Ratings for English Toffee

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/16/2017 Joy French Your best product so far!!!!!
5/2/2017 Robert Anolik MD
4/15/2017 Nancy Rogers
4/4/2017 Jedi
3/28/2017 Cindy Perlman Love
3/21/2017 Linda Rhodes Great taste and generous serving
3/21/2017 Karen Rogers Love them!
3/21/2017 Rebecca R Manthey Same as Cinnamon swirl
3/21/2017 Judith Tompkins
3/19/2017 Karen Gidman Awful...chalky and strange aftertaste.
3/9/2017 pamela kuczawa good flavor, kind of chalky, need a beverage when eating them
3/9/2017 Susan Zucker These are ok for when you want a bit of something sweet, but definitely do not have the taste of a true cookie
3/7/2017 Kendra Miller
3/7/2017 Nichole Belknap Not as much like a cookie. More like a cracker but very tasty!
3/7/2017 Jill Koshiol
3/7/2017 Gwenn Henley They are also very good.
3/7/2017 karen ayles yummy
3/7/2017 James Price Same as above
3/7/2017 James Price Same as above
3/7/2017 James Price Same as above
3/7/2017 Francisca de Rezende Same
3/7/2017 Charles Campbell
3/7/2017 James Dwyer delicious. I wish you'd cut the package size in half. Portion control, as I've mentioned in other comments, is very important
2/28/2017 Melody Unger
2/28/2017 Elaine Dillon These are wonderful! A lot in one bag, great taste, very crispy and great nutritional stats.
2/21/2017 Joan Macuna These are excellent. Will recommend to all my friends.
2/19/2017 Kami Havyer
2/17/2017 Kathy Johnson
2/15/2017 Carolyn Bedics I usually like your products, but thought that these were awful. It may be my personal taste buds, but these finish with a terrible bitterness. Combined with the chalky texture, they are not worth the calories. If you are looking for something sweet, with less guilt, I find the Cinnamon Thinables much better!
2/14/2017 ELAINE STONE Great flavor.. favorite so far..
2/14/2017 Elisa Bailis These are tasty and guilt free!!
2/14/2017 Bonnie Barnett Same comment as above but these are a little tastier
2/7/2017 Holly Hoting Delicious, but wish they had fewer calories. I just eat half the serving to save the calories..
2/7/2017 Karen Pallino Did not have any taste or smell not what I expected
1/31/2017 ellen marshall
1/31/2017 Laura Johnson
1/31/2017 April Pitts Yummy, big portion and great snack. I will definitely purchase again.
1/31/2017 Lawrence Gorin Great as a snack... like the 100 calories and the high fiber help me keep my weight in line...
1/31/2017 Kim Boczar Just okay.
1/31/2017 Carole Greenman Having quite a sweet tooth, I was very excited to try the new cookies. I should have listened to the many negative reviews. They were horrible! Very little flavor, and so chalky! I can't even give them away to my friends and family.
1/31/2017 j deghuee The taste of these cookies is awful but by the time you reach the bottom of the bag you feel satisfied. But I stress, the taste is awful!
1/31/2017 Nancy Borchelt These are horrible. They have an odd taste, an odd aftertaste, and a really weird mouthfeel. After you eat them, it feels like there's a coating of something all over your tongue. I wouldn't buy these again...EVER
1/31/2017 Ronni Cohen-Boyar
1/31/2017 Sarah Anderson Great portion size for someone with a huge sweet tooth
1/31/2017 Joan Leavy very tasty
1/31/2017 Debora Honan Taste kind of gummy. Similar taste to the Cinnamon Swirl. Probably will not order again.
1/31/2017 Stephen Kent enjoyable and satisfying
1/31/2017 Elizabeth Tydings
1/31/2017 Carrie Scobie these are great!!
1/31/2017 Tara Juliano yummy
1/25/2017 Karen Saunders Fantastic! I am a toffee cookie fan so this is about the best cookie I've ever had. All the fiber makes a 100 calorie bag filling.
1/25/2017 Karen Balde
1/25/2017 James Kaczynski
1/24/2017 Darla Woolf Did not like
1/24/2017 TAH
1/24/2017 Rita Farrington I bought the rotini pasta and Mac and cheese. I love both!!!!
1/18/2017 Sally R Love the idea of fiber filled cookies, but these have a slight aftertaste...I hope a new formula is created soon...
12/29/2016 Karen Rader I'd love to exchange the items I didn't like for more of these and the other Thinable. Would appreciate someone getting back to me.
12/20/2016 Missy These are a a bit dry and "chalky" as some people have said, but the flavor is good and they are great to mix into yogurt or ice cream.
12/18/2016 Janet pritza Ditto.
12/14/2016 LaRee Morris really artificial tasting
12/14/2016 Ida Parks
12/14/2016 Francine S Forman Actually, they are boxed up for return and I've been meaning to get in touch with you about how I should do that. For our taste they are too sweet. Low carb people tend to have lowered their tolerance for sweets as they are cutting out most sugar from their diet.
12/13/2016 Dana Miller These taste like overly sweet chalk! I wasted my money!
12/13/2016 Andrea Ruth These have a chemical smell and taste to them. I am disappointed I bought so many.
12/13/2016 Natalie Ziegler
12/13/2016 Andy Cohen A great addition to your current product line.
12/13/2016 Cindy Ford
12/13/2016 Jordan Mangan the cookies are tasty and there are a lot of them so I feel like I'm not missing out or only having a few.
12/7/2016 Deborah Notkin Good, not overly sweet.
12/6/2016 Margaret Smyth
11/30/2016 Debra Hanson I was skeptical of these but thought I'd try them since the crackers are so good. These cookies are great! I am going to get the cinnamon ones next. Really good with a nice cold glass of milk.
11/30/2016 Jane Brevich Couldn't get used to taste
11/30/2016 Jaime Maynard Love the new cookies! They are perfect with a cup of hot tea.
11/29/2016 Sandra Rosenberg These are awful. They have a saccharine after taste. I am sorry that I bought a whole box. When you have new products, you should offer smaller quantities so that people do not get stuck. I miss the everything flat breads
11/29/2016 Harriet Bagwell Also very disappointed in these. Will not buy these again
11/29/2016 Elaine Spoto As was the cinnamon swirl, dry and crumbly.
11/29/2016 John Longo Good filler that keeps me from eating something less healthy. Might want to add more cinnamon and work chicory/psyllium into a batch.
11/29/2016 joan smith I like the English toffee best. They could be thinner. If they were thinner I co have what seems like a larger serving
11/29/2016 Eugenia Marcus Has an aftertaste. I'll finish them but wouldn't order these again.
11/29/2016 Marjorie Cogan It doesn't quite taste toffee-ish.
11/21/2016 Debra Henson A bit dry be sure to have lots of water or coffee or tea with these.
11/16/2016 Pinijones Needs work! Medicinal taste, almost bitter; similar aroma; biting into cookie has a pasty consistency...I'm a big fan of your products: pastas, thinables, etc, but these toffee ones are a problem....hopefully they can be changed!
11/15/2016 Lorrie Stricklin Hmmmmmm. Not really my thing
11/15/2016 Gerd Keuffel Satisfactory. Too dry
11/15/2016 Vicky Cash Flavor is okay, but not great. At least half of the cookies were pieces. I do appreciate your effort to provide a good tasting, high fiber cookies snack.
11/15/2016 Frances Steinberg Better than cinnamon swirl but still bland
11/11/2016 Karen Balde Of the two new products, I like this one the BEST! A good snack for that "sweet tooth"!
11/11/2016 Marianne Wheldon These also have an aftertaste
11/11/2016 Denise A Wish they were bigger but not bad.
11/10/2016 Stephen Roesner
11/9/2016 Paulette W Holmes Great texture and taste. The toffee pieces add just the right amount of sweetness. The real measure of success was the popularity among the younger members of the family.
11/9/2016 Lisa Melvin These allow me to still have a little something sweet without feeling guilty. Can't wait to try the other flavor.
11/9/2016 Frances L Cooper Awesome!!!! I love the toffee pieces, but I love the calorie count even more!
11/9/2016 Cathleen D Glover I really like both the English Toffee and the Cinnamon Swirl cookies. My husband and step-daughter do prefer the English toffee cookies. Both flavors of cookies have become another Fiber Gourmet staple in our household. Great treat, big portion, zero guilt. LOVE THESE! Absolutely recommend these cookies to anyone and everyone.
11/9/2016 Lisa Lundahl quite good. still has a little dusty taste and dry, but better than the cinnamon swirl.
11/9/2016 Connie Dungy They were broken into pieces.
11/8/2016 Cristina Aeberhard They break very easily, so there are a lot of crumbles in the pouches. But the taste is great.
11/8/2016 Sharon Salzberg Cookies are very small and have a gritty texture.
11/8/2016 Jacqueline K Vines
11/8/2016 Ian They are basically animal crackers with some flavoring mixed in...they're okay (I like animal crackers), but not amazing...better of the two flavors though (Cinnamon Swirl isn't as good in my opinion).
11/8/2016 Mary Schaeffer Very satisfying flavor. I eat one bag a day to get my Resistant Starch.
11/8/2016 Peggy Hill
11/8/2016 Melanie Schanker Very good
11/8/2016 Roberta Dube Couldn't be happier.
11/8/2016 Elizabeth Levy
11/8/2016 Debbie Holden Liked the cookies - nice sweet taste to go with a cup of coffee!
11/8/2016 Jill Wilson
11/8/2016 Juliann Brandon They're even good dunked in coffee! Lots in a bag for 100 calories!
11/8/2016 Babara Gutierrrez These are a bit dry...I wouldn't buy again
11/8/2016 DONA FRANCO Not bad considering large portion size for only 100 calories but not crazy about an overwhelming vanilla? Taste and the consistency is a bit odd. I will stick with The cinnamon thinables.
11/8/2016 Jane Macdonald The jury is still out on these. They are satisfyingly crunchy and sweet, but I am more aware of their fiber-y-ness than other FG products. I've only eaten one package, so I'll give them another try.
11/8/2016 Page S Poerschke These cookies are awful! Not up to your standards at all! I am so sorry I ordered multiple cases without tasting them first. I opened to try and could not eat them. My whole family agrees.
11/8/2016 Kathleen Turbenson These are seriously tasty and satisfying treats. I will be buying then again.
11/8/2016 Linda Morehouse Ditto cinnamon swirl. Undecided
11/8/2016 Maya Kennedy
11/8/2016 Diane Christian Didn't care for the taste at all. Also very dry.
11/8/2016 Dawn Reichard
11/8/2016 PAMELA GAMBRELL not happy at all. bought 2 cases and they taste good but the texture is very "pastie". Wasted my money.
11/8/2016 Karen Kaminski Good also, but a bit too sweet.
11/8/2016 diane slocum I have a full blown addiction to the English toffee cookies and too embarrassed to confess how many I eat daily lol I wish I would of known that the special intro price was for a short time as I would of stocked upp
11/8/2016 Kim LePage
11/8/2016 gretchen george These are OUTSTANDING. Satisfying instead of eating a candy bar. They are crunchy and delicious.
11/8/2016 Judith Vojtko
11/8/2016 beverly todd-lee The cookies are chalky and a lot of them are crumbled. I do like that they are only 100 calories with lots of fiber! I prefer the cinnamon thins for 70 calories. Single serve pouches are a plus in any flavor/product! Please restock the cheese and cinnamon thins!!!!!!
11/8/2016 Patricia Haubrick They taste the same and leave a funny taste in your mouth
11/8/2016 Joanne Peraino Too dry and not enough flavor
11/8/2016 Jan Eubanks
11/8/2016 Christine Anderson
11/8/2016 Suellen Robinson A little dry but great taste
11/8/2016 William Allen
11/8/2016 Gisele Misieczko
11/8/2016 The consistency is a little funny and it's a little chalky. I lovedon't all your products so far but I think theveryone cookies need a little work. It would also be great if you would sell samples of your new products so I could have tried them and the cinnamon ones without purchasing two whOle cases. Thanks.
11/8/2016 Ann Woodford The cinnamon swirl thinables were good. I've been buying your pasta for years and really like it but I did have a problem with the lasagna noodles I purchased a while ago. I emailed my dissatisfaction but didn't receive a reply. Of the 4 boxes of noodles, only a few were whole noodles, the rest were broken. I had to piece them together for my Christmas lasagna last year, very disappointing. I haven't purchased the lasagna noodles since.
11/8/2016 Micki Lombard My favorite of the two but they are both really really good.
11/6/2016 Katherine Danish They are as dry as the others, but there's more flavor, so it's much better.
11/4/2016 Wendy Simonson These new cookies are way too sweet. While I appreciate all the fiber, the super sweet taste just overpowers the toffee flavor and is hard to take. I won't be reordering.
11/3/2016 michele struble
11/1/2016 Robin I love love love these cookies. It is amazing there are 15 grams of fiber in each bag. The sad part is the price. I would pay $19 a box of 18 as the introductory price. It is just way too expensive at $26 a box. I went to re-order and the price went up. I was told there would be no future sales on the product. Disappointing as they taste great. My husband who is a skeptic loved them as well. Recommend for taste, not for price...
11/1/2016 Rene Caine
11/1/2016 James Nordstrom
11/1/2016 Catmom REALLY like the taste and mouth feel of these cookies. I am really glad Fiber Gourmet considered making them. I will be buying more of these. Thanks
11/1/2016 Carol Hoffstedt Too dry.
11/1/2016 Kimberli Santa Maria These are absolutely terrible. They smell delicious but taste super chalky and leave a bad task in your mouth . After three I couldn't eat anymore. I do not recommend ordering these again until they are reformulated. I am a sweets person so I had high hopes for these.
11/1/2016 Kimberli Santa Maria These are absolutely terrible. They smell delicious but taste super chalky and leave a bad task in your mouth . After three I couldn't eat anymore. I do not recommend ordering these again until they are reformulated. I am a sweets person so I had high hopes for these.
11/1/2016 Susan D Great alternative to cookies... couldn't believe the serving size... Definitely will be a staple in my pantry
11/1/2016 MAX EMBER A dieter's best friend! A diet-saver and a dieter's best friend
11/1/2016 Healthy Eater Good with tea; very sweet and a little dry, but still a good way to get your fiber without a lot of calories
11/1/2016 Helen Smith They are very tasty, but not at all like the shape on the package. They are very tiny and thin :-) I do think they are a little over priced, so won't be buying many, since they are double the price of the crackers. Loving it to "pieces" is the correct term, because about 1/4th of them are broken:-) Waiting for my cinnamon in a few months when I can afford them.
11/1/2016 Rachel Eidelman
11/1/2016 dorothy mcelwee Absolutely!
10/28/2016 Tracy Miller
10/25/2016 Jyl King