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Figure Friendly Veggie Soup

Submitted by Shannon

In an effort to get more veggies in my meal plan I put together my own version of the famous cabbage soup diet. I don't like cabbage or very many other non-starchy veggies for that matter. I also needed to come up with something low in sodium and high in fiber. Thus my figure friendly veggie soup was born.


  • 1 cup Navy beans (re-hydrated, drained and rinsed)
  • 12 oz bag HyVee frozen French style green beans (or other no sodium frozen green beans) 46oz V8 low sodium vegetable juice
  • 1 can Del Monte No added Salt diced tomatoes (undrained)
  • 28oz can Dei Fratelli crushed tomatoes (undrained)
  • 12oz bag Broccoli Slaw (located with the bag lettuce
  • 4oz can diced green chiles
  • italian seasoning (pizza seasoning works nice too) - to taste
  • onion powder - to taste
  • garlic salt - to taste
  • pepper - to taste
  • 2oz dry pasta per 2 cups of prepared soup.


  1. I just put everything in the pot and let it simmer. It makes 16 one cup servings. Each serving of soup(without pasta) is only 70.2 calories, 3.4 grams protein, 4.6 grams fiber, 97.7mg sodium, 338.9 mg potassium.
  2. Once the veggies are tender then I cook and drain 2oz(dry) Fiber Gourmet Penne(can use Rigatoni as well) and add it to 2 cups of prepared soup. It then tastes very similar to the Pasta e Fagioli from Olive Garden.
  3. I love using the Fiber Gourmet pasta as it increases the fiber by 18g per 2 servings of soup.