ high fiber combo. Love the resistant starch as well. I read about your products in prevention magazine. I'll definitely be ordering more!
9/6/2016 Ann Rogers
9/6/2016 Anne Price
9/6/2016 Katherine Hadley These have a funny after taste. Could improve on the flavor.
8/31/2016 Victor Shirley
8/30/2016 Denise Thrash
8/30/2016 Patricia Palmer
8/30/2016 Julie Baumberger
8/30/2016 Tedi Toyllens
8/26/2016 Loni Willanzheimer I love these. Taste is better than cheeze bits. My only issue is one of the packages had a dark solid object in it. I took a picture of it. The lot info is BB052517. I took a picture of that as well. the lot info didn't come out well. It could be BBO52617. Any way I thought you would want to know. It did not deter me from eating the rest of the bag. :>) If you would like a copy of the pics please let me know where to send them.
8/23/2016 Bryan These taste like the real thing - my spouse can't get enough of these!
8/9/2016 Tracy Collins Super good, better than cheese nips/ cheese its
8/9/2016 April Pitts
8/6/2016 Bobbie Bloch
8/3/2016 Sheila Harwell I dearly love your crackers. I also buy them at HEB.
8/2/2016 Mariella Lewis
8/2/2016 Misty Irons
8/2/2016 Donald Singer Could use more salt crystals
8/2/2016 Jennifer Pendleton Not my favorite but I wanted to try some different ones. I was really hoping to order the flatbread ones but those were out of stock. I had ordered those from Amazon and loved them. Please let me know when you have those.
8/2/2016 catherine burnett tastes good
8/2/2016 MISTY MOSS
8/2/2016 Kimberly Fritz Better than any cheese cracker on the market without the guilt.
7/26/2016 Dawn Reichard
7/26/2016 Judith Tompkins
7/21/2016 Margaret Snyder
7/20/2016 Elaine Robinson I am addicted to Cheese Thinables. But I am making the switch to the Jalapeno Cheddar. A great replacement for cheese nips. A healthier option.
7/20/2016 Pamela Shaw
7/19/2016 Louise Radtke Very good tasting, crisp, with lots of flavor
7/19/2016 Kenneth Ramsey
7/19/2016 Ryan Bradtke
7/19/2016 Dottie Gauze
7/13/2016 Maureen Weisbeck
7/12/2016 Ann Hartley
7/7/2016 james bayliss Ordered more, good stuff. Only negative: Sodium higher than I would like
6/30/2016 Meg G
6/29/2016 Barbara Haapanen
6/28/2016 Kathleen Liu They are very good, and I'm happy to have some crackers and cheese without overdoing the calories.
6/28/2016 Andrew Neft Love them
6/28/2016 Janet Benway I liked them . I wish you would make larger bags of them . 4 stars
6/28/2016 Jeanne Hodurski
6/28/2016 Kami Havyer
6/28/2016 Donna Havrilla Nice! Awesome job considering how low in fat they are, plus fiber! Can't beat them.
6/26/2016 Frances L Cooper These taste even better than Cheez-its. I eat them with soups, salads, salsa, or right out of the bag. I love the calorie count and feel great about the lab reports that back the claims.
6/23/2016 Kelly Starman
6/22/2016 Christine Koczon -Cain a little bland Not cheesy enough but still good.
6/22/2016 Andy Cohen Good taste.
6/22/2016 Harriet Torpie
6/22/2016 Susan Rankin Excellent product. It was great having everything in one place. Shipping was speedy. Love your crackers and pasta. Thank you.
6/21/2016 Bob Janchev I thought it would have been cheesier.
6/21/2016 Natalie Abrams
6/21/2016 Cheryl Stites-Hallett
6/21/2016 Jennifer McLean
6/21/2016 Gene Stiefel Not cheesy enough. Small package large cost.
6/21/2016 Kari Bennett
6/14/2016 patricia michael This is a reorder for me because I enjoy these snack crackers. I do find them to be very salty, can you please try to cut back on the salt? Thank you
6/7/2016 Marie Peters These are wonderful. I am so glad are tasty, crunchy and very filling.
6/7/2016 Sheldon Rowan
6/7/2016 Dianne Hill
6/7/2016 Bobbie Flores Bags were too big. I bought these because a lady at our weight loss meeting brought in sample bags that were just one serving. I would buy again or recommend if the bags were individual serving, but not the large bags. The taste was good, although I did get several that tasted burnt.
6/7/2016 Brenda Smith Very good
6/7/2016 Carol James These crackers are very cheesy- very comparable to name brands out there and they fill me up after eating the serving size recommended.
6/7/2016 Lorrie Stricklin
6/1/2016 PAMELA GAMBRELL awesome product. My whole family loves these. Perfect crunch and cheese taste. You hit a home run with these!
6/1/2016 Rebecca Spray These are my favorite - great flavor! I just wish they came in single serve bags.
6/1/2016 Cheryl Millican
5/31/2016 Laurence Heyndrickx Just love these !
5/31/2016 Patricia Netti Have not tried yet
5/31/2016 Steven Marine We really like your products. We will definitely be ordering more!
5/31/2016 Ledora L I like the taste of this product. It is smart points friendly for my Weight Watchers program.
5/31/2016 Susan Pluss
5/31/2016 Erin McDonald
5/31/2016 John Minichiello We like the cheese thinables but our favorite is the Italian 4 cheese
5/28/2016 Michala Biondi Very good flavor.
5/24/2016 Sharon Love these! They're a great snack!
5/24/2016 Summum Menu
5/24/2016 Lori Jansen Taste so good. I will buy again
5/24/2016 Thomas Krieshok
5/24/2016 norsknitter very good. We both ( husband and I) enjoy them.
5/24/2016 Jean Zahariades
5/24/2016 Kimberly Eurley Stellar--fantastic--absolutely love these!
5/23/2016 Rosemary Fitzgerald Great snack. Crunchy and full of fiber. Hits the spot for dieters. One star off for price.
5/22/2016 Kim Sutton
5/21/2016 MICHAEL SMITH great cracker
5/19/2016 Denise Montenegro-Quddus These were okay; I was really expecting them to taste like Cheez Its, but they didn't and were a little grainy. I'll still eat the ones I ordered, but will not order again.
5/18/2016 kendall miller I love you SO MUCH for figuring this out! I am happy to have this option..not only low calorie but low carb and high fiber. And tastes great. I have purchased your items from amazon but coming here to your site is so much better b/c you are FAR CHEAPER than amazon. I cant thank you enough. Kendall
5/18/2016 Susan Holmes LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these, can't get enough. Keep making them.
5/17/2016 Charlene Sheffield Great snack item. Low carb so healthy also.
5/17/2016 Dorothy Scanlan I'm a huge fan of Cheez-its, but am working towards a weight loss goal and can't afford the calories (150 per serving). These snacks are perfect for crunching on something while keeping my calorie count low. The plain cheddar are my favs and they are my go-to bedtime snack, love them! 114 pounds down, only 16 lbs to go! Guilt-free snacking, finally.
5/17/2016 Carolyn Ponder These are wonderful!
5/17/2016 Merrie Gomi
5/17/2016 Michele Page These crackers are fantastic!! Delicious!!
5/17/2016 Michael McCann
5/17/2016 Judy Fortmiller
5/17/2016 LaRee Morris I really like the cheese crackers. I always have them for an afternoon snack if we are going out for dinner, as you can never get enough fiber in a restaurant.
5/17/2016 Fatonia Rivera
5/17/2016 darlene hippele
5/17/2016 Deborah Moulton Ok, but a little bitter tasting
5/17/2016 Pamela Vargo I really like them,
5/17/2016 Jeanette Stephens Great taste! Enjoyed by all. Would like to order more.
10/29/2015 Jennifer Weisman I typically love this product but the taste of this particular batch of thinables tastes burnt and each individual package has at least one cracker that actually looks burnt.
10/20/2015 Andrea Cassidy Not nearly as good as I remember them. Very sorry that I ordered a case.
10/20/2015 Robert M Kaufman
10/19/2015 Janet Fischer Did not like the taste at all, which is unfortunate, since I bought several bags.
10/19/2015 Bob F I like the Cheese Thinables and the Wheat Thinables and eat then frequently as a snack. I have recommended them to several people.
10/19/2015 Kara Garmon
10/19/2015 Alan Dick
8/11/2015 Roberta Dube
8/11/2015 Healthy eater Yummy baked cheese flavor. Very crispy.
8/11/2015 Rebecca Steier Bought before...very good.
8/11/2015 Joan Roth I like them but they don't have to he little kick that the jalapeño flavor has
8/11/2015 James Price
8/11/2015 Diane Thomas Very delicious!
8/11/2015 Amanda Bossinger These are by far one of my favorite products. I like them better than the store brand version.
8/11/2015 david vender i order a ton of your thinables. the jalepeno cheddar this time did not taste as good as usual. very little jalepeno cheddar flavor on the latest. usually love them but just okay this time.
8/11/2015 Karen Lehmicke They are OK, the texture is a bit different than cheese its - kind of like cheese its that are stale. The flavor is a bit off, also. These are definitely something to tide you over til dinner, but the jalapeno cheddar ones are MUCH better
7/21/2015 Dan Messina I purchased one box of these through the website and liked the product so I found a local retailer and purchased more. One of these boxes contained a block of what looks like unfinished crackers that are thicker than normal and very hard. This block is not ingestible.
7/21/2015 Denise Sexton
7/21/2015 Melanie Weber
7/21/2015 Denise A I like them but they could use a little more flavor. I do LOVE that they are only 2 points!
7/8/2015 Margarita Medrano taste similar to other cheese crakers
7/8/2015 William Robinson We love them....
7/7/2015 Ellen Brenneman
7/7/2015 Kris Yerico
7/7/2015 Penny Machu These are very good!
7/7/2015 Kristin Riebe
7/7/2015 wayne belisle Very good
7/7/2015 joan wolfsen overall pretty tasty. quite like cheeze its
6/14/2015 Sandy Lemon The cheese flavor is not what I was looking for. They are definitely not Cheez-its, however, they are very good if you sprinkle some sour cream and onion powder on them.
6/12/2015 Debra Guthrie
6/12/2015 gary barnett like them!!!
6/11/2015 Wendy OBrien So yummy and no guilt.
6/9/2015 Lori Bratcher My favorites!
6/9/2015 Lori Bratcher My favorites!
6/9/2015 Susan Hoegel A little small to put out for entertaining.
6/9/2015 Joy Brewster Loved the cracker , but they need to come in a resealable bag
6/9/2015 Wendi Monthy
6/9/2015 kathleen zamorski
5/20/2015 wendy moeller Great, glad to see small bags are back.
5/19/2015 Rebecca Shipp Not great -- kind of dry.
5/19/2015 Lynn Zegarelli 5 for flavor, but I was expecting individual snack bags and had to weigh on a scale and bag myself to get the 60 calorie portion. Please consider snack bag options that do not cost 50.00. In addition, about 1/3 to 1/2 of the crackers were smashed to bits!!!! I won't order them again unless I know the foil bag (it was loose in the shipping box) will be enclosed in its own box, like the jalapeno crackers were.
5/15/2015 Sandra Novick Yummy and love the reduced calories
5/12/2015 Stephen Kent
5/12/2015 Mary Craig Yum!
4/28/2015 Mellissa Fuller Love 'em. I miss the old packaging, though.
4/28/2015 Michelle Rupp Wonderful!
4/28/2015 Felice Simelaro
4/28/2015 Kelly Hegarty Fiber Gourmet is the perfect alternative to traditional pasta and crackers, etc. Great texture, great tastes. And the fiber really gives a satisfied feeling with such few calories. Everyone in my family enjoys these products. I would love to see Wheat Thinables in the single serve option like the 60 Kcal packs of cheese thinables, and I would love to see it made available in traditional grocery stores in larger markets like Denver, Albuquerque, Dallas, etc.
4/28/2015 Juliette Piet
4/28/2015 Victoria Marrs Fantastic
4/25/2015 Phyllis Warren
4/25/2015 Cynthia Burkhardt Great
4/22/2015 Zelda Buford Below the standard of my previous orders. This order had a drastic change in taste, texture, and flavor. The packiaging and the recipe was different. I would like a refund.
4/18/2015 Marianne Wheldon These are excellent!! I will definitely be ordering again
4/17/2015 Yvonne Tyson Love them!
4/16/2015 Genevieve Liguori
4/15/2015 Deborah Gershen Love the new pizza flavor. Only minor complaint is that most of the crackers are broken. This seems to be more of an issue with this flavor. Perhaps needs a little more cushioning when shipping.
4/15/2015 Sandra Danzig Love those for a mid day snack
4/15/2015 Sharon McAfee
4/15/2015 vivian pao
3/25/2015 Ileana Schwarz
3/24/2015 Debra Roberts
3/24/2015 Jennifer Wolff awesome! Filling and tastes great too.
3/24/2015 Kathryn Wilson Very tasty. A little tangy, but just the right amount, in my opinion.
3/19/2015 Susan Novak I am writing regarding the jalapeño crackers. My husband and I love them and have ordered several cases of them. However, the last shipment was overly salty and changed the flavor of the crackers considerably. Hoping this was an isolated incident and the next order will be what we have ordered in the past.
3/19/2015 Kim LePage
3/19/2015 Jennifer Clark Some of the crackers tasted like they had been burned. Overall the crackers were fine.
3/18/2015 KARA BYRNE I would give this a 5, but now I prefer the Chile Limon Cheese crackers better! Great improvement :)
3/18/2015 Joan Leavy
3/10/2015 Anita Roberts I totally and absolutely love these crackers! So happy I found something I can eat on my diet.
3/10/2015 Robin Damato
3/4/2015 Jane Streckenbein Excellent taste and texture. The best I've ever found. My only complaint is since you switched from the single serve bags to the box packaging, much of the product arrives crushed. In the last several months it has become even worse.
3/3/2015 Jane Farris Tasty and less sodium than the Wheat Thinables!
3/2/2015 Gayle Berg
2/28/2015 kimberly brown
2/23/2015 Betty Knight Love the taste. Everyone that has tried them remarked that they were expecting a very dry cracker due to the fiber but were pleasantly surprised. I do wish the crackers came in portion-controlled packages.
2/21/2015 Leitha Butler Like these crackers!
2/20/2015 Roslynd Wenrich I like these Cheese Thinables because they are so low calorie and so high in fiber. They are a bit dry but great for what they are.
2/18/2015 Camron and Kate Settlemier I really want the single-serving packets back again.
2/17/2015 Alise Keil
2/17/2015 Debbie Jeffs Taste great! Nice to have a snack that tastes as good as junk food but isn't bad for you.
2/17/2015 marilyn mindich Delicious. Will reorder when finished with this orderl
2/17/2015 Caroline Hahnert I like that they where so Crisp. I would like the cheese one tasted a little more cheese taste.
2/17/2015 Cidney Aae Delicious and crunchy! Great healthy snack.
2/17/2015 Karen Solliday
2/17/2015 Deborah Lightsey Edible, but missed "the crunch."
2/17/2015 Roxanne Boone Delish!!! Better taste and way more benefits than the well known product on the market. We will eat no other cheese cracker now. Amazing!
2/17/2015 Denise Meyer
2/17/2015 Patricia Bednash
2/17/2015 mary mcdaniel Very good and match the cheez its fairly well!
2/17/2015 Janice Skiba like it, I would like though a little more salty.
2/17/2015 Norma Underwood
2/17/2015 Debra Hanson I love these crackers. Taste great and you can eat enough to fill you up without worrying about calories. I will definitely buy more.
2/17/2015 Jan Eubanks They are really good and taste exactly like cheese nips. Thank you
2/17/2015 Sally R Great texture and taste!
2/17/2015 Emily Orth Absolutely love them!
2/17/2015 Jyl King Yum!!!! Amazing!!!
2/17/2015 Stephanie Laschober
2/15/2015 Ulfras Floyd I love the Thinables. I just wish you'd have the individual packs available again.
2/12/2015 Frank Norton The Cheese Thimbles are very tasty and I love the crunch. The only negative, is the value relationship. For the price the quantity is very skimpy.
2/12/2015 Joanne Cantone Delicious and very satisfying. I was on the iDiet program at work during the Fall and lost 26 pounds. A sample of your crackers was included in our welcome box. I loved them and immediately logged on to your webpage. I have since placed three orders and am getting ready to place a fourth. Four other colleagues in my office are now on the program and have tried samples of the crackers from my order. They also love them.
2/11/2015 Lois Goodman Love the crackers, but would REALLY LOVE IT if the individual wrapped packages of 30 crackers each would be available again. I'm using a lot of plastic bags, and sitting down and counting a lot of crackers to make my own. If I have my hand in the whole box...... God help me and my waistline!
2/10/2015 Catherine Ives Love the crackers! They are very satisfying and I'll never go back to the "name" brands. I find that I'm satisfied with the serving size. I'm taking these on my upcoming vacation so I can stick to my healthy eating plan. Have already recommended to others.
2/10/2015 Franny Trimble An old favorite
2/10/2015 Tina Morrison Tastes really close to Cheez Its.
2/10/2015 Terry Luria Better than cheezits and goldfish. One of the best products ever! DELICIOUS and low calorie.
2/10/2015 Elizabeth Levy
2/10/2015 Robin Davis
2/10/2015 Sherrie Dennison Good
2/10/2015 MARSHA SOMMERS Excellent flavor
2/10/2015 nancy ruzow
2/10/2015 Karen Joseph I love these Chese Thinables. They are delicious and very satisfying! My kids like them too.
2/10/2015 Tracy Jaques Love them.
2/10/2015 Gale Skipworth Very good. Lack a bit of the bite of cheezits,but overall a highly tasty alternatives.
2/10/2015 Dorothy Waters Very tasty
2/10/2015 Emily Antonson
2/10/2015 Suzelle White
1/31/2015 Jessica Vincent Please bring back the single serve packs!!!
1/30/2015 ELISABETH GRADY I find these taste similar to Cheez Its - but less calories and more fiber. A great find!
1/27/2015 Beth Francis Please bring back the individual size portion boxes!
1/27/2015 Electra Govoni My husband loves theses cheese thinables. I think they have a bit of an aftertaste that I don't care for. I prefer the pizza flavored ones.
1/27/2015 These are tasty, not quite Cheez-It's but nonetheless a good substitute.
1/27/2015 Sherrie Dennison package in individual 1 ounce packages
1/27/2015 LeeAnne Sullivan A rather stale taste. I'm glad I only purchased one box to try them.
1/27/2015 Julie Ristuben Very satisfying. Nice crunch and good taste
1/27/2015 Samantha Griffin Pretty good...not my favorite. Worth a try. Everyone has varying tastes.
1/27/2015 Beverly McKibben sharp cheddar flavor. Crisp.
1/27/2015 Patricia Spencer Great taste.
1/22/2015 paulette loe These are very good indeed... much like Cheez-its!
1/22/2015 Margaret Sampson too salty
1/22/2015 Rosanne Lipe I love all of the products. I was disappointed with my last order that the pizza flavor crackers were more crumbs than crackers. I hope you will be able to either replace them or give me a credit. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you Rosanne
1/22/2015 Suellen Robinson
1/22/2015 Karen Huskey
1/17/2015 Dorothy Pavlin they're pretty good, taste is not quite comparable to other cheesy crackers but not bad, and certainly good calorie count
1/14/2015 Colleen Mertins Very tasty, but would like to get them in the 1 oz. packages again.
1/13/2015 Andrea Boler These are pretty good. My husband gives them 1 star, but I give them 4 ("You can't pretend they're Cheez-Its" ~hubby)
1/13/2015 Donald J. Chabot Always loved the Cheese Thinables.
1/13/2015 Kerri Lee
1/13/2015 Diane Cerritelli Love, Love, Love these! Maybe a little too easy to eat!
1/11/2015 maralyn berkowitz Very yummy and addiictive
1/11/2015 Sharon McAfee Great low carb snack. Sure glad I found this site, as I have to had no crackers in months, and now I can!
1/11/2015 Laurie Maniatis I love the thinables, but I thought I was purchasing 2 boxes of individually packed snack size. Instead they came on boxes of them. I now have to count out 60 in a ziplock bag to stay with my diet.
1/11/2015 Stacey Stewart Fabulous crackers if they aren't overdone. Could literally eat an entire box in one sitting. Incredibly filling and tasty. They have recently changed the package it comes it, or it was different from previous ones and although it's harder to clip closed, I think it makes a difference in freshness of product. The company has FABULOUS customer service.
1/11/2015 Kathleen Tessier
1/10/2015 Debbie Harris
1/10/2015 Stacey Danielson I was VERY DISAPPOINTED when I rec'd my crackers. Maybe I misread what I ordered, but I did not realize the crackers were not pre-portioned into single serving bags.....that's why I ordered them. Again, I could have misread what I ordered, but I was very let down. :(
1/10/2015 Angela Polin
1/10/2015 truda hibbs I like these a lot.
1/9/2015 Diane Cartwright
1/9/2015 TAH I love that these have reduced calories but fabulous taste!
1/9/2015 Lonna Litle
1/9/2015 Dawn Dawson
1/9/2015 Marjorie Cogan Always good.
1/9/2015 Marian Longstreth
1/9/2015 Tami Dixon Very tasty!! Just like cheez-it's with way less calories. You can't go wrong!!
1/9/2015 Candy Lord
1/9/2015 Cynthia Ragel these grow on you and can be addicting.
1/9/2015 Terry Jones Great
1/9/2015 Steve Checkosky Good flavor and texture. Love the nutrition for a "snack food". Two areas for improvement: 1. A few too many crumbs. Not as much as the Pizza Thinables, however. 2. I'd prefer a larger size. Not able to "scoop" with this small size.
1/9/2015 James Taylor
1/9/2015 Jill Canzano Can't believe how low in calories!
1/9/2015 sheryl parker For not being Cheese-it's, they are good. They scratch the snack cracker itch very well. We have found them to be quite filling and satifing.
1/9/2015 Lyn Murphy i would like to see the snack size packs back
1/9/2015 Norman Schlosser The reason for one star is they are too good. I ate a whole box in one sitting. No self control I
1/9/2015 Chris Harrington Bought it, love it to pieces.
1/9/2015 connie samaritano these are a great snack
1/9/2015 Mrs. Suzanne Sellner The Cheese Thinables have a rich, cheesy flavor and are extremely filling.
1/9/2015 Kathy ODair Have always loved these and the nacho cheese flavored ones. But...would really, really like them to be packaged in the single serving size again and have a big box completely sabotages my diet as I can't stop with 30 crackers.
1/9/2015 Regina Wiegert We really enjoy the Cheese Thinables and always have some on hand. They are a bit pricey but we try to purchase them if there is a special price or coupon. We also buy the Pasta in bulk portions on sale. We enjoy both products.
1/9/2015 Kevin Talbott I have always liked these! The one thing that I always miss when I am trying to trim a few pounds is crackers with soup or a little cheese. I can eat your crackers and still know that I am not blowing my diet.
1/9/2015 mary sweeney Love them
1/9/2015 Sandy Bennett
1/9/2015 Tara Juliano good but they breal easily
1/9/2015 Lauren M
8/13/2013 Amy Holmes These crackers are very good. I do prefer the Nacho Thinables more. I bought these by accident thinking that these were the Nacho flavor.
7/29/2013 Jacquline Molinaro great
7/28/2013 Debra Henson
7/28/2013 Helen Smith Nothing to do with the crackers, I just don't like cheese crackers of any kind. I LOVE th cinnamon, although it didn't come up on my questionnaire.
7/26/2013 Patricia Capers love all your products cracker are great for snack and parties
7/25/2013 kimberly draud A favorite of my children.
7/25/2013 Carol Ross I like these crackers a lot but I miss the single serving packs.
7/24/2013 Tracey Pisarski Not a great cheese flavor
7/23/2013 Sharon Haensly tasteless, not cheesy at all.
7/23/2013 Carol Dembe Delicious. If they weren't so expensive, would order again.
7/23/2013 Sharon Kaplowitz
7/23/2013 Susan Moran They are fabulous.
7/23/2013 Victoria Holdwick
7/23/2013 Ian Dammit, please see the review just posted for Nacho, that was intended for cheese, had already submitted nacho rating, form error after complaining that the review was longer than 499 characters. In general, the cheese ones lately seem to be very broken (not enough air in bags) and neither seem to "keep" as long as I'd like (or the expiration date implies)...cheese are better than nacho (which need more salt and more "nacho" flavoring)...and I do like both.
7/23/2013 Margaret Kinderman love these the best - so glad you brought them back
7/23/2013 Susan Stone A delicious, guilt-free substitute for those high-fat, high-calorie snack crackers.
6/28/2013 Victoria Berman Amazing - there is no other fiber snack product that even comes close to the cheesy satisfaction these crackers offer. I keep a stash of at least 8 boxes. I order them from Amazon mostly, but I have also used your website. Keep the new products coming.
6/20/2013 pat erpenbach
6/17/2013 Jan Denzer Very tasty...my favorite. I did have a problem with my last shipment and it had to be reshipped. One of the boxes (so far) must have been not sealed and tasted terrible. All of the boxes I opened contained totally broken crackers. The new shipment is much better. I do think there is a shipping or packing problem because some of the other crackers from other cartons are also broken...more so than when I purchase from a store.
6/17/2013 George Suppes Love these crackers
6/16/2013 Chrissy Gossett
6/13/2013 Jen Anderson I can now satisfy my Cheese-itz obsession guilt free! You should work on improving the way the salt sticks to the crackers. Some bags are fine, but others I find all the salt in the bottom of the bag (which is very sad as the salt is the best part). I also wish they were more affordable (6 oz bags are small) - but my hope is that if I continue to support you, things will only get better!
6/13/2013 Laura Grantier my favorite!
6/13/2013 Mary Jane Cozzi Delicious....tstes just like cheese squares without the calories!
6/13/2013 Denise OConner These are wonderful - a great substitute for the high calories cheese crackers.
6/13/2013 Kari Jenke
6/12/2013 J LeMaster My only suggestion is not to let them go out of stock.
6/12/2013 jennie hale
6/12/2013 Sharon Ferrante Love, love, love them. But, please make the serving size the AMOUNT of crackers and not a measurement of weight.
6/12/2013 Melissa Johnson
6/12/2013 Gail Stiles I really enjoy being able to snack on cheese crackers without the guilt of higher calorie versions. One of my best choices for a diet-friendly snack.
6/12/2013 paula nelson I love these crackers but wish they were in individual bags as they used to be.
6/12/2013 Diane Bailey Fabulous, especially with a beer!
6/11/2013 Carol Perkins A wonderful treat!
6/11/2013 Cathy Casey LOVE these!! Just like Cheez-it's, minus all the calories, fat, and add LOTS of fiber!
6/11/2013 Katherine Wesley
6/11/2013 Caroline Dean absolutely delicious just wish they were in 1 oz packs.
6/11/2013 judy asnen Love the crackers but really miss the small packages. They were so much more covenient for portion control and also for taking with me for lunch, snack etc. Please bring them back.
6/11/2013 Barbara Grimm-Crawford
6/11/2013 Sara Winters I really like these crackers as they taste great, keep me full, and are low in calorie. :). I was so glad you started makin these again!
6/11/2013 M Clarke Yum - just like other not-so-healthy crackers. I have to be careful and weigh out 1 oz. portions because I could eat a lot more than that.
6/11/2013 Jennelle Yopchick Love these crackers, and our kids do too!
6/11/2013 Amy W These are amazing and a very easy way to get my husband to eat his fiber!
6/11/2013 Jane Elliott Taste very close to cheese nips
6/11/2013 Genevieve Petrillo the best tasting cheese crackers and it's good for you.
6/11/2013 Kathryn Cicero These are my weekend treat crackers..guilt free
6/11/2013 Louise Wagner I absolutely LOVE them! They are an essential part to my weight loss plan. They fill me up, taste great and are simply amazing!! I tell everyone about them! Thank you for such an awesome cracker!
6/11/2013 Lisa Gibbons
6/11/2013 Karen Sabol I love the crackers as a snack. Tastes like the real thing. I carry them in snack containers for when I get hungry.
6/10/2013 Francine Werdinger PLEASE bring back in snack size bags!
6/10/2013 Susan Baldwin
6/10/2013 Mikell Wood Perfect!
6/10/2013 Janet Lawrence I wish these crackers would be bagged in one ounce portions like they used to be.
6/10/2013 Paula These are wonderful! Just wish the label said how many are in a serving....it's too easy to eat half the box!
6/10/2013 Pauline Roberts I do love your crackers and i go to Weight Watchers, but i do not like the idea that you do not have the preportioned bags anymore. I cannot handle a whole box. I will not be ordering anymore unless you have the individual bags again. I am hoping you will. I gave it only 4 stars because of not having individual bags.
6/10/2013 Jean McNeill
6/10/2013 James Alberghine Good taste, inconsistent salt.
6/10/2013 Jennifer Keiger Absolutely Delicious!! Great quality cracker, taste just like the high fat versions on the market, only better and w/out all the perservatives and GMOs.
6/10/2013 Cynthia Owens
6/10/2013 Katie Patrick Great!
6/10/2013 Joni Hires
6/10/2013 Jaime Maynard I love these cheese thinables. The only improvement I would suggest is to package them like the cinnamon crackers, in individual one ounce bags. Easier for travel and portion control.
6/10/2013 Jane Super Love 'em. Miss the individual packaging, but no biggie.
6/10/2013 Terry Delp These are really delicious/ they taste just like regular cheese its but they have so much more. Thank you
6/10/2013 Jacqueline Boyd I'd like them in the individual packets like you used to have.
6/10/2013 Margaret Emerson
6/10/2013 Jeanne Murray Fantastic taste, texture, value.
6/10/2013 ilene Rabinowe What a great product!
6/10/2013 Beverly Gough
6/10/2013 Holly Sonksen LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Cheese Thinables!!
6/10/2013 Connie Wenner These have become my absolute favorite snack!! They are the yummiest crackers!!
6/10/2013 linda wendyker The crackers are delicious
6/10/2013 Dee Gerlach
6/10/2013 Linda Wing Happy I found these to replace my cheezits!
6/10/2013 Katherine Danish still the best with lots of flavor
6/10/2013 Sandra May Don't like the flavor. They are like cardboard.
6/10/2013 Linda Pine Love these as a crunchy, cheesy snack! But wish you would bring back the single serve packs. I am using Weight Watchers points and without the single serve packs, I have to count out 20-30 crackers to have one serving. It's a pain to count them out. It was simple before...1 pack = 1 snack. Thanks.
6/10/2013 Susan Angel These are a fantastic low cal alternative and taste better than the name brand high calorie snack crackers.
6/10/2013 Lynn Baumann These little crackers are so good! The fact that they are so high in fiber is an added +. I would recommend them to everyone I know - and I have. Thanks for making such a great product!
6/10/2013 Nicole Dyer We love these. Wish they came in individual packets like before.
6/10/2013 Lorie Fritsch Tasty and comparable to Cheeze-Its. Glad to know they are a healthier version of a cracker, but I would prefer to see them packaged for individual servings.
6/10/2013 Robin Gaan
6/10/2013 Kristen Galloway Pretty good. Not quite as crisp as ceezits but still worth it for less calories
6/10/2013 Christina Perkins Extremely good. Could not taste the difference in the cheese thinables and the high calorie ones.
6/10/2013 Hännah Graifer
6/10/2013 Rosa Nine These would be even better if they came in snack sized packets (for example, 100 cal. packs). Also, I would love to be able to buy them locally and not have to order them through the mail. There are Safeway stores, Giant stores, Wegman's Harris Teeter's, Trader Joe's, all within a short distance. Please try to market them in one of those. Thanks for a great cracker!
6/10/2013 Valerie Cohen
6/10/2013 Joyce Shallcross I love these! Fantastic!
6/10/2013 SHARON ROWE
6/10/2013 Laura Lark Delicious!! I have to order more actually on Friday haha :)
6/10/2013 Karen Runnels
6/10/2013 Patricia Cash Would give these 10 stars if that option was available. Love them. I have been buying the Cheezits for years and then I tried your Thinables and wow. Still love Cheezits but yours are comparable and the nutritional stats are what I need. Wonderful and hope you never stop selling them!!!!!
6/10/2013 Cindy Holland
6/10/2013 Tina Kingshill Good substitute for higher carb crackers, although they seem to have a slightly bitter aftertaste. Would love a cheesier flavor if possible.