Ratings for Spinach Nested Fettuccine

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
3/22/2017 Gregg Chalcraft Very good. I'm having to get used to a little goes a long way.
3/7/2017 Jody Giardina
2/7/2017 Laura Ezell
1/24/2017 Darla Woolf
11/30/2016 esther fiber
11/11/2016 Denise A
11/8/2016 Denise Carfora
10/29/2016 Lisa Gray
10/11/2016 Gerry Rojy
10/4/2016 Aurelia Alamariu Did not cook it, yet.
9/28/2016 Dominique DeAngelo Really really love this item. A keeper!
9/20/2016 Tish Noll OH WOW! I love this!
8/9/2016 Lois Lewis EVEN BETTER !!!!!!
8/9/2016 Lois Lewis EVEN BETTER !!!!!!
8/2/2016 suzie mitchell
7/19/2016 Dottie Gauze Love this!
7/19/2016 Lou Cornacchia I've ordered before I love it
6/28/2016 Andrew Neft Love it
6/22/2016 Susan Rankin Excellent product. It was great having everything in one place. Shipping was speedy. Love your crackers and pasta. Thank you.
6/21/2016 Natalie Abrams
5/17/2016 Merrie Gomi haven't tried yet
5/17/2016 Deborah Moulton Good fettuccine. Tastes exactly the way you would expect.
10/19/2015 diane slocum great product
8/11/2015 Roberta Dube
8/11/2015 Sarah Newcomb Tasty and nutritious
7/21/2015 Dan Messina Overall the product taste was good but unfortunately close to half of the contents is broken pieces some pieces are less than 1" long. Different packaging seems to be needed here.
7/8/2015 William Robinson
7/7/2015 Donna Lamadeleine We may have overcooked these. hopefully next time will be better
6/9/2015 kathleen zamorski
4/28/2015 Christina Hyduke Fiber gourmet pasta is AMAZING. If you are looking for pasta that is low calorie and high protein and fiber, this is the one!!
3/31/2015 Carrie Scobie my fav
3/24/2015 Jennifer Wolff great!
2/28/2015 kimberly brown
2/17/2015 Jane Mahoney This was so delicious! I am going to order more.
2/17/2015 Karen Solliday
2/12/2015 Joanne Cantone I also loved this product. It's a nice change and would like to find some different ways to cook with Fettuccine.
2/10/2015 mary alexander Yum!!!
2/10/2015 mitch bangert I like the concept ... always looking for ways to find healthy pastas. I've cooked with the spinach fettuccine twice .. flavor OK to a little bland. Texture limp and the pasta clumps together. I put a little oil and salt in the pot and take them out while still very al dente .
2/10/2015 Gale Skipworth Very good taste and texture.
1/27/2015 Beverly McKibben delicious. Cooks quickly.
1/13/2015 Sara Verskin
1/10/2015 Tracy Chu
12/18/2014 Norma Lietz
7/23/2013 Julie Graves