Say goodbye to old pantry staples.

Meet Tehila Mocton, the mom on a mission to develop delicious, healthy alternatives that never compromise on flavor.

CEO Tehila's life has been dedicated to help people enjoy their cravings without sacrificing their health. Growing up, she watched her struggling-with-weight siblings chew through cardboard-tasting "health foods." She and her family would discuss:

"What if we could create pasta, crackers, and sweets that were actually good for you?"

Her family worked tirelessly for the years to come in developing a revolutionary formulation that would change everything.

Tehila became the taste tester and got to work tweaking and tinkering until they created and patented the famous carbolicious form.

It wasn’t long before she took the reins in her family-owned business and decided to expand. Tehila and her team experimented with new products, adding low-calorie biscotti, crackers, and flour, that lets you enjoy everyday treats without the guilt.

The result? A line of genius products that have helped people all over the world maintain their healthy lifestyles. Her products are now sold in grocery stores and online, and continue to help people achieve their weight loss goals. Tehila's achievements and impact in helping people live their best lives has been recognized by many organizations, including Forbes, where she was honored as a prestigious

Forbes 30 Under 30.

10% Profits to Charity

One of the core values of Fiber Gourmet is giving back, which is why Fiber Gourmet donated $150,000 worth of their products to charity in 2022, and has also pledged to donate 10% of our profits to charity each year. To date, Fiber Gourmet has donated thousands of dollars to charity, specifically to education that focuses on each individual child, so that we can help empower future generations.

Taste Tehila's latest creations.

Looking for a hearty meal that your loved ones will enjoy? Seek no further than our low-calorie and high-fiber Riced Pasta! In just minutes, you'll have a yummy dish that will get everyone talking.

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