Ratings for Jumbo Everything

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/17/2017 Cheryl Ferguson Very good. I have tried them with dips, as well as just eating them alone.
5/2/2017 Cristina Aeberhard They tasted amazing, but almost all of them were broken and could not be put nicely on a platter.
4/5/2017 Gordon Thomas
4/4/2017 maureen cook They arrived almost in dust. All broken, had to throw most of the bag away Not very tasty
4/4/2017 Erica Pool
3/28/2017 Kelly Wang These taste like normal crackers but not great
3/21/2017 Linda Rhodes Packaging not sufficient to keep crackers from being crushed. Company credited me full price. The taste was just medium. For me not enough flavor.
3/21/2017 Patricia Netti You need to rethink how you ship this product. Both packages were crushed. Out of the two packages I got 4 whole crackers
3/18/2017 Jody Chance The crackers are great. More breakage than I would have anticipated, but it happens.
3/12/2017 Kimberley Hoffman
3/11/2017 genevieve newman
3/9/2017 Susan Zucker I was extremely disappointed with these new crackers. They arrived crushed, but even if one overlooked that, they were bland tasting, and too fragile for regular use. They have very few remnants of seeds and did not at all resemble an everything cracker. I hope these are not your replacement for the everything flatbreads. Those were a wonderful product, that truly replicated a healthy version of a flatbread, and could compete in taste with any flatbread on the market.
3/7/2017 Linda These came all broken so you must find new packaging.but they are delicious. My favorite item was the everything flatbreads. Why did you stop making theses???
3/7/2017 Andrea Cassidy I like the flavor, but 3" may be too ambitious. You warned that some may be broken due to the temporary packaging, but one of mine had only 2 whole crackers in the entire bag. A cursory look at the other bags indicates that the breakage is not an anomaly. Perhaps 2" would would be more practical and durable. I would recommend these crackers to others and would purchase again if I could be assured of less breakage.
3/7/2017 Peggy Hill Taste was good,but was disappointed in the condition they arrived in. Because they had no protective packaging, they were very crumbled.Plus they had no identification on them at all,just a clear plastic wrap.Would recommend them only if the packaging is improved.
3/7/2017 karen ayles Not good - clear bag - crackers all broken - no nutritional values on the clear bag - would not get again
3/7/2017 Helen Smith Sad to say, all broken to bits and the one package I opened to taste was dry and tasteless. The small Everything Crackers and the Cinnamon are delicious!
3/7/2017 Leisa Kinnin Arrived mostly broken. Only 1 or 2 crackers not broken. Disappointing.
3/7/2017 Christopher Harris The new jumbo everything thinables arrived in crumbs. I also had hoped they might be closer to discontinued everything flatbread, but was disappointed to find them being nothing like what was Fiber Gourmet's best product. The other products within the order met expectations and I would recommend those.
3/7/2017 Christina Kamins These new crackers are wonderful! I have missed the Everythibg Flatbreads, but these are even better! Perfect size for dipping and no messy seeds on top, but the flavor is still fantastic! I hope these end up being part of your ongoing offerings!
3/7/2017 Allison Lamkay This package came completely crushed and the taste was not nearly as good as your other products.
3/7/2017 James Dwyer quite good. but quite fragile. lots of breakage in the package. like having the larger size discs for dipping or canapes.
2/28/2017 Teresa Chandler The crackers are wonderful,, but you need to rethink the packaging. They are fragile and cannot survive intact in a bag. They need to be packaged in trays. I hope you are able to make this change as it is a great product! I also especially loved the flatbread version.
2/28/2017 Page S Poerschke The taste is fine but the packaging is terrible!!! They are just in clear celo bags with no box and at least 2/3rds of the crackers arrived broken into small pieces! This is unsatisfactory!