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Nothing out there comes close to FiberGourmet Light Pasta in terms of fiber, calories, or taste, but we thought we'd go through the numbers to clear up any confusion.

Product Fiber Calories
FiberGourmet Light Pasta 18g 130
Standard Pasta 2g 210
Whole Wheat Pasta 5g 190
Barilla Plus 4g 210
Ronzoni Smart Taste 6g 180
Carba Nada 6g 190 *
Dreamfields 5g 190


All values are for 2 oz (56g) of dry pasta. Standard and Whole Wheat pasta numbers are from USDA Nutrient Database.

Dreamfields has a lot of hand-waving about "net carbs" on their packaging and website, but when you get down to their Nutrition Facts panel (the only FDA-scrutinized section, and the source for our numbers in the chart above) they look about the same as standard pasta.

Carba Nada's numbers just don't seem to add up. They say it has 56 grams of dry pasta, but when you add up all the components (1g fat, 24g carbs, and 12g protein), you only get 37 grams. Even assuming 10% moisture, where are the other 14 grams? 14 grams is about 50 calories, which is quite a difference. If you put them back in (as we did in the chart above), they also look about the same as standard pasta.

UPDATE 4/21/09 - Carba Nada got back to us! They promised to send their product out for lab analysis, and will get back to us with the results. We'll post the new numbers as soon as we hear from them. It's nice to know we're having an impact!

What About Shirataki Noodles?

We didn't include shirataki noodles in the chart since they're not even in the same product category. While everything else in the chart is a form dry pasta, shirataki noodles seem to be a form of water. Seriously. With only 3.5 grams of actual food in a 113-gram serving, shirataki noodles are 97% water.

This makes comparisons to dry pasta impossible on many levels: the texture is totally different, the nutritional values are all skewed, and water just doesn't fill you up the same way actual food does.