Ratings for Cinnamon Thinables

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
3/8/2017 Rebecca Goldberg Just a hint of sweetness and not too cinnamon-y. Passes for dessert if you like cinnamon-sugar flavored snacks.
3/7/2017 Diane Stubeda Kingman
3/7/2017 Kendra Miller This is my favorite product anywhere!
3/7/2017 Peggy Hill
3/7/2017 Karen Rogers Love them!
2/28/2017 Teresa Chandler Delicious!
2/27/2017 Shannon Brady
2/21/2017 Tracy Cowan They were pretty good. Little dry
2/17/2017 Mary Oberdier
2/16/2017 Susan Gans Love them. Great tasting. Low in calories with lots of fiber. Delicious.
2/15/2017 Carolyn Bedics
2/14/2017 Charles Schotter Excellent snack
2/7/2017 Laura Ezell
1/27/2017 Kimberley Hoffman
1/24/2017 Bethel Hentz I liked these but a little bland for most people's taste.
1/18/2017 Kayla Neubauer Love them! Perfect! :D
1/17/2017 Grace Simon
1/10/2017 Cristina Aeberhard
1/10/2017 Lisa Martin
1/3/2017 Donna Westbrook I love to snack on them . They are very good.
1/3/2017 Kelly Jeske They are very thin and have a nice crunch with good cinnamon sugar flavor.
1/3/2017 JOHN McLOUGHLIN I love the cinnamon thinables. What happed to the Nacho ones?
12/16/2016 Noreen Minessale Very nice flavor
12/15/2016 Marilyn Windle Really good. These are a great sweet snack.
12/14/2016 Ida Parks
12/13/2016 Eleanor Baisden
12/13/2016 Frank Adams Great night snack Taste good, right amount of cinnamon.
12/13/2016 Andy Cohen
12/13/2016 Lawrence Gorin This review covers each product,except the Garlic Herb. I have learned to like the flavors... But a major benefit for me that when I eat it with a large cup of coffee, the Cinnamon Thinables, the Cinnamon Swirls and the English Toffees are very filling (good) because of the fibre. So for me it is healthy and I eat less calories than having something like a bagel. So this was a benefit I realized after I began using the products.....
12/1/2016 Patricia Netti
11/30/2016 esther fiber
11/30/2016 Jane Brevich Great
11/29/2016 Sandra Rosenberg I love these.
11/29/2016 james bayliss Reminds me of leftover pie dough, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. If only a little flakier...and more cinnamon
11/29/2016 Elaine Spoto These are really great snacks - My husband and I are grateful to have them with an afternoon cup of tea to take the edge off until dinner...
11/29/2016 Christopher Harris Find alternative sweetener to sugar, preferably non-caloric alternative such as xylitol.
11/11/2016 Marianne Wheldon They R good but,have an aftertaste
11/8/2016 Jacqueline K Vines
11/8/2016 Jill Wilson
11/8/2016 Sheryl Boardman
11/8/2016 Judith Vojtko I like them
11/3/2016 Dixie Callaham Was not sent.
10/25/2016 Rena Connors
10/18/2016 Maureen Weisbeck Great, love the packaging and the flavor.
10/18/2016 Stuart Goldstein
10/11/2016 Deborah Catamero Delish
10/11/2016 Gerry Rojy So delicious. Satisfies sweet tooth without too many calories!!
10/5/2016 Kathleen Turbenson This is an item I've ordered more than once and like the crackers very much -- however, in this last case, the first pack I opened had no crackers inside, just "cracker dust", an a lot of it, like cake mix. The rest of the packs feel like they have crackers inside, so -- just one of those weird things.
9/21/2016 Rosalind Kiel Ok ...just ok.
9/20/2016 Denise Carfora
9/20/2016 Robin Bockmon Reminds me of when my mom used to put cinnamon and sugar on the extra pie crust
9/20/2016 Tish Noll Not my favorite for some reason.
9/20/2016 Vida Goldstein
9/16/2016 Christina Kamins
9/6/2016 Ann Rogers
9/6/2016 Anne Price
9/6/2016 Kathy Papagianakis
8/30/2016 Alyson Stilwell
8/30/2016 Tedi Toyllens
8/9/2016 Tracy Collins Good sweet taste, a little chewy
8/9/2016 william cunnius
8/6/2016 Bobbie Bloch
8/3/2016 Judith Huber I would love if the cinnamon was on both sides
8/2/2016 carrie coffman I have been making pasta salad with the rotini, with black olive, feta cheese, purple onion, roasted red pepper, peas, etc. We can't get enough. Love the cinnamon thins, just finished a package
8/2/2016 Kimberly Fritz Have to snag fast as these sell out. These are perfect for when the sugar craving hits. Great crushed and dumped into yogurt.
7/26/2016 CC Love! The perfect sweet fix.
7/20/2016 Lisa Lundahl My whole family LOVES your thinable products. My favorite is tomato basil. My son loves the BBQ and my daughter loves the italian 4 cheese.. All of them are delicious. Low Carb and Low Calorie.... Perfect and tasty!!! Thank goodness we found these!
7/20/2016 Shahin Smith Love the lightness of the crackers. The cinnamon is just the right about of sweet.
7/20/2016 Martina Jones Love these little snacks.
7/19/2016 Peggy Zant Cracker was flat and not very good. Thought it would be 'puffy' like the cheese Thinables.
7/19/2016 Kenneth Ramsey
7/19/2016 Cindy Carpenter Absolutely love this product!!
7/19/2016 Ryan Bradtke
7/19/2016 Lynn Lipsky Love the product!
7/19/2016 Paulette W Holmes The best snack on earth. Whenever I desire something sweet, this is the answer. Unfortunately, everyone who tastes these becomes addicted...TO MINE! I can only hope you never run out of these again!!
7/19/2016 Patricia Duncan I Love these. They are my most favorite! Very good for me and great for snacks.
6/28/2016 Andrew Neft Very nice... graham cracker alternative
6/28/2016 Jeanne Hodurski
6/25/2016 Glenda Lewis
6/14/2016 patricia michael Really enjoy these snack crackers. Will order again.
6/9/2016 Glenda Lewis Good taste! Too expensive for the amount you get.
6/7/2016 jane lastella
6/7/2016 Merrie Gomi these are okay....
6/7/2016 Dianne Hill
6/7/2016 Brenda Smith I prefer the larger bags and this was only available in individual servings. The product was good.
6/7/2016 Carol James Love these as a snack they fill me up,more at cinnamon sweet flavor and texture, will be ordering again.
6/1/2016 PAMELA GAMBRELL bring back the cinnamon sugar coating that covers the I have purchased these in past and they were covered with the cinnamon sugar. So far, everything single package has a very light coating on each Thinable. I was very disappointed as these were my favorite. I would not recommend these if they stay this way.cracker!!!
6/1/2016 Rebecca Spray Perfect, light, sweet snack. These are nice & crunchy and will often take care of my late night munchies.
6/1/2016 Cheryl Millican My grandchildren love them. They are a a good healthy snacks for me and also for. I'm losing weight , these help make e stay on track.
5/31/2016 Susan Pluss
5/31/2016 Micki Lombard
5/25/2016 Glenda Lewis I think they are very good, but expensive for the number of crackers.
5/24/2016 Sherry Robertson Delicious and satisfying little crackers. I love them!
5/24/2016 Summum Menu
5/24/2016 Cathleen D Glover I do enjoy these for something more on the sweet side, that helps curb that sweet tooth without blowing my diet. I really like dipping these in 80 calorie greek yogurt.
5/18/2016 Rick H north Texas Tasty sweet crunchy snack.
5/18/2016 Kristine Rusack Very good. Better than expected.
5/17/2016 Joyce Chapman
5/17/2016 Celia Kay Ebest Yummy these are hard to stop eating!!! Love them.....thanks to this company for making fiber taste so good!!!!!
5/17/2016 Carolyn Ponder I had forgotten to order these. I will be getting some in my next order.
10/28/2015 Heather Holbrook
10/20/2015 Andrea Cassidy Still excellent.
10/20/2015 Anita Hromish
10/20/2015 Robert M Kaufman
10/19/2015 Janet Fischer Good taste and quantity
10/19/2015 John Minichiello
10/19/2015 Kara Garmon
10/19/2015 Kate Golden My husband really didn't like these. They tasted like bland graham crackers.
10/19/2015 Diane Christian
10/19/2015 Maura Herson
8/11/2015 Sarah Newcomb Delicious
8/11/2015 Kathy Moore
8/11/2015 page Nelson We love the cinnamon thinables!! We especially love them in the bulk packaging.
8/11/2015 James Price I haven't tried these yet but I used to like the flavor on the old product
8/11/2015 Agnes Rankin
8/11/2015 Frances Barnett Very tasty
8/11/2015 Karen Lehmicke Tasty. Kind of like graham crackers.
7/27/2015 Lisa Reyes
7/21/2015 Denise Sexton
7/21/2015 Deborah Blicher Delicious, just sweet enough, with just the right crunch.
7/21/2015 April Kutzner Love!
7/21/2015 Jaime Maynard Great tasting, love the individual packaging.
7/14/2015 Michele Rothauser I am disappointed in the Cinnamon Thinables. They are soft rather than being crunch or crumbly. They also leave a coating on my teeth. Also, the description of the quantity that one is purchasing has all the information, but not in a way that is easily comprehended. I think you should say on your site "one carton contains 6 boxes and each box contains 6 individual packets."
7/14/2015 Marie McCormack Excellent taste and very filling. I will be ordering again for sure
7/8/2015 Margarita Medrano My husband is skeptical of anything that isn't real, traditional junk food ,but he liked these. This is a healthy snack that is very similar to graham crackers in taste. Loved the crunch.
7/7/2015 Ellen Brenneman
7/7/2015 Pat Harkins
7/7/2015 Stephen Kent
7/7/2015 Penny Machu I use these for snacks, great taste and very filling. I have lost 67 lbs so far and these satisfy my snack cravings.
7/7/2015 Jodi Weiss They are the perfect amount of sweetness and crunch.
7/7/2015 MARY MARCILLE ok, wouldnt reorder
7/7/2015 Deborah Agnor LOVE IT
6/14/2015 Sandy Lemon EXCELLENT!
6/12/2015 Debra Guthrie Have not tried yet
6/9/2015 Ronda stewart
6/9/2015 Suzanne Pullen
5/19/2015 Lynn Zegarelli flavor bland......but I like the snack size packages. Was like a plain saltine cracker with no salt, topped with cinnamon sugar. Would be better if the cracker itself had flavor. However, was so convenient due to the bags, that I would buy again just to have a sweet tasting snack around.
5/19/2015 kate lampen-sachar
5/15/2015 Sandra Novick Like that they are sweet but a bit dry, I would still reorder because it's hard to find sweet munchies!
5/12/2015 Mary Craig My absolute favorite! I haven't been able to find these in Kansas City stores for months, so VERY happy to know that I can order them directly from you!
5/4/2015 kathleen mitchell
4/28/2015 Michelle Rupp Super good!
4/28/2015 Donna Ferris Tasty and not too sweet.
4/25/2015 Phyllis Warren
4/18/2015 Colleen Hinton Yes, I eat two packets for breakfast every day and that way I know I've gotten my fiber. They are very tasty too.
4/17/2015 Yvonne Tyson Really tasty.
4/16/2015 Norman Schlosser Cheese& wheat crackers are great. 5 stars Cinnamon are good but can't say great. 4stars
4/15/2015 Genevieve
4/15/2015 Sharon McAfee
4/15/2015 suzie mitchell sort of tasted like cardboard. Not so good
3/31/2015 Suzelle White I ordered the Cheese Thinables and the Cinnamon. The cheese are delicious and crispy. The Cinnamon are like little pieces of pie crust with cinnamon and sugar. Perfect little snacks to cure a craving!
3/31/2015 Lorry Staufer Flavor is good. Texture is a bit cardboard like.
3/31/2015 Jennifer Martin Really yummy
3/25/2015 Diane Cerritelli
3/24/2015 Sharon
3/24/2015 Mary Popiden Great with tea or coffee.
3/24/2015 Jennifer Wolff With unsweetened applesauce and a little fat free whip, tastes like apple pie - all around 100 calories!!
3/19/2015 Margaret Abrego These are good if you really don't want something too sweet but definitely satisfy your hunger with all the fiber
3/19/2015 Kim LePage
3/18/2015 KARA BYRNE
3/18/2015 Joan Leavy
3/14/2015 Julie Orr Love These crackers. They are a crunchy, sweet dessert for my lunch, and I love the low calories.
3/10/2015 Robin Damato Love these. They taste like pieces of pie crust sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar...how can you beat that?
3/6/2015 Betty Knight Not too sweet and I really like the individual serving bags.
3/5/2015 Jeffrey Karon
3/3/2015 Eytan Bernstein
3/3/2015 Jane Farris Bland. I'll not order these again. (Not even one star, but can't leave the review unless at least one star is indicated.)
3/2/2015 Gayle Berg
2/28/2015 kimberly brown not a fan of these. very bland
2/24/2015 Marianne Gorby Love them
2/21/2015 Leitha Butler Pretty Good
2/20/2015 Roslynd Wenrich I only buy these for a change from the cheese ones. Now that I have found the other flavors I won't buy these any more. They are so dry I could choke to death on them.
2/18/2015 Pat Delicious!
2/18/2015 kathleen Griffin I keep them in my car - great for Idiet folks and everyone- no guilt
2/17/2015 Margery Gurrola They were very delicious. Glad the packages were small or I'd have eaten all of them at one time!!
2/17/2015 Sharon Watling I have a pack every morning for for my morning snack. Just the right level of sweetness and I love that they're somhimfiber/lo cal.
2/17/2015 Jane Mahoney Not real flavorful
2/17/2015 Karen Solliday
2/17/2015 Denise Meyer
2/17/2015 Emily Orth Delicious!
2/12/2015 Frank Norton The Cinnamon Thimbles are a god sweet treat and I love the crunch, These are good, but pricey.
2/12/2015 Joanne Cantone These crackers are fabulous. I always carry a small package with me to have as a desert with coffee or tea in place of pastry and muffins.
2/10/2015 Catherine Ives See above. These are very tasty as well when you want something a little sweet.
2/10/2015 Franny Trimble I loved these from the first
2/10/2015 Tina Morrison Felt they were a bit dry.
2/10/2015 Grovia Springham As always these are one of my favorite products. Just enough sweet and crunch.
2/10/2015 Emily Antonson
1/30/2015 ELISABETH GRADY I really love these crackers. I use them as a sweet or a desert. Another great find!
1/27/2015 Beth Francis
1/27/2015 Electra Govoni Very tasty guilt free treat
1/27/2015 very good, again not the real deal but "close enough for jazz".
1/27/2015 Martin Schwab
1/27/2015 Daniela Nittenberg not bad, but why do you have to add sugar ? Could you use Splenda instead ? Also, any version that is a little bit more consistent, like a cookie, would be welcomed. Could also be in other flavors, like vanilla or lemon ...
1/27/2015 Page S Poerschke We all LOVE these (should have 10 stars!!!) and I have introduced others to them and they have ordered from you as well1. We eat them every day and only complaint is when I need to order more and you don't have them in the individual packs! :(
1/27/2015 Julie Ristuben Not my favorite but Don't mind them. Find them to be bland
1/27/2015 Patricia Spencer My non-guilty sweet.
1/23/2015 paulette loe These are good with coffee or with a bit of low fat or fat free cream cheese. A bit dry by themselves.
1/22/2015 Suellen Robinson
1/20/2015 Martin Crites Great snack. They really help decrease my hunger for the bad sweet stuff.
1/14/2015 Colleen Mertins Delicious
1/13/2015 Ronald Hale 3 I did not like the pasta, took 22min to cook and everything else was overdone the box stated 8 to 10 I think. The crackers were ok but not much taste. If your going to compare on calories but don't have the taste to match that's not good business. This was my first order and my friend said they were very good, so I ordered $40 worth and gave the pasta away. Expensive and no taste NOT HARD TO PLEASE but did not like your productshem
1/13/2015 Sara Verskin
1/11/2015 Sharon McAfee Great low carb snack.
1/10/2015 Tracy Chu
1/10/2015 Debbie Harris
1/10/2015 Angela Polin
1/10/2015 truda hibbs These have been good in the past. However, the last 2 times I ordered them, I was not pleased. I sent you an email about it. The cinnamon is not distributed well. On most of them the cinnamon is almost non-existent. Without the cinnamon these have almost no flavor. I MAY try these 1 more time. But I am very unhappy with them at this time.
1/9/2015 Diane Cartwright
1/9/2015 TAH My favorite thing to order from Fiber Gourmet!! A perfect snack! Great with yogurt, applesauce, or just a nighttime snack :)
1/9/2015 Pamela Quina
1/9/2015 Hulsey My husband LOVES the cinnamon crackers. He eats a bag of them for his mid morning snack everyday.
1/9/2015 Marian Longstreth
1/9/2015 Candy Lord
1/9/2015 Cynthia Ragel just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy without going overboard.
1/9/2015 John Lupulio Very good.
1/9/2015 sharon
1/9/2015 Lyn Murphy
1/9/2015 Linda Grendahl Excellent. Nice with coffee. Has just the right amount of sweetness.
1/9/2015 A. Pawlow Good flavor and texture
1/9/2015 Megan Kunch
1/9/2015 deborah coven Delish you should make 100 calorie bags not 70
1/9/2015 Tara Juliano really good with a little sweet and spice
1/9/2015 Chris Hale Could use a bit more cinnamon flavor. Otherwise very tasty
1/9/2015 Lauren M
7/29/2013 Jacquline Molinaro the best
7/28/2013 Debra Henson LOVE! My favorite.
7/23/2013 Sharon Haensly terrific
7/23/2013 Jana McBride Good but a touch dry.
7/23/2013 Margaret Emerson I love these crackers--just sweet enough, not too sweet. Makes a great evening snack with some tea.
7/23/2013 Christine Shanley
7/23/2013 Victoria Holdwick
7/23/2013 Cindy Ford Love them for a quick afternoon pick me up when I need to crunch on something!
7/23/2013 Shannon Sullivan
7/23/2013 Douglas Aird I wish you offered a bulk package - I buy 4 cases at a time but do not need the boxed product. Seems like a waste of cardboard. Otherwise they are perfect for my needs
7/16/2013 Helen Smith LOVE THESE FOR MY PM SNACK
6/20/2013 Tina Cosentino
6/17/2013 Jan Denzer These were pretty dry, but not bad.
6/17/2013 Lesley Schoenfeld I like these a lot and for those of us watching our carbs, these are heaven sent.
6/16/2013 Elaine Gardner
6/16/2013 Chrissy Gossett
6/15/2013 Rachael Levine
6/15/2013 Diana Davis-Tounsi
6/14/2013 Evi Reznick Delicious. I love salty but this is my husband's favorite and I eat it at least once a week. Just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon and crunch.
6/13/2013 Kari Jenke
6/12/2013 J LeMaster My only suggestion is not to let them go out of stock.
6/12/2013 Kathleen Catalano I love it!!!!! I've taken to Weight Watcher's meetings and told people it's only 2 points per packet. Thank you!
6/12/2013 Patricia Tolliver these are the best!!
6/12/2013 Regina Kish
6/11/2013 Ermioni Vidianos
6/11/2013 Shulamis Shapiro
6/11/2013 Tana Dickson Delicious! I like to dip them in strawberry greek yogurt.
6/11/2013 Cathy Casey LOVE!! Always have a pack on hand!
6/11/2013 Diane Shaw
6/11/2013 Diane Raehsler I love the lift sweetness to these . They are a great filler or snack
6/11/2013 Helen Smith My favorite of all the crackers to have as a snack once a day. I like the Original Half calorie crackers very much also, for consistency and using with tuna, etc.
6/11/2013 Maxine Rust The Cinnamon and Sugar crackers are great; conveniently packaged in single-sized servings which makes it easy to grab a packet to go.
6/11/2013 Barbara Grimm-Crawford
6/11/2013 Sally Powers Great with reduced fat cream cheese! Great snack!
6/11/2013 Linda Foss love them!!!!! Glad they are back in stock.
6/11/2013 Jane Elliott Would give 5 stars if the cinnamon/sugar coating was on both sides - seems to be only on one.
6/11/2013 Kathryn Cicero These are my crackers I reach for when I need a little sweetness...I also like the single serve packaging. That way I'm not as tempted to go back for more.
6/11/2013 Candace Ruland Love them... my question? why does it take so long for you to process an order. And, when I last checked your website, you were out of them....
6/11/2013 Karen Sabol I love these crackers also. I keep boxes in my cars so if I get hungry its a healthy snack.
6/10/2013 Eileen Grindle I've managed to keep off 90 lbs over the past 3 1/2 yrs thanks to your delicious cinnamon and sugar crackers!! They are the BEST!
6/10/2013 Paula Good but might be better if they were a bit thinner.
6/10/2013 James Alberghine Best crackers you make.
6/10/2013 Jennifer Keiger UNBEATABLE!!!!! These are the BEST snack crackers on the market. I love the perfect balance b/t cinnamon and cracker. Even my 4 y.o. asks for them to snack on!!
6/10/2013 June Blumenthal It's a good 2 point weight watcher snack for mid morning or after lunch. It actually has some staying power.
6/10/2013 Jeannene Davis I love this product and would really love to have more of them. As soon as I get my Diabetes practice set up, I will contact you guys to retail some of your product line.
6/10/2013 Terry Delp These are not as tasty as they could be. I a, thinking they might need more cinnamon. They arent very crispy either
6/10/2013 Joanne Payne I love these crackers. They are my favorite of all your crackers. It is the perfect sweetness after a meal.
6/10/2013 Jeanne Murray Fabulous, tasty, filling, a lovely snack.
6/10/2013 Beverly Gough
6/10/2013 Connie Wenner I love these little crackers! They are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth in the afternoon without blowing your calories.
6/10/2013 pamela kuczawa great for a tide me over snack
6/10/2013 Frances Russell These crackers take care of the "I've got to have something sweet right now" feeling. Not too sweet either but excellent in flavor. Love that they are high in fiber also. That seems to work well for me.
6/10/2013 Kristen Galloway Love these.
6/10/2013 Kaleen Mikulski
6/10/2013 Christina Perkins Very bland.
6/10/2013 Kathy ODair These are good and am glad that they are packaged in individual serving size packages.
6/10/2013 Kathryn Wood Love these!! Great treat and filling.
6/10/2013 Tina Kingshill Good little snack cracker when you want something sweet.