Best Bolognese! 👇

Best Bolognese! 👇
When life gives you pasta, make bolognese and then ask for seconds 😜 ⠀

Best Bolognese! 👇
- 1 medium onion, chopped
- 1 celery stalk, chopped
- 1 small carrot, peeled, chopped
- 3 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
- 1 lb. ground beef, patted dry
- 1 cup red wine
- ⅓ cup tomato paste
- 1bay leaf
- 1 can of peeled tomatoes
- Parmesan and basil for serving

1️⃣Pulse onion, celery, and carrot in a food processor until very finely chopped. Transfer to a small bowl.
1️⃣Heat oil in a large pot over medium. Break beef into small clumps and add to pot; season lightly with salt. Cook, stirring occasionally but not breaking meat apart, until beef is lightly browned. Using a spoon, transfer beef to a medium bowl.
3️⃣Add onion mixture to pot and cook, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are very soft.
4️⃣Return beef to pot and pour in wine. Reduce heat to medium-low and cook, smashing down on beef with a wooden spoon, until wine is evaporated, surface of pot is almost dry, and meat is finely ground. Add tomato paste and bay leaf and cook, stirring occasionally and still pressing down on meat, until tomato paste is slightly darkened.
5️⃣Pour tomato can into pot; add a pinch of salt. Reduce heat to the lowest setting and cook, uncovered and stirring occasionally, until meat is very, very tender, 2–2½ hours. Discard bay leaf. Taste sauce and adjust seasoning with salt; keep warm.
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