Ratings for Pizza Thinables

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/18/2017 Brenda Markitan REALLY YUMMY!!!!
5/5/2017 Bob Zubritsky Hard to stop eating.
5/5/2017 diane grady These are very good very tasty taste like the real thing
5/2/2017 Robert Anolik MD
5/2/2017 Margaret Palmer I'm addicted to the pizza Thinables!!! Thank you!
5/2/2017 Sherese Mowry Bad bags not good Not thrilled Should have complained
5/2/2017 James Russell
4/15/2017 Nancy Rogers
4/4/2017 maureen cook
3/14/2017 Stephanie Valento
2/27/2017 Shannon Brady
2/14/2017 david smalheiser
2/7/2017 Brenda F Serpa Not a fan.
2/3/2017 Katrina Breen
2/2/2017 Michael Bronsky THE BEST!!
1/31/2017 Janet Grignon Delicious!!!!!!
1/31/2017 Anna Liang
1/31/2017 Diane Jones
1/27/2017 Kimberley Hoffman
1/25/2017 Karen Balde
1/24/2017 Eleanor Baisden
1/19/2017 TOOSPYC4U The "pizza" taste has drastically diminished from the last batch we got. A little disappointed this time.
1/17/2017 Ann-Marie Duane I like these the best
1/10/2017 Lisa Martin
12/29/2016 Karen Rader horrible - I sent an email once they arrived asking if I can return the unopened packs and exchange it or the English Toffee Thinables. Never received a response. I'd love to order more of your products, but want this resolved first.
12/14/2016 Ida Parks
12/6/2016 Margaret Smyth
12/1/2016 Patricia Netti
11/30/2016 Kathy Yong
11/29/2016 diane dupont just like a cheez-it. my husband even loves them
11/29/2016 Christopher Harris
11/22/2016 Msrsha Dicus
11/15/2016 Leora Marciano the best flavor thinables ever. love them!
11/11/2016 Karen Balde One of my favorites!
11/10/2016 Stephen Roesner
11/8/2016 Arlene Kurasiewicz If you are looking for a tasty cracker with fiber, this is the one. Would be better if the cracker(s) was a little bigger.
11/8/2016 Anna Lahti I love when they are really zesty. Hit and miss sometimes though.
11/8/2016 Judith Vojtko
11/3/2016 Dixie Callaham Good. Would like to see these in individual bags like the cheese thinables.
11/1/2016 Susan D Didn't like
10/25/2016 Rena Connors
10/18/2016 Troy Mortorff Good. Not as good as the jalapeƱo crackers.
10/18/2016 Stuart Goldstein
10/11/2016 Mary Oleski Very tasty
10/5/2016 Natalie Ziegler
9/20/2016 Denise Carfora
9/20/2016 Laura Johnson One flavor really sticks out and I think it is basil but I am not positive. If that flavor could be toned down and more of a cheese flavor stepped up a little it would improve it. Overall they're still delicious.
9/20/2016 Robin Bockmon Yummy!
9/20/2016 Tish Noll These are okay when you are craving pizza but I prefer the Italian 4 cheese thinables.
9/20/2016 Lisa Breazeale
9/20/2016 River Great!
9/20/2016 Julieta Alvarado Very flavorful but I would rather have the texture of the tomato basil crackers.
9/20/2016 Page S Poerschke
9/15/2016 Maureen Cook
9/6/2016 Ann Rogers
9/6/2016 Cheryl Millican
8/30/2016 Julie Baumberger
8/9/2016 Tracy Collins
8/9/2016 April Pitts
8/2/2016 Mariella Lewis
8/2/2016 Donald Singer Could use more salt crystals
8/2/2016 MISTY MOSS
7/26/2016 Judith Tompkins Delicious!
7/20/2016 Lisa Lundahl Love this one too!
7/20/2016 Sheldon Rowan
7/19/2016 Peggy Zant My favorite! 'puffy like' CheeseIts or Gold Fish and Great Flavor!! I order by the case!! Thank you for great low carb crackers! I wish you would sell these in the 1 oz serving size! by the case!! Best flavor yet!
7/19/2016 Joan Saller My husband's favorite
7/19/2016 Ryan Bradtke
7/19/2016 Dottie Gauze
7/19/2016 Cara Yergen
7/19/2016 Jan Johns
7/19/2016 Kendra Deno LOVE these. I'm a big fan of the crispier crackers.
7/19/2016 Amy W
7/13/2016 Maureen Weisbeck These crackers were awful. I would love to return the remaining bags I have.
7/7/2016 james bayliss Better than I expected, lowest sodium, ordered more. Only negative: Sodium higher than I would like
6/26/2016 Frances L Cooper This is my favorite flavor! The pizza flavor is bold and true!
6/23/2016 Kelly Starman
6/21/2016 Kari Bennett
6/14/2016 MICHAEL SMITH Fair flavor
6/7/2016 jane lastella
6/7/2016 Dianne Hill
6/7/2016 Merrie Gomi these were ok
6/7/2016 Bobbie Flores Bags were too big. I bought these because a lady at our weight loss meeting brought in sample bags that were just one serving. I would buy again or recommend if the bags were individual serving, but not the large bags. The taste was good
6/7/2016 Brenda Smith Not a great pizza flavor
6/1/2016 PAMELA GAMBRELL not a fan
5/28/2016 Michala Biondi These were not my favorite - a little too salty for me
5/24/2016 Cathleen D Glover These are my 2nd favorite all time cracker, just right behind the Jalapeno Cheddar Thinables. These and the Jalapeno Cheddar Thinables are staples in our house. We bag up 100 calories snack bags with 1/2 jalapeno cheddar and 1/2 pizza crackers for easy grab and snack portion control. I could eat the entire bag of these! We also save any broken crackers and use in soup.
5/24/2016 Lori Jansen has good flavor
5/24/2016 Jay Steele
5/17/2016 Carolyn Ponder I like these, but they aren't my favorites
5/17/2016 darlene hippele
10/28/2015 Heather Holbrook
10/20/2015 Chrissy Gossett Great!
10/20/2015 Andrea Cassidy Haven't tried yet.
10/19/2015 John Minichiello
10/19/2015 Kara Garmon
10/19/2015 Alan Dick
10/19/2015 Susan Novak These are very good. A general comment about all. The coating is very inconsistent which affects the flavor. I have had an order of the jalepeno and honey mustard that were very dry and tasteless.
10/19/2015 diane slocum very good
8/20/2015 Rebecca Cunha Terrible consistency! I used to love the Nacho Thinables and I thought these would be comparable (now that the Nacho flavor is no longer available), but I was really disappointed. The best way I can describe these is dusty. I think the flavor is maybe 3.5 stars out of 5, but I just can't get past the dusty consistency.
8/11/2015 Roberta Dube
8/11/2015 Sarah Newcomb Love the pizza flavor
8/11/2015 Healthy eater Lots of flavor powder on these. Tastes like other pizza flavored snacks.
8/11/2015 Rebecca Steier ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Will definitely buy more of these next time.
8/11/2015 Laura Grantier
8/11/2015 James Price
8/11/2015 Rebecca Crist Tasty!
8/11/2015 Diane Thomas Very delicious!
7/28/2015 kathleen Griffin cut back on sodium used
7/21/2015 Dan Messina
7/21/2015 April Kutzner Love!
7/21/2015 Jill Koshiol
7/21/2015 Zelda Buford
7/21/2015 Lauren Bacigalupi Very tasty
7/8/2015 Margarita Medrano This was hands down our favorite of the Thinnables. Very good.
7/7/2015 Ellen Brenneman
7/7/2015 Pat Harkins
7/7/2015 Susaan Calhoun
7/7/2015 Lynn Zegarelli tasty and different. Please consider selling in premade snack packs.
7/7/2015 Maegan Hayward Delicious!
7/7/2015 Stephen Kent
7/7/2015 Diane Shaw good buy salty
7/7/2015 wayne belisle Awesome
6/9/2015 Dirk Molter
6/9/2015 Cathy Chandler Very good. Nice pizza taste.
6/9/2015 mary alexander For some reason, a lot of the crackers in each box as compared to the other flavors were broken.
6/9/2015 Ronda stewart
6/9/2015 Wendi Monthy
6/9/2015 Elizabeth Levy These crackers have so much flavor!
6/9/2015 MJ Great flavor, as usual. Love these crackers and eat a serving every day. I believe it has been instrumental in helping lower my cholesterol by getting in more fiber!
6/9/2015 Rick Yerby Really good flavor and texture, great snack cracker for those not wanting any heat. Very flavorful!
5/19/2015 Gay Winterringer THINABLES are the best snack, lunch cracker, sandwich good by itself or with fresh tomatoes and light cheese !!
5/12/2015 Lawrence Cohen Disappointing. Taste is not true enough. Tastes damp. I know it isn't. But feels that way. No moisture to be seen. It just feels damp. Also needs single serving.
4/28/2015 Michelle Rupp These are all fantastic
4/28/2015 Kelly Hegarty I was not a fan of any of these flavored thinables. They had a crumbly texture and seemed greasy. They also seemed less satisfying. Maybe the use of additional flavoring simply triggers a feeling of wanting more :)
4/17/2015 Yvonne Tyson Love them.
4/17/2015 mary sweeney
4/16/2015 Allison Lamkay
4/16/2015 Allison Lamkay
4/15/2015 Genevieve
4/15/2015 vivian pao
3/31/2015 Lorry Staufer Flavor is good. Crackers aren't cut evenly (several pieces not cut at all) so it's a little weird if you were serving them to guests but fine for just family.
3/25/2015 Diane Cerritelli Did not care for the taste
3/24/2015 Debra Roberts
3/24/2015 Karen Joseph I love the cheese thinables but don't really like the pizza thinables. The flavor is too strong and I don't like the powdery feeling of the flavoring. Also, they are all broken into pieces. Very few whole crisps. Kind of disappointing but I'm eating them because I bought six boxes :(
3/24/2015 Jennifer Wolff
3/24/2015 Kathryn Wilson Like the cheese thinnables, a little tangy, but delicious!!!!
3/19/2015 pamela kuczawa Great flavor
3/18/2015 Daryl Buford This order lacked the flavor of orders in the past. Not sure if you changed the flavor or if it is a bad batch. The first order you could see the spices on the crackers. These have no visible seasoning and bland in flavor.
3/18/2015 Jessica Olson Good flavor. Great crunchy snack. Hard to believe it's so low in calories!
3/18/2015 Cristina Aeberhard They rock, I love them!
3/18/2015 Inda Leftwich I do like them however I find that they're not very crisp and that would be the one thing I would like improved
3/18/2015 Agnes Rankin Ready to re order. Really like the Thinables . My boxes don't last long because my two married daughters share ny order. Delicious and low in calories and high in fiber. Great!
3/6/2015 Betty Knight The saltiness overwhelms the pizza flavor. Very disappointing as I really wanted to at least taste oregano.
3/4/2015 Jane Streckenbein Horrible tase and extremely horrible texture. The tase is bad enough but the texture is mushy, almost damp. I ordered a six pack and couldn't even get through one box. I through the others out. Definitely not up to your quality. I have been a fan for almost a decade. I would not even give it one star but it is the only way I can close out this message
3/3/2015 Eytan Bernstein
3/3/2015 Bob F These were OK. I probably would not buy them again.
3/2/2015 Gayle Berg
3/1/2015 Diane Holas My daughter liked these so much she stole the box from me. I barely got any of them
2/28/2015 kimberly brown
2/18/2015 Camron and Kate Settlemier
2/18/2015 Amy Bernstein
2/18/2015 Tommy Whitehouse I still cant get over all the flavor you get in these. I was definitely wanting to have pizza but this helped me stay on program. Best find EVER!!!
2/18/2015 Belkys Elkin I thought they were okay. Not bad, but not my favorite. I found the flavor a bit on the too strong side for my personal taste. My dad loved them, so I guess it's a matter of personal opinion.
2/17/2015 Debbie Jeffs Great snack
2/17/2015 Jane Mahoney Also delicious.
2/17/2015 elaine lanis Too much salt. Did not like to count for calorie count
2/17/2015 Janice Skiba like it very much but thought it would be better...
2/17/2015 Sally R Great new flavor and texture!
2/17/2015 Jyl King Yummy!!! I love them! I've shared with friends and we need them in stores
2/17/2015 Stephanie Laschober
2/15/2015 Anita Roberts Love them!
2/12/2015 Frank Norton Too spicy for me. But I can see where a lot of people would like them.
2/10/2015 Tina Morrison
2/10/2015 Grovia Springham My least favorite new product so far. Something about the spices are a little overpowering for me. I still would recommend everyone try them though.
2/10/2015 Robin Davis
2/10/2015 Ruth Burley Loved being able to eat low calorie cheese crackers!! Taste great!
2/10/2015 Sherrie Dennison Tasted fake
2/10/2015 MARSHA SOMMERS Wonderful
2/10/2015 Tracy Jaques Good but not one of my favorites.
2/10/2015 Marianne Wheldon ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS
1/28/2015 dorothy mcelwee Pretty good
1/27/2015 Electra Govoni Love this! Great taste!
1/27/2015 Martin Schwab
1/27/2015 Sherrie Dennison package in individual 1 ounce packages
1/27/2015 Norman Schlosser Not so much. Sticky
1/22/2015 Karen Huskey
1/22/2015 Dianne Jones
1/17/2015 Dorothy Pavlin good taste, slightly crumbly compared to some other crackers, but like them a lot and nice to have a tasty snack thats so low cal.
1/14/2015 Colleen Mertins Did not care for these
1/14/2015 Felice Simelaro
1/13/2015 Andrea Boler Nice flavor. Wouldn't want them every time, but they're a nice change. Makes for a well-rounded addition to the crackers we've tried so far.
1/13/2015 Donald J. Chabot Great new flavor. Keep up the great work.
1/13/2015 Ronald Hale not bad
1/13/2015 Kerri Lee Delicious!!
1/13/2015 Jennelle Yopchick
1/11/2015 maralyn berkowitz I am so glad to hear from you. I recently purchased 6 boxes of pizza thinables and am quite disappointed to find many broken crackers in each of the 4 boxes I have opened. I have been a very loyal customer for some time and have not experienced this with the cheese or nacho thinables.
1/11/2015 Kathleen Tessier
1/10/2015 Tracy Chu
1/10/2015 Joshua Newby
1/10/2015 Stacey Danielson I was VERY DISAPPOINTED when I rec'd my crackers. Maybe I misread what I ordered, but I did not realize the crackers were not pre-portioned into single serving bags.....that's why I ordered them. Again, I could have misread what I ordered, but I was very let down. :(
1/10/2015 Angela Polin
1/10/2015 Deborah Anderson Same as above
1/10/2015 truda hibbs This and the Chile Limon ones are my favorites of the newer flavors.
1/10/2015 Michele Powell A bit strong in flavor. Not sure if it is the paprika but, not my favorite because of that.
1/9/2015 Sarah Wilson
1/9/2015 Diane Cartwright
1/9/2015 Eileen Martin Not a typical flavor anymore and I loved it! Sooo good.
1/9/2015 Ian FANTASTIC - if you change the recipe of these again, I will hate you forever. You finally have them exactly right, DO NOT CHANGE THEM!!
1/9/2015 Daniel Deal
1/9/2015 Marjorie Cogan A little overly cheesy to the touch, but good.
1/9/2015 Maya Kennedy
1/9/2015 Marian Longstreth
1/9/2015 Terry Jones not crazy about the flavor
1/9/2015 Gladys Ivey My grandkids love this and so did I
1/9/2015 Steve Checkosky Good flavor. Way too many crumbs. I'd estimate about 15% of the product in the first box I opened was crumbs. I'd also prefer a larger cracker.
1/9/2015 James Taylor
1/9/2015 Jill Canzano My favorite!
1/9/2015 james walker
1/9/2015 Deborah Gershen Love this new flavor!!!
1/9/2015 A. Pawlow Not as crispy as other thinables and the flavor was very strong, basil-like. I would not purchase this flavor again.
1/9/2015 Vida Goldstein Haven't tried yet - wish they were in 1 oz. packages.
1/9/2015 Chris Harrington Bought it, like it.
1/9/2015 connie samaritano these were good but the Jalapeno Cheddar Thinables were better
1/9/2015 Megan Kunch
1/9/2015 Marie Grafton These are really good! Intense pizza flavor, and you'd never know they are "healthy"! Yum!
1/9/2015 Sandy Bennett
1/9/2015 carrie levinson I wasn't a fan of these, but my husband thinks they're the best ones. Just like the other crackers, these are a great turbo-flavored addition to the cheese crackers, and the calorie and fiber counts make all of these must-haves. (I think I need to re-order, we're already running low and I bought 8 boxes just a few weeks ago!)
1/9/2015 Tara Juliano too munch salt
1/9/2015 Chris Hale Hands down my favorite thinable. Tastes just like my favorite childhood aquatic cracker. I'll be ordering a lot of these.
1/9/2015 Karen Ray like these but their so thin, 1/3 of my box had small broken pieces.
1/9/2015 Lauren M
12/18/2014 Linda Roling I didn't care for these but my son liked them a lot.
12/17/2014 Amanda Kempf I like the nacho thinables so was excited to try the new kinds...they were good, but after a while, the pizza flavoring felt very thick on the cracker and almost sweet. But if you stick to eating one serving, they definitely beat regular flavored crackers for sure! I look forward to trying the other new flavors.
12/17/2014 jeff helton