Chicken Sausage Pasta

Chicken Sausage Pasta

This delicious Chicken Sausage Pasta by @whatthehungry is exactly what we were craving and a lot more 🤤. In her own words, this bowl of pasta "packs the perfect punch and warms the soul at the same time"... Looks amazing? Tastes even better. ⠀

Here's what you need 👇 ⠀

Ingredients: ⠀
1/4 cup white wine ⠀
1/2 lemon ⠀
2 oz @fibergourmet pasta ⠀
@bilinskisausage ⠀
1/2 cup halved grape tomatoes ⠀
1 clove garlic (optional) ⠀
2 tbsp grated parmesan ⠀
1 tsp olive oil ⠀

Procedure: ⠀
1. In a large pan, heat oil on medium ⠀
2. Add your tomatoes with a pinch of salt and pepper, and cook down until soft and jammy (about 15 minutes total) ⠀
3. 5 minutes into cooking your tomatoes, cut your @bilinskisausage and add it to the pan. ⠀
4. Boil water in a pot with a pinch of salt ⠀
5. Once water is boiling, add your @fibergourmet pasta ⠀
6. Cook pasta for 10 minutes or until desired softness ⠀
7. When pasta is almost done (3 minutes left), add your wine to the pan, along with your chopped garlic ⠀
8. Add pasta to the pan, with 1 tbsp of pasta water ⠀
9. Squeeze 1/2 lemon in a bowl, fish out the seeds, and pour over pasta ⠀
10. Toss for 2 minutes and add cheese as desired 

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