Ratings for Garlic Parsley Nested Fettuccine

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/20/2017 Lacey Steed
5/17/2017 Elizabeth Sokol Love your products- why are you out of stock on everything????
5/16/2017 Karen Rogers Good taste. May order again.
5/5/2017 diane grady I do not like these at all I personally am giving them to the food bank
5/3/2017 Grace Cottingham very good
5/3/2017 Ann-Marie Duane Haven't tried yet
5/2/2017 Ryan Pearson
4/4/2017 maureen cook Good
3/7/2017 Diane Stubeda Kingman
3/7/2017 karen ayles had to learn how to cook them but I break them up and use it in my soups - very good
2/8/2017 Racz Livia
1/31/2017 Elizabeth Tydings
1/17/2017 Holly Koziol
12/16/2016 Noreen Minessale Great texture and taste
12/1/2016 Patricia Netti Must have cooked too long was very starchy tasting.
11/30/2016 Jaime Maynard They get mushy way too quickly.
11/11/2016 Denise A
10/29/2016 Lisa Gray
10/26/2016 Larry Kennedy Love it!
10/11/2016 Gerry Rojy
9/6/2016 Katherine Hadley I have not tried this yet.
8/31/2016 Victor Shirley
8/30/2016 Julie Baumberger
8/9/2016 Lois Lewis
8/9/2016 Lois Lewis
8/3/2016 Judith Huber
7/19/2016 Peggy Zant Tasted like Home Made noodles my Aunt used to make!! I have recommended them to many friends.
7/19/2016 Dottie Gauze These were good but I prefer the spinach
6/21/2016 Natalie Abrams
6/7/2016 Frank Adams Perfect for using in soups.
5/25/2016 Kim Sutton
5/24/2016 Joan Fall
5/17/2016 Merrie Gomi not the best
10/19/2015 Rebecca Douthit I like the fettuccini better but was still good
8/11/2015 Roberta Dube
8/11/2015 Sarah Newcomb Tastes great
7/7/2015 Kris Yerico
7/7/2015 Ellen DiPinto These are great! Made a primavera and it turned out quite nice.
5/19/2015 Gay Winterringer Excellent, easy to make, easy to eat and delicious with sauce or a little olive oil!! Basil, tomatoes, black beans, sun dried tomatoes, hummus; delicious!!
5/19/2015 Eytan Bernstein
5/15/2015 Sandra Novick Too much parsley flavor for me! Did like then eating concept tho.
5/12/2015 Allison Bergman
4/16/2015 Allison Lamkay Taste and texture is awesome!
4/16/2015 Allison Lamkay Taste and texture is awesome!
3/31/2015 Neal Weiker need more garlic
3/31/2015 Carrie Scobie
3/18/2015 KARA BYRNE
2/10/2015 Franny Trimble I was surprised at how tasty these are
2/10/2015 Christie Rainey
2/10/2015 Gale Skipworth As described and tasty.
1/27/2015 Electra Govoni
1/10/2015 Deborah Anderson Yummy
1/9/2015 Dawn Dawson
1/9/2015 Marian Longstreth
7/23/2013 Dennis Wettig We have yet to receive our order for Nested Fettuccine. We intended to use part of the order as a gift, but the occasion has passed with no order being received. After having excellent service in the past, we assumed we had run into a busy time and our product was backordered. We will be glad to review product once it is received. Dennis
7/23/2013 barbara livingston Terrific