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Fiber Gourmet

Everything Thinables

Everything Thinables

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A must-have in any kitchen! These delicious low-calorie, high-fiber crackers are perfect for any occasion. Enjoy them with your favorite dip or spread, or simply on their own as a quick and satisfying snack.
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Only 70 calories in 17 crackers.

Too good to be true? Trust us - labels don't lie!

What's the secret?

Every product features RS4, a good-for-you fiber-boosting starch that weighs in at a slim 0.4 calories per gram. Stack it up next to traditional flour at 4 calories per gram and you’ll see why this fiber-packed starch has become a fan favorite.

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Make smart food choices.

  • Packed with fiber.

    The perfect meal to balance your gut and boost metabolism.

  • Without the guilt.

    48% fewer calories than leading brands, without sacrificing flavor.

  • Low net carbs. 

    A no-brainer with nearly 10% of Americans on a low-carb diet.

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