Ratings for Light Elbows

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/20/2017 Lacey Steed Absolutely love this pasta!! My only complaint is that I've been trying to order more and your website has been out of stock for weeks :(
5/16/2017 Joy French
5/11/2017 Julie Morris Wonderful
5/2/2017 Ryan Pearson
5/2/2017 Jody Giardina
4/7/2017 Amber Stout Love this pasta! Great alternative to regular pasta and I think the pasta stands up to sauces and reheating better. I actually had regular pasta the other day and really missed Fiber Gourmets pasta.
3/7/2017 Allison Lamkay
2/28/2017 nadine galasso I love your pasta!
2/21/2017 Tracy Cowan My husband can't tell the difference between this and regular pasta
2/19/2017 Kami Havyer
2/17/2017 Mary Oberdier
2/15/2017 Cherryl Hotze Great product!
2/14/2017 david smalheiser
2/14/2017 Gregory Grimsby Wish they were cheaper.
2/8/2017 Racz Livia
2/7/2017 Lynda Freeman very happy, I have been eating your pasta's for several years now. No complaints, love them and nobody knows they are eating light pasta. I have sent many people to your web site, keep up the good work.
1/31/2017 CAROL OXNAM great.
1/31/2017 claude vogel little expensive
1/31/2017 Carrie Scobie excellent
1/27/2017 Kimberley Hoffman
1/17/2017 Amanda Shaffer
1/17/2017 Holly Koziol
1/5/2017 Lisa Simcox
12/16/2016 Noreen Minessale Really enjoyed
12/14/2016 John Ellman
12/13/2016 Eleanor Baisden
12/13/2016 Dana Miller
12/13/2016 Patricia Priebe
12/13/2016 Marietta Johnson
12/6/2016 Kimberly Smith very good.
11/30/2016 esther fiber
11/29/2016 Peg Rawlston
11/23/2016 kelly stanford Hi Guys I am still waiting on a label to be sent to me to send back the defective, inedible product. This box is sitting in my living room ready to go, and I really need the space back. There was a link sent to me, but I made it clear that I have no way to print anything out. PLEASE advise as soon as possible, this box has got to go.... Thanks very much, I did receive the replacement. Kelly Stanford 415-786-6024
11/15/2016 lois coogan I need to be careful about refined carbs so I avoid them. Every now and the I have 2oz of your pasta because of its fiber content and reduced calories. I only wish you would make a whole wheat variety. I bought whole wheat ( I think it was fettuccine) but would like other types in whole wheat also, with high fiber.
11/9/2016 Lisa Melvin These are my favorite.... I am on the Weight Watcher program and these have helped me lose 45 lbs.
11/8/2016 ELISABETH GRADY Love them.
11/8/2016 Judith Vojtko I love all the pasta , except the lasagna
11/1/2016 Rene Caine
11/1/2016 Susan D Do not overlook, fall apart if over cooked
10/29/2016 Lisa Gray Taste just like regular!
10/26/2016 Amy Loe I don't know what I would do without this pasta! It's delicious and saves me a ton of calories in so many recipes. I also gave bakes many casseroles and they turn out perfect every time.
10/25/2016 Debbie DeRoller
10/18/2016 Troy Mortorff Great taste. One of the few things that makes staying on my diet easier. I tell everyone about them.
10/13/2016 Amy Davis Loved these!!! cooked perfectly, tasted great! I will buy more in bulk next time.
10/11/2016 Christine Miller
10/11/2016 Lisa Duff
10/11/2016 Gerry Rojy
10/7/2016 Amanda Carter I have been eating the light rotini for years and for some reason have never tried any of the other pasta shapes. They were out of rotini when I placed my order so I decided to try something new. Same great taste, fun new shape! I love fiber gourmet!
9/28/2016 Dominique DeAngelo Love this item.
9/13/2016 Mimi Linda I love the taste and texture of is macaroni in a classic "mac and cheese bake". My family has no idea it is healthier!
9/13/2016 Kathleen Saha I love this pasta!!! Eating it now while camping. Enjoying my favorite sauces again with no guilt.
9/8/2016 Veronica Standeven A good substitute for "regular" elbow macaroni. It seems a little less sturdy than regular macaroni, but with the savings in calories & higher fiber, it is well worth it!
9/6/2016 Ellen Berry
9/6/2016 Anne Price
8/30/2016 Nancy P Love the elbows - taste and texture are perfect!
8/30/2016 Julie Baumberger
8/23/2016 Jacek Haciak It matches the excellence I had found with the Light Spaghetti. I use it as a dietary fiber enhancement, and it is great. Thank you.
8/23/2016 Mark Yarnell Excellent product and fast shipping.......
8/4/2016 Mildred J Baker I can make a low calorie macaroni salad. I can eat pasta
8/3/2016 catherine burnett
8/3/2016 Judith Huber
8/2/2016 Margaret Cronin
8/2/2016 Donald Singer
7/30/2016 Rachael Smith
7/30/2016 Rachael Smith
7/26/2016 Dawn Reichard
7/19/2016 Kenneth Ramsey
7/19/2016 Trish Lorino
7/19/2016 Jeanine Callan
7/19/2016 Cara Yergen
7/19/2016 Linda Morton
7/19/2016 francine werdinger
7/19/2016 Gail Mitchell Great
7/12/2016 Ann Hartley
6/28/2016 Roberta Dube
6/23/2016 Peggy Lagrange
6/22/2016 Susan Rankin Excellent product. It was great having everything in one place. Shipping was speedy. Love your crackers and pasta. Thank you.
6/21/2016 Cheryl Hindrichs
6/21/2016 Nancy Tibbett
6/18/2016 Paula I love all their pasta. Tastes the same as other pasta but without the calories....and guilt;-)
5/31/2016 Patricia Netti
5/31/2016 John Chenoweth I really enjoy these for lower calorie mac n cheese!
5/31/2016 Steven Marine
5/24/2016 norsknitter
5/18/2016 MICHELE OCONNELL I LOVE FIBER GOUMET PASTA. I am addictive to pasta and Fiber Gourmet lets me have my fix without all the calories that go with pasta. It helps me stay on my diet and eat healthy.
5/18/2016 kendall miller I love you SO MUCH for figuring this out! I am happy to have this option..not only low calorie but low carb and high fiber. And tastes great. I actually prefer your pasta to low fiber high carb pasta. Its firmer and just tastes better. I have purchased your items from amazon but coming here to your site is so much better b/c you are FAR CHEAPER than amazon. I cant thank you enough. Kendall
5/18/2016 Kristine Rusack Tastes just like regular pasta, better than wheat pasta.
5/17/2016 LaRee Morris I use them when a recipe calls for any pasta (except spagheti
5/17/2016 Fatonia Rivera
5/17/2016 darlene hippele
5/17/2016 Deborah Moulton Fantastic. They're good hot and also make an excellent pasta salad.
10/19/2015 Rebecca Douthit Makes great macaroni salad!
10/19/2015 Janet Fischer
10/19/2015 Jennifer wood
8/11/2015 Sarah Newcomb Love it
7/22/2015 Denise A Very good - a little more flavor would be great but overall VERY Satisfied!
7/21/2015 Melanie Weber
7/21/2015 Jaime Maynard may favorite noodle because they are so versatile. Soup, pasta salad, mac & cheese, etc.
7/21/2015 Lauren Bacigalupi
7/8/2015 William Robinson
7/7/2015 Jill Canzano Great for making healthier Mac n cheese. Love that they're high fiber with lower calories than regular pasta.
7/7/2015 Donna Lamadeleine Had some tonight. We loved them. Could not tell the difference from our normal pasta. These will become a staple in our cupboard.
7/7/2015 Matthew Neiger To be honest, I didn't look at the size contents of the boxes. I thought they were a bit overpriced, but when they arrived and I saw the boxes contained half of what a normal box of pasta contains, I thought that was ridiculous. There are similar products on the market for only a small premium over regular pasta.
7/7/2015 Susaan Calhoun
7/7/2015 Maegan Hayward Very good. Just not my favorite. Work well for mac and cheese.
7/7/2015 joan wolfsen love these--a real staple for us
6/9/2015 mary alexander
5/19/2015 Eytan Bernstein Solid. Not really a whole lot to say here.
4/28/2015 Cristina Aeberhard
4/28/2015 Mellissa Fuller Couldn't iDiet without them!
4/28/2015 Christina Hyduke Fiber gourmet pasta is AMAZING. If you are looking for pasta that is low calorie and high protein and fiber, this is the one!!
4/28/2015 Felice Simelaro
4/28/2015 Juliette Piet
4/15/2015 Genevieve
4/15/2015 Kathleen Tessier Very tasty
3/31/2015 Neal Weiker
3/24/2015 Sharon
2/10/2015 Tina Morrison
2/10/2015 Grovia Springham Good way to get my macaroni fix with more fiber and less calories.
2/10/2015 Elizabeth Levy
2/10/2015 Karen Joseph I can't tell the difference between these light elbows and regular elbows. Makes me happy that these are better for me!
2/10/2015 Tracy Jaques Have not tried yet.
2/10/2015 Christie Rainey
2/10/2015 JAMES SCOBEY Have not tried those yet
2/10/2015 Laura Roberts
2/10/2015 Cathy Chandler
1/31/2015 Jessica Vincent
1/27/2015 Electra Govoni Finally - guilt free pasta
1/27/2015 Grace Janis use to eat your products all the time. got away from them for a while and now back on them. delicious.
1/27/2015 lois coogan I like all your pasta products. However, they took a rather long time to get here!
1/27/2015 Patricia Spencer These are great. Wish the bulk option was available more often.
1/22/2015 janet Talbert Love it ????
1/22/2015 Suellen Robinson
1/9/2015 Steve Checkosky Outstanding texture and flavor. I've tried these both before and after you changed your manufacturing facility. Both batches excellent. I couldn't detect any difference.
1/9/2015 james walker Love all your products. You are missing one that would be awesome. Orzo Pasta! Make it, they will buy it!!!!
1/9/2015 EDNA STEIDINGER Wish this was available in bulk like the spaghetti.
12/18/2014 Ann Woodford
7/24/2013 KFrye As with all your pasta, I like being able to have low net carbs and high fiber without having to resort to the darker whole wheat pastas. I do find that cooking your pasta to the "al dente" stage as shown in the directions, it's a bit too undone for my tastes - easy to fix, I cook it about 2 more minutes. I not only recommended this to a friend, I gave her one of my boxes.
7/24/2013 Tracey Pisarski
7/24/2013 Mary Galick I love the fact that your pasta has about 1/2 the calories of other pastas......are you going to come out with a whole grain/wheat product as opposed to the white flour one you already have?
7/23/2013 Willette Jenson
7/23/2013 Stephani Jones
7/23/2013 Michele Great having pasta with half the calories and more fiber!
6/16/2013 Shirley Scharf
6/16/2013 Patricia Walhood This is your best product. We like it so much and it does not get as soggy as the penne did.
6/13/2013 Sylvia Burke I like the elbows and rotini best.
6/12/2013 karen smith all of your products are fantastic!!!
6/11/2013 Ermioni Vidianos
6/11/2013 Carol Perkins Great!
6/11/2013 Patricia Capers great recommended them all to my doctor and nutritionalist
6/11/2013 martin fischer
6/11/2013 ward Lundstrom
6/11/2013 Lora Hanna
6/10/2013 Whitney Williams I make light Mac and cheese with this. Fiber gourmet is the only pasta I ever eat!
6/10/2013 Carol Ross tastes great
6/10/2013 Michelle Larsen Love to make homemade Mac and cheese with this pasta the kids love it
6/10/2013 Victoria Rondeau
6/10/2013 Linda Babcock With Finer Gourmet, we can enjoy pasta in our diets. Really appreciate the lower calories plus the high finer.
6/10/2013 Katherine Sink Love all your pasta shapes!
6/10/2013 Frank Adams Homemade vegetarian Mac & Cheese.
6/10/2013 Mary Ann Williams Taste great....just like regular elbows, but I know this one is better for me.
6/10/2013 linda wendyker the elbows are perfect for salads
6/10/2013 Kathryn grimmer
6/10/2013 Michelle O'Halloran
6/10/2013 Annette Longhi