Ratings for Light Lasagna

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
3/7/2017 Allison Lamkay
2/28/2017 nadine galasso My vegan friends LOVE your pasta too, and make a fantastic lasagna with tofu and nutritional yeast!
2/14/2017 Shiriey Cooper
2/7/2017 Brenda F Serpa Love it! 5 Stars.
1/31/2017 Tara Juliano The pasta pieces were broken.
1/24/2017 Darla Woolf
1/12/2017 Jeanine Callan Excellent
1/5/2017 Lisa Simcox many noodles arrived broken - I'll use them in a soup instead
1/3/2017 Susan McBride Works perfectly!
12/28/2016 David Rosen Unfortunately, almost all of the noodles were broken into small pieces, making the product difficult to use for the intended purpose.
12/16/2016 Noreen Minessale Great - reordered
12/14/2016 Vicky Cash Most of the noodles were broken, but the good news is Fiber Gourmet is replacing them.
12/13/2016 Frank Adams I can make individual lasagnas with these and still not have to take a bigger insulin shot than I prefer.
12/13/2016 Marietta Johnson
11/30/2016 esther fiber
11/10/2016 Stephen Roesner
11/8/2016 Judith Vojtko do not care for this
11/1/2016 Susan D Haven't used yet
10/25/2016 Paula Franzi Moeckli I made lasagna this past weekend. It took a long time to bake it, as the noodles needed more moisture to cook. I usually make my sauce on the thicker side so it won't be too runny. That said, next time I will parcook the noodles before assembling the casserole. I must say it was very tasty and my husband liked it too.
10/13/2016 Amy Davis Perfect texture and taste!
9/15/2016 Maureen Cook Arrived in crumbles instead of noodles. I was able to salvage a noodle or two from each box and I love the product. Just not sure if the shipping was too hard on them or if I got a particularly abused case.
9/6/2016 Anne Price
8/31/2016 Victor Shirley
8/31/2016 CYNDY LEE
8/30/2016 Nancy P Please bring back the lasagna - it was out of stock when I went to buy it.
8/9/2016 Candace Bordarrampe Love!
7/30/2016 Rachael Smith Would like the pasta more thin and they break in transit. Other than that so thrilled to be able to eat pasta again!
7/30/2016 Rachael Smith Would like the pasta more thin and they break in transit. Other than that so thrilled to be able to eat pasta again!
7/26/2016 CC
7/26/2016 Erica Barreres When I received my order the lasagna was completely broken. I called company to let them know and they never got back to me. I wasted my money on two boxes.
7/19/2016 Jeffrey Hamer Ditto.
7/19/2016 Louise Radtke
7/19/2016 Linda Morton
7/12/2016 Ann Hartley
6/28/2016 Roberta Dube
6/28/2016 Jeanne Hodurski
6/7/2016 Gerson Gonzalez
5/31/2016 Patricia Netti
5/31/2016 Mark Yarnell
5/24/2016 Sharon These make a delicious low calorie lasagna. However, I have found that the lasagna breaks into pieces in the box, and I have to piece them together in the pan when I make my lasagna.
5/20/2016 Cyndy Lee I have no problem with any of your products. I like that I can eat pasta and it isn't high in calories and also try high in fiber. A win, win!
5/18/2016 Susan Holmes Excellent, no different in taste from regular pasta.
5/17/2016 Charlene Sheffield Excellent pasta.
5/17/2016 Merrie Gomi have't tried yet
10/19/2015 Jennifer wood
8/11/2015 Pam Erickson Same as for the fettuccine.
7/21/2015 Denise Sexton
7/8/2015 Maxine Menshon
7/7/2015 Maegan Hayward Great!
7/7/2015 Tracy Evans
7/7/2015 Issues with packing & shipping not the product. The product I have orderd before & love The issue is shipping. Product arrived in mini pieces
6/9/2015 Dirk Molter Received with most pieces broken. Inconsistent form, some flat and some with wavy edge.
6/9/2015 Elizabeth Levy
6/9/2015 kathleen zamorski
5/20/2015 wendy moeller Yum.
5/19/2015 Eytan Bernstein I'm not sure if it might have been my mistake, but I found the noodles stuck together more than I might have liked. But then I'm not incredibly experienced with lasagne, so that might have just been inexperience instead of the product itself.
5/12/2015 sue tullis Delicious!
5/4/2015 kathleen mitchell They have a tendency to break during shipment
4/28/2015 Mellissa Fuller Made a delicious lasagna. My husband loved it!
4/25/2015 Phyllis Warren
4/15/2015 Genevieve
3/18/2015 KARA BYRNE
3/10/2015 Emily Orth Love it!
2/10/2015 Christie Rainey
2/10/2015 Linda Ryburn This product is fantastic for a diabetic who can't eat regular pasta. It makes it possible to introduce variety into a normaly restricted diet.
2/10/2015 Emily Antonson
1/27/2015 Electra Govoni
1/27/2015 have not tried yet
1/9/2015 melissa toth
12/18/2014 Linda Roling My family can't tell the difference between this and regular pasta!
7/24/2013 Sarah Veil
7/24/2013 Tracey Pisarski Good for regular lasagna...not great for crock pot version
7/23/2013 Willette Jenson
7/23/2013 Stephani Jones
7/23/2013 Diane Henry
7/23/2013 Joanna Owens All of your products are wonderful.
6/12/2013 Diane Bailey
6/11/2013 fg fan
6/10/2013 Victoria Rondeau
6/10/2013 Mary Lou Gifford also love it but haven't make much lately
6/10/2013 Frank Adams Works perfect for individual lasagna servings.
6/10/2013 BillyJack Drain i was surprised by the shape of the pasta, but the taste was great
6/10/2013 tsquared
6/10/2013 MaryLee Wentz