Cinnamon Thinables
Cinnamon ThinablesCinnamon ThinablesCinnamon ThinablesCinnamon Thinables
  • 70 calories per serving

  • 12g fiber per serving
  • 9g net carbs per serving

  • Buy a 6 - Pack and save!
  • Made in the USA 

  • No artificial colors or flavors

  • Kosher Certified



Our super-healthy wheat crackers are sprinkled with a layer of cinnamon and sugar, each serving is 70 calories, 12g of fiber, and just 9g of net carbs per serving.   

Ahealthy treat that is sure to satisfy those crunchy cravings, Fiber Gourmet's Cinnamon Thinables are just the thing. Enjoy this yummy snack as an afternoon pick me up, while you're watching your favorite show, game day or as a lunchbox surprise! Don't lose out on exceptional fiber even in your daily snacking. 

The perfect indulgence for those looking to eat their favorite snacks while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Each of our crackers contain 46% less calories than our competitors, contain no artificial colors or flavors, and are Kosher Certified. 

INGREDIENTS: Modified Wheat Starch, Vital Wheat Gluten, Flour, Sugar, Palm Oil, Molasses, Baking Powder, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Honey, and Guar Gum.

Contains Wheat.

Produced on machinery that also processes milk and sesame.


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