Ratings for Garlic Herb Thinables

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/16/2017 Joy French Wish they came single serve!
5/2/2017 Anna Liang
3/30/2017 Kym Pruitt I like these, but find the garlic a little overwhelming.
3/14/2017 Deborah Micket
3/14/2017 Pauline Hoehn
3/14/2017 Melissa Miller
3/14/2017 Stephanie Valento
3/13/2017 Donna Bacchiocchi The flavor is great! Only problem is the packaging states that there are 30 crackers per 1 oz. serving and 6 servings per bag (6 oz.). I have yet to count more than 102-110 crackers so it really is only 4 servings per bag.
3/12/2017 McKenzie Glotzbach There are only three reasons why I am lessening my overall 10-star rating to 4. Too much garlic, the price, only 5 stars allowed. "To each their own", so this only stems from my taste and experience. It didn't take too many of these Garlic Herb Thinables to give me woof-y garlic breath that lingered. Also, though this is a very individual case, I experienced some acid reflux post-consumption (I assumed this might have been triggered by the load of garlic - but I may be wrong)
3/7/2017 Kayla Redd
3/7/2017 Rene Caine
3/7/2017 Nichole Belknap Love the flavor! Wish u all offered more coupons.
3/7/2017 Michelle Sisk
3/7/2017 Gene Goldenfeld Desperately need 1 oz thinnables! Won't recommend to others until you do.
3/7/2017 j deghuee really tasty cracker
3/7/2017 Julie Youdath Love the taste, but I think you need to reevaluate your nutrition claims. I do not get 30 crackers = a 1 oz. serving; I only get 20 crackers = 1 oz.
3/7/2017 Jacqueline K Vines Love these! Seasoning is perfect, and nutrition is what I expect from Fiber Gourmet products.
3/7/2017 James Dwyer love them. wish they came in smaller package so I could do better portion control
2/28/2017 Denise Meyer LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! These are my go to snack in the afternoon!
2/14/2017 Bonnie Barnett Excellent!! Love these and the tomato basil ones
2/7/2017 Robbie Stein Do I like them?! I love them!!they're a great product. :):):)
2/3/2017 Katrina Breen These are amazing...so much flavor. Great as croutons!
1/31/2017 CAROL OXNAM okay.
1/31/2017 Janet Grignon Best of the four i've tried
1/31/2017 Carole Greenman yummy!
1/31/2017 Nancy Borchelt These are amazing and delicious. I will definitely order them again
1/27/2017 Kimberley Hoffman
1/25/2017 Karen Balde
1/19/2017 TOOSPYC4U
1/17/2017 Cyndy Lee Sorry, these were "okay" but they tasted like they had too much flavor seasoning or whatever on them and too much sodium.
1/17/2017 Ann-Marie Duane
1/17/2017 Grace Simon
12/31/2016 Judy Fortmiller Good flavors. Enough garlic & herbs to be interesting. In the top 3 for me.
12/13/2016 Andrea Ruth
12/2/2016 Wanda Cooper Fantastic! These Thinables are so good and they are healthy too! I highly recommend these as a tasty, satisfying and healthy alternative to the junk food crackers sold in the supermarkets today.
12/1/2016 Patricia Netti
12/1/2016 Lawrence Rome
12/1/2016 Bruce Arnold
11/29/2016 diane dupont
11/29/2016 Brian Bergman Garlic and herb thinnables is absolutely the best accompaniment to just about anything. Much better than anything onthe market.
11/29/2016 Janice Kay Good too salty
11/29/2016 Christopher Harris Please check the cracker per serving count claims on the label. The number of crackers per serving seems overstated, but still a very good product.
11/29/2016 Janet Smith These are crunchy and tasty!
11/29/2016 Holly Koziol LOVE your products! And I love Garlic Herb Thinables. My only complaint is that they are very salty. Would love them even more with less salt.
11/11/2016 Karen Balde Great flavor, another of my favorites!
11/8/2016 Jill Wilson
11/8/2016 Anna Lahti
11/8/2016 Sheryl Boardman
11/8/2016 Janice Weekes
11/8/2016 Julieta Alvarado The flavor and new texture of the cracker is great. It's actually worth the 10 extra calories for 30 crackers. I still don't get the 6 servings amount as promised in the serving size of the nutrition label. This is false information and I am paying more for less. Not good.
11/3/2016 Dixie Callaham Good. Would like to see these in individual bags like the cheese thinables.
11/1/2016 Robin Great taste... be careful who you're with when eating as the garlic is strong. I highly recommend.
11/1/2016 James Nordstrom
11/1/2016 Carol Hoffstedt Tasty!
11/1/2016 Kimberli Santa Maria These ae good but they are thicker so the texture is not like a cheezit.
11/1/2016 Kimberli Santa Maria These ae good but they are thicker so the texture is not like a cheezit.
11/1/2016 Susan D Great flavor, strong garlic taste but I love garluc
11/1/2016 Healthy Eater
10/28/2016 Tracy Miller
10/25/2016 Jeff Helget Pretty good.
10/25/2016 Rena Connors
10/25/2016 Evelyn Thomas
10/11/2016 Mary Oleski I really enjoyed these. I do need a mint after??
10/5/2016 michael burchett
10/4/2016 Aurelia Alamariu Very salty. Has msg and other poisons you can barely pronounce! Please, make an edible, healthy product. I put this product in the trash!
9/20/2016 Denise Carfora
9/20/2016 Laura Johnson I liked the cracker but they did not have nearly as much flavor as some of the others.
9/20/2016 Tish Noll So much better than Wheat Thins!
9/20/2016 Lisa Breazeale
9/15/2016 Maureen Cook
9/13/2016 Mary Watts very good
9/6/2016 Katherine Hadley Haven't tried. Bought for a friend.
8/30/2016 Denise Thrash
8/30/2016 Patricia Palmer
8/30/2016 Cathleen D Glover My family loves these Garlic Herb Thinables. Better than full calorie crackers! Absolutely would recommend.
8/30/2016 Alyson Stilwell
8/9/2016 Anita Roberts Great cracker with tasty seasoning!
8/3/2016 catherine burnett Everything I’ve had was good. I would recommend to everyone
8/3/2016 Judith Huber great snack
8/2/2016 Jennifer Pendleton These crackers are my favorite of all four flavors. I love these!!!
8/2/2016 MISTY MOSS my favorite crackers!
8/1/2016 wendy cartier
7/26/2016 CC
7/26/2016 Dawn Reichard
7/26/2016 Melody Unger My favorites
7/20/2016 Lisa Lundahl Yep....great cracker
7/20/2016 Sheldon Rowan
7/20/2016 Martina Jones
7/19/2016 Peggy Zant Flat cracker with no 'puff' or what ever you call it like the Pizza Thinables have. I thought all the Thinables would have that 'puff' texture to them, but some are just Flat crackers with flavors sprinkled on them.
7/19/2016 Kenneth Ramsey
7/19/2016 Joan Saller
7/19/2016 Ronni Cohen-Boyar
7/19/2016 Ryan Bradtke
7/19/2016 Dottie Gauze
7/19/2016 Jan Johns
7/19/2016 Sarah Toland
7/7/2016 james bayliss Great flavor, too much salt. Only negative: Sodium way higher than I would like. Cannot recommend.
6/28/2016 Kami Havyer
6/23/2016 Kelly Starman My favorites so far and my 13 year old son is especially crazy for them. Well done!
6/21/2016 Nancy Tibbett Addictive! So yummy
6/18/2016 Paula Good, but I prefer the plain ones.
6/14/2016 MICHAEL SMITH Havent tried yet
6/7/2016 Merrie Gomi love these
6/7/2016 Lorrie Stricklin Love . Wish I knew when production was halting for a while so I could order. I always seem to run out when they arent making them.
10/28/2015 Heather Holbrook
10/20/2015 Robert M Kaufman
10/19/2015 Nancy Hart I did not like them. 1 star.
10/19/2015 Kendra Deno Very garlicky, really yummy! Love them!
10/19/2015 John Minichiello
10/19/2015 Nancy I love this product. It gives me the taste and crunch I crave while providing me with fiber.
8/11/2015 Roberta Dube
8/11/2015 Arlene Jones
8/11/2015 Agnes Rankin
8/11/2015 Diane Thomas Very delicious!
7/21/2015 April Kutzner Love!
7/21/2015 Denise A I like them but they could use a little more flavor. I do LOVE that they are only 2 points!
7/21/2015 kenneth friend love them I will be ordering again
7/21/2015 Jill Koshiol These ones were a little too garlicy for me.
7/21/2015 Jaime Maynard I like the taste (in fact, I love garlic) but these are so powdery they leave residue on my fingers like Cheetos. I wish they were more like the chile limon.
7/8/2015 Maxine Menshon
7/7/2015 Donna Lamadeleine Too much seasoning for me. I really like the plain wheat.
7/7/2015 Diane G Very good! Filling and lots of flavor. Probably won't order again because I'm pretty much Garlic Herbed out. Lots of crackers with that flavor and I've had them all. Will try some different varieties.
7/7/2015 francine werdinger Love these pre-packaged sizes.
7/7/2015 Pat Harkins
7/7/2015 Lynn Zegarelli FAR too garlicky and strong. Gave them away. Good concept, but taste was overpowering.
7/7/2015 Stephen Kent
7/7/2015 Jodi Weiss These are good. They are a different shape/texture than the other thinables. These are slightly 'puffier' than the other crackers. I would give them a higher rating if they were individually packaged.
7/7/2015 wayne belisle Very good
7/7/2015 joan wolfsen ok but not great
7/7/2015 Erin McDonald These are my favorite. Nice wheat and garlic combo.
6/14/2015 Sandy Lemon If there were 6 stars, I would give it to these. The flavor is spot-on and you feel like you are eating something sinful. Perfect product!!!!
6/9/2015 Dirk Molter
5/20/2015 wendy moeller A little too strong of a flavor/smell for me.
5/19/2015 Gay Winterringer Garlic THinables are Delicious for snacks, lunch, dinner or nighttime entertainment. Great plain or with other toppings!!
4/28/2015 Kelly Hegarty I was not a fan of any of these flavored thinables. They had a crumbly texture and seemed greasy. They also seemed less satisfying. Maybe the use of additional flavoring simply triggers a feeling of wanting more :)
4/28/2015 Juliette Piet
4/20/2015 Deborah Pasno Very Good. A lil salty but otherwise the flavor/calorie/carb/protein count is excellent!!!
4/18/2015 Marianne Wheldon Too much garlic for my taste but, I pair them up w/ the pizza crackers
4/17/2015 Yvonne Tyson Like them, but too much sodium. Needs improvement
4/16/2015 JIM MCCLELLAND very strong flavor - but amazing
3/31/2015 Carrie Scobie
3/31/2015 Nancy Sosnowski I love the taste but the sodium is too high.
3/31/2015 Jennifer Martin
3/25/2015 Ileana Schwarz shared at work and they all loved them
3/25/2015 Terry Jones I am not impressed with any of the new flavors. I think they all have a good flavor but too much of it and too much powder. I have had all 3 of these and I have also had the pizza. in the case of the new flavors...less would be better Will not order any of them again.
3/24/2015 Jennifer Wolff
3/24/2015 Karen Solliday
3/19/2015 Julie Stephens Amazing taste. But dangerous! Wanted to eat the whole box! (But didn't...)
3/19/2015 pamela kuczawa Great flavor
3/19/2015 Margaret Abrego Losing weight has never tasted so good as it does with your products it taste so good and so easy
3/18/2015 Cristina Aeberhard I'm not too much of a garlic fan, or too much garlic in a food, but they're perfectly balanced and you don't still taste them on your palate the next morning as you do with other crackers and chips - but then, with those stats, why have something else!
3/10/2015 Robin Damato I use these in my lunchtime salads as my croutons. They are just as crunchy and you get a lot more per serving than you would using croutons. Excellent product.
3/6/2015 Betty Knight The flavor reminded me of a Caesar salad despite being a little on the salty side. These would be a great substitute for croutons.
3/3/2015 Bob F Did not care for these much either. The garlic flavor seemed too strong.
3/1/2015 Diane Holas Not my favorite. My daughter also stole this box
2/20/2015 Roslynd Wenrich These are so delicious I have to control myself to remember how much fiber they have so I don't eat too many. I have used them as as crumbs to coat chicken and fish also. I just adore these and I am soooo glad I bought these. Just wish I had bought more. They aren't dry and they are so filled with garlic that if you love garlic also you will be delighted with them. Great job!!!
2/18/2015 Camron and Kate Settlemier
2/18/2015 Belkys Elkin I have not tried them yet...but can't wait. I need to get myself on track with snacking, and these will definitely help out.
2/17/2015 Alise Keil
2/17/2015 Alise Keil
2/17/2015 Tommy Whitehouse Unbelievably good flavor!!! Worth every penny. Im happy to be able to eat crackers
2/17/2015 Debbie Jeffs I had a granddaughter try the garlic thinables and loved them.
2/17/2015 Elissandra Roy Very good. Wonderful flavor and good texture. Not at all like a health food substitute for real crackers.
2/17/2015 Denise Meyer
2/17/2015 elaine lanis Same as above
2/17/2015 Janice Skiba the best, love it love it love it... It has so much flavor
2/17/2015 Sally R Good flavor
2/12/2015 Frank Norton My wife likes these.
2/12/2015 Joanne Cantone I eat a lot of salads and was missing the croutons that I previously used until I discovered how delicious these crackers were as an alternative. I now add a handful to all my salads. My two grandsons (ages 2 and 5) also love them and really think that they are croutons.
2/10/2015 Tina Morrison These were our favorite of the crackers. Amazing flavor!
2/10/2015 Elizabeth Levy So flavorful!
2/10/2015 Robin Davis
2/10/2015 Helen Smith Unfortunately, these are broken into hundreds of pieces and very, very salty and so moist they stick together. So I can't recommend them at all. The flavor is good, but just too broken up.
2/10/2015 Tracy Jaques Yummy, my favorite.
2/10/2015 JAMES SCOBEY Have not tried it yet.
1/28/2015 dorothy mcelwee Very good. Are theses new products in single serving bags as well? I thought that was what I was ordering and was disappointed!
1/27/2015 Martin Schwab
1/27/2015 Tara Juliano They are a little too wet and too much garlic flavor
1/27/2015 Patricia Spencer Love the flavor.
1/22/2015 Suellen Robinson crumbly
1/22/2015 Karen Huskey
1/22/2015 Dianne Jones
1/13/2015 Andrea Boler O.M.G. These are fabulous. Great cracker. Great flavor. Pretty strong garlic taste, which is refreshing, because a lot of "garlic"-labeled products smell more garlic-y than they taste. These really deliver. Our household favorite so far!
1/13/2015 Kerri Lee
1/13/2015 Diane Cerritelli Taste is a bit strong - not enjoyable after having eaten a few.
1/13/2015 Jennelle Yopchick
1/10/2015 Debbie Harris
1/10/2015 Stacey Danielson I was VERY DISAPPOINTED when I rec'd my crackers. Maybe I misread what I ordered, but I did not realize the crackers were not pre-portioned into single serving bags.....that's why I ordered them. Again, I could have misread what I ordered, but I was very let down. :(
1/9/2015 Sarah Wilson
1/9/2015 Eileen Martin Another really flavorful cracker - I like these so much more than the plain ones.
1/9/2015 Ian Haven't tried these yet, expect they'll be good. Can't say more until I try them.
1/9/2015 Daniel Deal
1/9/2015 Dawn Dawson Delicious!
1/9/2015 Kathryn Cicero Have not tried yet
1/9/2015 Gladys Ivey This is my favorite
1/9/2015 Jill Canzano
1/9/2015 Linda Grendahl Pretty good! Could be a little stronger in flavor.
1/9/2015 james walker
1/9/2015 Deborah Gershen Like this new flavor a lot but my favorite is the new pizza flavor. I will still buy these as a change of pace from the pizza flavor.
1/9/2015 melissa toth These taste great and are a satisfying snack, but why do they have to be so small? I had visions of tuna on crackers for lunch, maybe with a cherry tomato half on each, but you would have to apply any toppings with tweezers! Would much prefer to have 10-15 bigger crackers per serving so they'd be more versatile rather than solely a snack item.
1/9/2015 Vida Goldstein Love these but wish they came in 1 oz. packages.
1/9/2015 Chris Harrington
1/9/2015 connie samaritano the pizza and garlic herb thinables are good but the Jalapeno Cheddar are the family favorite....my personal favorite is the chedder 80 cal snack pack.....
1/9/2015 Kathy ODair I really do not care for the quantity of seasoning put on these crackers. They could definitely have a more subtle garlic & herb taste. Also, single serving package would be extremely helpful to portion control. I will not buy these again.
1/9/2015 Megan Kunch
1/9/2015 Kevin Talbott My new favorite!
1/9/2015 Sandy Bennett
1/9/2015 Chris Hale excellent for dips!
1/9/2015 Karen Ray good
12/18/2014 Linda Roling I really liked these! I love the Garlic Herb flavor.
12/18/2014 Norma Lietz