Delicious Healthy Rotini Bolognese

Delicious Healthy Rotini Bolognese
Delicious healthy rotini bolognese🍝🍝
♡ @fibergourmet pasta
♡Ground turkey or lean beef
♡Chopped onions
♡Fresh garlic + garlic powder
♡ @raoshomemade sauce
♡Seasoning (orégano, salt, pepper, chili flakes)
♡Cheese (italian blend or parmesan)
♡Fresh tomatoes & basil (optional)
♡Diced mushrooms (optional)
✰Heat pan with oil (I like avocado oil because it is best for high heat). Then sauté onions (& mushrooms if you are using them) with garlic. Once onions are browned add in ground turkey or your lean ground beef.
âś°Once meat is fully cooked add in crushed fresh tomatoes, basil, and all seasonings for flavor! Then lower heat and add in your fav tomato sauce and let simmer for ~5 min.
âś°Mix the pan of bolognese with your fiber gourmet pasta for a delicious, comforting, low carb meal!
Journal as 19 net carbs (43g carbs & 24g fiber!)
Enjoy!! 🤍🤍🤍
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