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Fiber Gourmet

Fiber Gourmet Gift Card

Fiber Gourmet Gift Card

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Surprise that special someone with the most delicious, healthy gift!

Our Gift Cards make it easier to give your loved ones exactly what they want!

How it works:

1. Select the amount you want to gift. 

2. Add it to your cart. 

3. Finalize your order. 

4. Check you inbox. You will receive an email with your code. 

5. Forward it to that special someone you want to share it with. Don't forget to add a message!

*Don't share the code with unintended recipients.                       *Gift Cards cannot be refunded.                                                              *NOT valid for Buy With Prime. 





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Over 3,000,000 boxes of pasta sold.

If you don't fall in love, we'll make it right for you.

What's the secret?

Every product features RS4, a good-for-you fiber-boosting starch that weighs in at a slim 0.4 calories per gram. Stack it up next to traditional flour at 4 calories per gram and you’ll see why this fiber-packed starch has become a fan favorite.

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Make smart food choices.

  • Packed with fiber.

    The perfect meal to balance your gut and boost metabolism.

  • Without the guilt.

    48% fewer calories than leading brands, without sacrificing flavor.

  • Low net carbs. 

    A no-brainer with nearly 10% of Americans on a low-carb diet.

Us Vs. Them

Featured in Dr. Oz

We believe in our products and the difference they can make in people's lives. Watch Dr. Oz's endorsement as a valuable stamp of approval.

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