Zesty Hot Smoked Salmon Penne

Zesty Hot Smoked Salmon Penne

Another superbly delicious meal for only 403 Calories. Absolutely something everyone should try. Here's the recipe by counting.the.cals.uk:

✅56g Light Penne (uncooked) @fibergourmet 100 cals

✅1 Hot Smoked Salmon (@ Lidl) 164 cals
✅1 Red Pepper 51 cals
✅1/2 Carrot 15 cals
✅1/2 Red Onion 21 cals
✅30g Baby Spinach 6 cals
✅1 Lemon 17 cals
✅1/2 Veg Stock Cube 16 cals
✅1tsp Very Lazy Chili 5 cals
✅1tsp Very Lazy Garlic 8 cals

How to:

1. Boil water in a pot, add pasta and set timer for 9 mins
2. Slice the pepper and onion and grate the carrot
3. Add above ingredients to a frying pan with stock cube and about 200mls of boiling water and keep stirring
4. Add the chili, garlic and zest of the lemon
5. Break up the salmon into the pan so it flakes
6. Juice the lemon
7. Once the stock has reduced and you have the desired softness of the veg, add the lemon juice.
8. Drain the pasta over the spinach and add both to the pan and give it a good mix
9. Season if you'd like and eat!

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