Ratings for Everything Thinables

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/18/2017 Leora Marciano delicious
5/16/2017 Julie Burrascano
5/16/2017 Claire Donovan These cracker are perfect. Each pack only 70 calories and loaded with fiber. I wish they were slightly bigger for dipping. Love them!
5/2/2017 Ryan Pearson
5/2/2017 Robert Anolik MD
5/2/2017 Ryanne Thun
5/2/2017 Sherese Mowry Great
5/2/2017 Anna Liang
4/7/2017 Amber Stout Great crackers. I have them at home and in the office. Tasty and healthy snack to get through those cravings.
4/4/2017 maureen cook Very tasty, great snack to hold me between meals
3/14/2017 Rachel
3/12/2017 Kimberley Hoffman
3/9/2017 Susan Zucker
3/8/2017 Rebecca Goldberg The flavor is similar to "sour cream and onion" if I had to put my finger on it. Very tasty and not too strong of a flavor. An everything bagel is usually salty and overpowering; these crackers get it right.
3/7/2017 Diane Stubeda Kingman
3/7/2017 michele gilmore did not receive
3/7/2017 Kendra Miller These taste strange.
3/7/2017 Peggy Hill
3/7/2017 Karen Rogers Love them!
3/7/2017 James Dwyer good, appreciate that these come in 70 calorie packs.
2/28/2017 Teresa Chandler Great but I miss the old flatbread. Will the flatbread version be available again?
2/21/2017 Brian Bergman These are terrific and the slightly larger size cracker gives more substance to the experience. They are still not as good as the old everything flatbread.
2/14/2017 david smalheiser
2/14/2017 Charles Schotter Very good snack
2/14/2017 Elisa Bailis These are tasty, though I wish they had a little bit stronger "everything" flavor.
2/14/2017 Candace Bordarrampe I got the cinnamon thinnables. I like them very much. The very first case I purchased last year had an expiration date of 2017. They were the best, having more cinnamon & sugar than subsequent cases. But....I still like them! I guess that first case was a fluke. It's ok. I did recommend them to my neighbor and gave her a sample.
2/14/2017 Kari Bennett
2/7/2017 Holly Hoting Love, love, love these. I am on Weight Watchers and these are only 2 points.
2/5/2017 Maria Ruisi Delicious
1/31/2017 Ayanna Hawkins
1/31/2017 Christine Bradford My all time favorite all-purpose cracker. I eat a lot of soups in the winter and these crackers are just the right finishing touch!!
1/24/2017 Eleanor Baisden
1/18/2017 Sally R Love them!
1/17/2017 Ann-Marie Duane
1/3/2017 Susan McBride Could use more flavor
12/16/2016 Noreen Minessale Tasted like cardboard with after taste
12/15/2016 Marilyn Windle I was expecting something like Wheat Thins. Not at all like that, but delicious.
12/13/2016 Andrea Ruth
12/13/2016 Frank Adams Accompaniment to cheese slices.
11/30/2016 esther fiber
11/29/2016 Christopher Harris Please bring back the everything flatbreads, they are so much better than the everything thinables.
11/29/2016 Marjorie Cogan I enjoyed the "everthing" on the top of the crackers, but they are even better inside - then they don't fall off. I wouldn't mind a few on the top.
11/9/2016 Lisa Melvin I love the flavor of these crackers.
11/8/2016 Jill Wilson
11/8/2016 Anna Lahti
11/1/2016 Healthy Eater Great little crackers with cheese spread
10/18/2016 Robert Stern .
10/11/2016 Gerry Rojy Love them.
10/5/2016 Kathleen Turbenson These are favorites. I like the Cinnamon and Everything Thinables better than the Wheat and other variety thinables as these two are thinner and crispier. The thicker, softer crackers are less appealing to me.
9/20/2016 Denise Carfora
9/20/2016 Maryjo Harris Love them !
9/20/2016 Robin Bockmon Yummy!
9/20/2016 Lisa Breazeale Great cracker that gives you the crunch desired along with lots of healthy fiber.
9/20/2016 River Lacking on taste.
9/20/2016 Page S Poerschke All of these thinables are fine but they are not an acceptable substitute for your flatbread crackers...which I lived on. They (the flatbread) were a very important part of my diet and I sincerely hope you will get them back in stock soon!!! Please...I really need them!
9/20/2016 Vida Goldstein I bought these instead of the Flatbread thinables which I really miss. When will they be back? I do not like the Pizza thinables which I also bought.
9/16/2016 Christina Kamins I think these taste great
9/15/2016 Maureen Cook
9/6/2016 Elaine Lanis Always good
9/6/2016 Anne Price
9/6/2016 Jana McBride Love the seeds, could use a little more salt.
8/30/2016 Denise Thrash
8/30/2016 Julie Baumberger I would like just a bit more salt on them.
8/30/2016 Tedi Toyllens
8/25/2016 Gerd Keuffel I enjoy them with cheese. They are very good
8/2/2016 Donald Singer Could use more salt crystals
8/1/2016 wendy cartier
8/1/2016 wendy cartier The best
7/26/2016 Melody Unger Not my favorites but ok
7/20/2016 Lisa Lundahl Perfect!
7/19/2016 Peggy Zant These are okay, wish they had the form and texture (puff) that the cheese thinables have. I use these to spread cheese and dips.
7/19/2016 Ronni Cohen-Boyar These don't have a lot of flavor. The flatbread was SO much better
7/19/2016 Ryan Bradtke
7/19/2016 Trish Lorino
7/19/2016 Amy W
7/7/2016 james bayliss Not so tasty, did not care for the texture, how it chewed.
6/28/2016 Andrew Neft Great with guacamole
6/28/2016 Roberta Dube
6/28/2016 Stephen Kent verrrrry tasty
6/22/2016 Christine Koczon -Cain Tasty could have a bit more everything flavor.
6/22/2016 Andy Cohen good fiber choice.
6/22/2016 Susan Rankin Excellent product. It was great having everything in one place. Shipping was speedy. Love your crackers and pasta. Thank you.
6/21/2016 Natalie Abrams
6/21/2016 Virginia Neill We are VERY disappointed at the disappearance of the large everything thinables.
6/21/2016 Nancy Tibbett Don't love them - they are a little dry.
6/14/2016 MICHAEL SMITH Honestly, all of your " non-Cheezits" taste stale. Not crisp. Flavoring is off. Your 4 cheese are perfect in flavor and texture, everything else is way behind
6/9/2016 Glenda Lewis Good taste!
6/7/2016 Sheldon Rowan
6/7/2016 Merrie Gomi love these
6/7/2016 Brenda Smith These are just ok but not exciting
5/31/2016 Patricia Netti
5/25/2016 Glenda Lewis They are ok but you sorta have to acquire the taste.
5/24/2016 neesha roman
5/24/2016 Jean Zahariades
5/17/2016 Judy Fortmiller They're too good. A little hard to stop eating them. Luckily, I ordered the 12 pack. I like the variety of flavors.
5/17/2016 Deborah Moulton I really like the individual packages. Great for traveling or on-the-go.
10/20/2015 Chrissy Gossett Good, but would be better if more toasted.
10/20/2015 Andrea Cassidy
10/19/2015 Kendra Deno Not my favorite. I don't think they have much flavor.
10/19/2015 John Minichiello
10/19/2015 Kara Garmon
10/19/2015 Susan Novak They are okay, but like other favors better.
10/19/2015 Maura Herson
10/3/2015 Denise Sawchuk I like Everthing Thinables very much. The only thing I can think of to improve is to add a bit more flavor. Thanks Fiber Gourmet!
8/18/2015 Cheryl Turner
8/11/2015 Mary Lou Scime I did like all of my Fiber Gourmet order. The Everything thinables are great with a little low or non-fat cream cheese for a snack while increasing my fiber.
8/11/2015 NANCY EVANS
8/11/2015 Diane Thomas Good.
7/21/2015 Denise Sexton
7/8/2015 William Robinson
7/7/2015 Kris Yerico
7/7/2015 Lynn Zegarelli
7/7/2015 Ellen DiPinto Texture a little different than a snack cracker. Although good I would not rave about them to a friend.
7/7/2015 Jodi Weiss I like eating these with a wedge of spreadable cheese. Perfect mid-day snack
7/7/2015 Karen Divver
6/14/2015 Sandy Lemon I like these a lot, as they do have the flavor I was looking for. A tiny bit more salt on the top would make it irresistible!
6/9/2015 Debbie Dragoo
5/13/2015 Denis Richardson taste is great!
5/12/2015 Lawrence Cohen Single serving is a must
4/28/2015 Larry Miller Good for snacks!
4/25/2015 Phyllis Warren
4/18/2015 Marianne Wheldon Love these too
4/16/2015 JIM MCCLELLAND These are our favorite right now
4/16/2015 Allison Lamkay Texture was a little like cardboard, flavor just okay. I did like the individual portion sizes.
4/16/2015 Allison Lamkay Texture was a little like cardboard, flavor just okay. I did like the individual portion sizes.
4/15/2015 Maralin Canter Love the crackers. Would like printing on each small bag because I get rid of boxes to save room
3/31/2015 Jennifer Martin
3/25/2015 Diane Cerritelli
3/24/2015 Sharon
3/19/2015 Margaret Abrego I used these with any kind of low CAL dip as a snack and feels more like a meal love these
3/19/2015 Kim LePage Taste a little stale but they are still good.
3/18/2015 KARA BYRNE
3/7/2015 Betty Knight Nice flavor, not salty, and I love the portion-controlled bags. Wish the other Thinables came this way
3/3/2015 Jane Farris Not much taste, but preferable to the Wheat Thinables, as they have less sodium.
2/18/2015 Camron and Kate Settlemier They're OK but i'd like to see some of the other flavors in the single-serve pouches!
2/17/2015 Caroline Hahnert These where great paired with cheese. Over all good taste
2/17/2015 Dallas Griffin
2/17/2015 Patricia Bednash
2/17/2015 mary mcdaniel Not much of a flavor, but may be a person choice.
2/17/2015 Norma Underwood
2/12/2015 Frank Norton Not much taste, Ended up putting them in soup like crackers.
2/10/2015 Robin Davis Haven't tried them yet.
2/10/2015 mary alexander Accidentally ordered instead of the flatbreads! Like very much. Great with hummus.
2/10/2015 MARSHA SOMMERS Love them!
2/10/2015 Gale Skipworth Very tasty, could use a touch of sweetness.
2/10/2015 Cathy Chandler
1/31/2015 Jessica Vincent
1/27/2015 Martin Schwab
1/27/2015 Daniela Nittenberg they are very good. Thank you for producing them. I also very much enjoyed the Original flavor, which was plain.
1/27/2015 Tara Juliano They are very tasty and filling
1/27/2015 Samantha Griffin Delicious!
1/23/2015 paulette loe These are very tasty!
1/22/2015 Karen Huskey
1/22/2015 Dianne Jones
1/13/2015 Andrea Boler Flavor is kinda bland, but the cracker itself is delicious, and sometimes you really want something simple. Maybe if the cheese-powdery-stuff was on this cracker base, they'd be better? ...hmmm... not sure.
1/13/2015 Ronald Hale same
1/11/2015 Sharon McAfee Sorry, did not like these at all, there was absolutely no flavor or taste to them at all. Like eating cardboard.
1/10/2015 Stacey Danielson
1/10/2015 Angela Polin
1/10/2015 truda hibbs These are pretty good - a nice change of pace for a snack.
1/9/2015 elaine lanis Love them
1/9/2015 Candy Lord
1/9/2015 Cynthia Ragel these were okay, just a little bland.
1/9/2015 John Lupulio Very good.
1/9/2015 Jill Canzano
1/9/2015 Lyn Murphy
1/9/2015 Linda Grendahl Very good, but would have liked a little more flavor from garlic and onion.
1/9/2015 Norman Schlosser love them
1/9/2015 A. Pawlow Like the texture and flavor
1/9/2015 Terri Reilly Love them! I just gave some to my mother in law and she just emailed me to ask for the website because she now loves them as well.
1/9/2015 deborah coven There are only 17 crackers per bag not 30 as sdvertised
7/26/2013 Diane B
7/23/2013 Catmom Wonderful with cheddar cheese or cream cheese. Just LOVE your products. Just as good tasting as the high calorie/low fiber name brands ... only more healthy. Its great to be able to east a snack that is good for you. These have nice crisp flavor. I got the flat breads with the everything flavor and decided to get these too. Also love your cinnamon ones as well.
7/23/2013 tammy marlotte
7/23/2013 Starr Zuckerman Still looking for the original crackers in a packet Have been buying the everything half- calorie crackers, but prefer the original
7/16/2013 Helen Smith GOOD
6/17/2013 Jan Denzer Less of these were broken I believe due to packaging. There isn't a lot of flavor, good texture.
6/15/2013 Micaela VeraBlasco Awesome crackers! Good flavor, crunchy, filling, full of healthy fiber, and half the calories. It doesn't get better than that. I have shared some with my friends at the office and one of them has already ordered crackers from you.
6/15/2013 Diana Davis-Tounsi
6/13/2013 Carol Kichen
6/11/2013 Ermioni Vidianos
6/11/2013 Maryjo Landers
6/11/2013 Tana Dickson
6/11/2013 suzanne byrnes
6/11/2013 Helen Smith My daughter loves these. They aren't my favorite because not the flavor I prefer and they are a different consistency than the original, which is still my favorite. A little more cakey.
6/11/2013 Candace Ruland n/a
6/11/2013 Ellen Adler
6/10/2013 alise germano
6/10/2013 James Alberghine Good taste.
6/10/2013 Joni Hires
6/10/2013 Terry Delp Dont care for these
6/10/2013 Linda Demanade
6/10/2013 Katherine Danish good with some flavor
6/10/2013 Rhonda Hardy
6/10/2013 Kathy ODair These are good and am glad that they are packaged in individual serving packages. Have been buying these instead of the Nacho Thinables only because they are in the individual serving size packages.
6/10/2013 Kathryn Wood flavor is a little strong.