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Penne Pesto

Penne Pesto

Recipe from @thedairyfreedigest
🌱 Finely chop a head of broccoli & sauté in a pan with garlic (can use fresh or frozen) ⠀
🌱 Cook your @fibergourmet penne & be sure to save about 1/2 cup pasta water on the side ⠀
🌱 Add a few scoops of dairy-free pesto to the pan with broccoli ⠀
🌱 Add in your cooked pasta & pasta water ⠀
🌱 Drizzle olive oil in to the pan ⠀
🌱 Sprinkle nutritional yeast & red pepper flakes ⠀
🌱 On low heat, combine together ⠀
🌱 Add in a sprinkle of sea salt & enjoy ⠀