Ratings for Tomato Basil Thinables

Date Rating Customer Name Comments
5/16/2017 Joy French Wish they came single serve!
5/3/2017 Ann-Marie Duane U don't carry them any more I liked them a lot too bad
5/2/2017 Robert Anolik MD
5/2/2017 Anna Liang
4/4/2017 Erica Pool
3/30/2017 Kym Pruitt And these, I feel like they have a lack of flavor. Not intense enough.
3/28/2017 Kelly Wang These are slightly better than the plain Wheat Thinables but still not that yummy :(
3/14/2017 Deborah Micket
3/14/2017 Pauline Hoehn
3/14/2017 Melissa Miller
3/14/2017 Stephanie Valento
3/12/2017 McKenzie Glotzbach Fiber Gourmet, I genuinely love your Thinables! Though I complain about the detrimental amounts of sugar in these Tomato Basil ones, this flavor was still a winner. I only wish these ran at a reduced original price, and that they were available in nearby local grocers like Giant, Shoppers, ShopRite, and Safeway. Thank you SO much, Fiber Gourmet (:
3/9/2017 pamela kuczawa flavor is good but not very strong
3/9/2017 Susan Zucker
3/7/2017 Jessica Cottingham
3/7/2017 Mary Sue Kelly very fresh!!!!!
3/7/2017 Nichole Belknap Wonderful flavor!
3/7/2017 Rebecca Linquist
3/7/2017 Julie Youdath Love the taste, but I think you need to reevaluate your nutrition claims. I do not get 30 crackers = a 1 oz. serving; I only get 20 crackers = 1 oz.
3/7/2017 Pat G
3/7/2017 Patricia Kennedy I love the cinnamon thinables and the cheese thinables and have purchased them several times. I tried the tomato basil thinables because they were on sale. They are very good but I am concerned that the expiration date is 5-31-17...assume they will still be ok after that?? Thanks!!
3/7/2017 Jacqueline K Vines Love these, too! Great taste and nutritional stats.
2/14/2017 david smalheiser
2/14/2017 Bonnie Barnett Love these
2/8/2017 Racz Livia
2/7/2017 Shannon Long
2/3/2017 Katrina Breen
1/31/2017 Ayanna Hawkins
1/31/2017 Christine Bradford Haven't broken open the bag yet.
1/31/2017 Tara Juliano only 4 serving were in the bag. The serving size is 30 crackers. I was sad.
1/27/2017 Kimberley Hoffman
1/24/2017 Eleanor Baisden
1/19/2017 TOOSPYC4U
1/17/2017 Cyndy Lee Sorry, these were "okay" but they tasted like they had too much flavor seasoning or whatever on them and too much sodium.
1/17/2017 Elizabeth Levy
1/17/2017 Grace Simon
1/17/2017 Allison Lamkay
12/13/2016 Marietta Johnson
12/7/2016 Naomi Bishop These are tasty but loaded with salt so I try to not to eat too many. Good when mixed with Wheatables.
12/6/2016 Joan Mather
12/6/2016 Gene Goldenfeld Lack of serving size packets is as real minus. Recommend with that qualification.
12/1/2016 Patricia Netti
12/1/2016 Lawrence Rome
12/1/2016 Bruce Arnold
12/1/2016 Linda Hunter
11/30/2016 Kathy Yong The texture is different. Not as crispy. Flavor enjoyable.
11/30/2016 Jaime Maynard
11/29/2016 diane dupont
11/29/2016 j deghuee
11/29/2016 John Longo Good for my diet. How about 100 calorie bags in ALL flavors?
11/29/2016 Janice Kay Good - salty
11/29/2016 Christopher Harris Please check the cracker per serving count claims on the label. The number of crackers per serving seems overstated, but still a very good product.
11/29/2016 Holly Koziol LOVE these! A beautiful blend of tomato and basil. Makes a perfect snack!
11/15/2016 Gerd Keuffel Pretty good. There is a somewhat strong aftertaste
11/11/2016 Marianne Wheldon These crackers R excellent!!
11/10/2016 Stephen Roesner
11/8/2016 Anna Lahti Love it when they come with a lot of flavorings/spices on them.
11/8/2016 Sheryl Boardman
11/8/2016 Linda Morehouse Great flavor.
11/3/2016 Dixie Callaham Good.
11/1/2016 Healthy Eater Great with cheese dip
10/25/2016 Evelyn Thomas
10/18/2016 Maureen Weisbeck
10/18/2016 Stuart Goldstein
10/11/2016 Deborah Catamero Yummy, filling
10/5/2016 Natalie Ziegler
9/20/2016 Denise Carfora
9/20/2016 Laura Johnson
9/20/2016 Lisa Breazeale
9/20/2016 Jodi Weiss I am a bit confused about these. The taste is fine but I have a kitchen scale at home so I can make equal portions sizes. On the bag it states, "30 crackers" is a serving. I have weighed and reweighed. I only got 15 as a serving. I tired another cracker and those were fine so I know it is not my scale. This just happens with this flavor.
9/20/2016 Julieta Alvarado These are the best! More calories than the other thinables, but the texture is so pleasant that it's worth the 10 extra calories per serving.
9/15/2016 Maureen Cook
8/31/2016 Kayla Neubauer LOVE these! Just wish there were a lot more per bag.
8/30/2016 Nancy P Great taste, but my husband ate the whole bag in one sitting. A little hard to eat the right portion.
8/30/2016 Denise Thrash
8/9/2016 Candace Bordarrampe
8/2/2016 Jennifer Pendleton These crackers are my second favorite ones when thinking about the ones I ordered.
7/26/2016 claude vogel
7/20/2016 Lisa Lundahl My Very Favorite..lots of spicey tomato flavors
7/20/2016 Martina Jones
7/19/2016 Kenneth Ramsey
7/19/2016 Joan Saller
7/19/2016 Ronni Cohen-Boyar
7/19/2016 Ryan Bradtke
7/19/2016 Dottie Gauze
7/19/2016 George Lucas A bit too salty.
6/21/2016 Natalie Abrams
6/21/2016 Erja Kajosalo very salty though
6/18/2016 Paula
6/7/2016 jane lastella
6/7/2016 Merrie Gomi love these
6/7/2016 Dianne Hill
6/7/2016 Brenda Smith Very good - better than I expected
6/7/2016 Brenda Smith Very good - better than I expected
5/31/2016 Stephen Kent
5/31/2016 Erin McDonald Really like this flavor. The one box I got with my previous order was a little off. All 6 packages had very little flavoring on them. I was a little disappointed because I order so often and I like this flavor a lot.
5/24/2016 Jay Steele
5/24/2016 Kimberly Eurley Great! Like the new flavor
5/17/2016 Carolyn Ponder Haven't tried these, although I put a 5 based on the other cheese flavors.
5/17/2016 Judy Fortmiller Very good flavor & texture (as usual with thimbles.
5/17/2016 LaRee Morris They were okay. I like the cheese ones better
5/17/2016 Robbie Stein They're fantastic!!!!
5/17/2016 Sarah Toland While it took me a bit to like the flavor, I now love these and don't think they need any improvement.
5/17/2016 MJ Pleasant taste, but doesn't stand out compared to some of their other fabulous flavors like 4 Cheese and Pizza flavors.
10/28/2015 Heather Holbrook
10/20/2015 Chrissy Gossett Great!
10/20/2015 Anita Hromish
10/20/2015 Debra Henson The bag claimed 6 1oz servings but my bags only contain around 5.5 so in a case that is multiple servings. Disappointed. Flavor was good.
10/20/2015 Lesley Schoenfeld I was a bit skeptical of this new flavor but I'm so glad I tried it. I enjoyed it a lot! I think you could even make it more flavorful. For example, when I had it with some hummus the tomato basil flavor got completely overshadowed.
10/19/2015 Gay Winterringer They are gone and I am sad. I love the Tomato Basil Thinables. THIN, Flavorful, Delicious, Low Calorie and High Fiber. I would eat all day long if I didn't work. YUM!!
10/19/2015 Kendra Deno Pretty good. Not my absolute favorite, but better than the everything crackers. More intense flavors would be good.
10/19/2015 John Minichiello
10/19/2015 Kara Garmon
10/19/2015 Kate Golden
10/19/2015 Susan Novak My favorite. Love the flavor of these
8/11/2015 Roberta Dube
8/11/2015 Jyl King
8/11/2015 Cristina Aeberhard Two words: so good!
8/11/2015 James Price Very nice
8/11/2015 Diane Thomas Very delicious!