Fiber Gourmet vs. Leading Brands


Why Fiber Gourmet's Low Calorie and High Fiber Products?

We chose to play chess while everyone else was playing checkers.

The result?

A patented formula that adds zero-calorie fiber starch to ordinary products to make our high fiber products. This process creates a great low calorie and healthy option.

Put simply, we take the food you love and swap out the unhealthy ingredients to make healthier versions that taste just as good, (if not better). All Fiber Gourmet products are manufactured right here in the USA using all-natural ingredients and zero artificial colors or flavors.

Enjoy our irresistible low net carb and high fiber products with confidence, knowing that the fiber and calorie counts were determined by ISO/IEC certified lab analysis.

Featured on Dr. Oz

Learn how we wowed the viewers and explained our breakthrough fiber products. By replacing much of the ingredients in ordinary products with a high-fiber, zero-calorie resistant starch, we are adding a healthy fiber, while at the same time decreasing calories and carbs.

Pasta without the guilt.

In line with our philosophy of flavor first, our pasta tastes great. So good in fact, we’d challenge you to pick it out in a blind taste test.

But, what really sets it apart is the fact that it has half the calories of standard pasta, and 12 times the fiber (25g versus the usual 2g).

So, whether you like your comfort food cheesy or meaty, al dente or mushy, you’ll love our delicious and healthy high fiber products.

The pasta game is forever changed for the better.

Low Carb

Enjoy the taste of food you love with half the carbs.

Feel Fuller

Our fiber, RS4, triggers hormones that make you feel fuller, helping you to eat less.

Better for You

Studies show that the fiber we use can lower blood sugar, boost gut health and reduce cancer risk.