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Fiber Gourmet

Flour Blend

Flour Blend

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Bake your way to digestive health! Our flour has 10x the fiber as standard wheat flour. And because fiber is indigestible, it doesn't contribute to net carb or calorie counts. So you can enjoy all your cupcakes, muffins, and cookies without guilt or worry.

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The flour is not intended for use in any sort of bread-like products. It is not recommended to be used as a replacement for bread flour.


Modified wheat starch, wheat flour, wheat gluten. Contains Wheat

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55% less calories than standard flour and 17g of filling fiber.

Make smart food choices.

  • Packed with fiber.

    The perfect meal to balance your gut and boost metabolism.

  • Without the guilt.

    48% fewer calories than leading brands, without sacrificing flavor.

  • Low net carbs count. 

    A no-brainer with nearly 10% of Americans on a low-carb diet.

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What's the secret?

Every product features RS4, a good-for-you fiber-boosting starch that weighs in at a slim 0.4 calories per gram. Stack it up next to traditional flour at 4 calories per gram and you’ll see why this fiber-packed starch has become a fan favorite.

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  • We've combined our incredible fiber filled wheat starch with Health Sense, a fiber filled wheat flour, to give you even more fiber and even fewer calories than you could ever imagine. Health Sense has 10x the fiber than standard wheat flour and fewer net carbs and calories.

Us Vs. Them

Choc Chip Cookie

Snack lovers wanted! 🙂 We've got the perfect recipe for chocolate chip cookies, just in time for the Holidays! Made with low-calorie, high fiber FG Flour Blend.

Try this recipe!