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Skinny Hammy Cheesy-ccine

Submitted by Katie McAuliffe

This fits the bill for a cheesy pasta that is skinny girl friendly. Not only is it quick and easy, but filling as well.


  • 1 serving FiberGourmet Fettuccine (your flavor choice- I used wheat)
  • 1 traingle Laughing Cow Light Swiss
  • 2 oz. Hormel Diced Ham
  • 1 package steamfresh single frozen Peas (or 2 oz. veg of choice)


  1. Cook fettuccine according to package directions.
  2. Cook peas for 1 minute on high in microwave (different than package directions)
  3. Place peas and ham in small skillet on medium. Cook till ham is warmed through to touch.
  4. Add fettuccine and Laughing Cow Light Swiss. Stir frequently until Swiss is melted.